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You can't hide forever in the emptied darkness, for we will hunt you down like the animals you are and pull you into the very fires of Hell

Enchanter of the Ungula Draconis

Born: 1986

Age: 30

Rank: Disciple of Fate, Apprentice of Time and Mind, Initiate of Life, Space and Matter

Titles/Memberships: First Talon of the Adamantine Arrow, Second-in-Charge of the Adelaide Arrow Caucus, Soldier of the Aranti Camorra of Adelaide

Various nicknames and aliases: Giuseppina or Jo (known only to specific criminal contacts)

Physical description: 24601 gives off the image and personality of a 'tough girl'. She is outwardly very aggressive and abrasive, and very straight-to-the-point. She has very limited patience and an unpleasant temper, but having said that she is also steadfastly loyal to her allies.



Time can heal but this won't, so if you're coming my way, just don't

Awakened: 2011

Initial Master:


Born in San Lupo, Benevento in the Campania region in Italy.


Emigrates with her parents and paternal grandparents to Adelaide after witnessing her maternal grandparents being slaughtered by the Napolese Camorra.


Is arrested for Shoplifting. Due to her age and this being her first recorded offence, she is released on condition she serve a two-year Good Behavior Bond.


Is arrested on firearms-related charges, however charges are dropped due to insufficient evidence.


Is arrested again after an undercover police officer catches her attempting to sell stolen weapons. Again, charges are dropped.


Is Awakened and quickly joins the Adamantine Arrow.


Arrested by Police for Dealing in Firearms without a License. This time she is convicted and required to serve two years in Yatala Women's Prison.


JAN-Released from Yatala prison.

APR-Sets up a new personal Sanctum and begins acquiring weapons at the behest of the Consilium, in preparation for a pending war with the local Seers. When Arrow Initiate Gabriel is murdered, 24601 spurs into action, organising to jointly run a firearms training session with Claire.

MAY-With income from Adelaide's Black Market drying up, 24601 starts looking into alternative means of income and persuades some of her associates to attempt a counterfeit money run. Distractions come as she repeatedly finds herself contemplating what she perceives as similarities between Gabriel's murder and that of her grandparents so many years ago, fueling her impatience and anger. She goes to visit Usagi in hospital with the intention of checking up on her, and is alarmed when Usagi reveals that someone in the Consillium might be giving information to the Seers. She immediately contacts Mephi and Reaper, and begins forming her own ideas to a) figure out who it might be and b) locate and deal with the Seers once and for all.

JUN-24601 explains the story of her grandparents' murder and the Vendetta she has called against their killers to Daenerys-Tiamat. She and Reaper run the Battle Stage of Daenerys' Initiation into the Adamantine Arrow, and is privately embarrassed as Daenerys manages to show them up several times. They report the result to Mephi and are present when Daenerys is officially welcomed into the Adamantine Arrow.

Towards the end of the month 24601 begins to lose patience with Mephi and challenges him to a duel, claiming numerous breaches of The Adamant Way and demanding promotion to First Talon and Leadership of the Adelaide Arrow Caucus if she succeeds. Mephi accepts, and the duel takes place in the Sanctum shared by the Arrow, witnessed by Aequitas and Tiamat. The duel ultimately does not go well for her and she is almost killed, but Tiamat manages to heal her enough to regain consciousness and convinces her to yield so she can receive proper medical attention. She very reluctantly agrees and is taken straight to the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Some good does come out of it though, as Mephi recognises she has earned the right to call herself First Talon and promotes her to be Second-in-Charge of the Adelaide Caucus.

JUL-24601's first assignment as First Talon is given, to draft a plan to take down the Seers of the Throne once and for all. However she becomes increasingly frustrated by the general refusal of Consilium members to cooperate either with her need for information on their capabilities or to share intelligence about, well, anything. Adding to the pressure is the knowledge that the suspected spy for the Seers has not yet been fully identified meaning she is unable to herself provide vital information back to the Consilium. She takes increasingly to drink as the mounting stress and the creeping memories from her past start to take their toll and by the end of the month she is intoxicated more often than she is not.

AUG-24601 packs up and leaves Adelaide, and warns the Consilium not to try to chase her or contact her until she is ready.

SEP-after almost two months of no contact, 24601 announces she intends to return to Adelaide as soon as she has "run a few more errands". However in the course of reminding the Consilium that she is less than pleased with their attempt to scry her as she was leaving, it is revealed that her True Name has been leaked. Furious and in almost-blind panic, 24601 cancels her plans and immediately begins making her way back, promising that she will do whatever it takes to find out who is responsible. In her irrational state she very nearly breaks the sacred vow of Omertà, blurting out that there is a Contract on her life. When Warden presses her for more information she realises what she has said and quickly shuts down again, refusing to say anything more about it.

OCT-24601 confronts the Consilium after learning (with the help of Benedict and Elijah from Perth) that it was The Zali who leaked 24601's True Name to Vanderlag, a fact Zali insists is a fabrication. 24601 challenges Zali to prove her innocence by retrieving the journal the Name was supposedly written in, pointing out that if no such entry exists it clears Zali's name. When it's proven that Zali did, in fact, have 24601's True Name the latter for once does not give in to the urge to lose her temper, instead storming out of the meeting. The next time she makes contact she is on her way to Perth with Elijah and Benedict to "clear her head".

NOV-After Mephi's daughter Hope turns up Awakened, 24601 takes unofficial command of the Adelaide Adamantine Arrow to allow Mephi to focus on trying to navigate this new situation with his children, telling both the Consilium and interstate Arrow not to bother Mephi unless it's an emergency.

DEC-24601 skips the Consilium gathering to spend time with her family but upon arriving home learns that Amaymon had tried to forcibly Awaken his mother, resulting in her being corrupted by the Abyss and that Mephi had to kill her to stop the taint from spreading. She receives orders from him to take official command and to report to Aequitas as soon as she can. Unsure if she's ready, she quickly recognises that police suspicion will need to be directed away from the Consilium to give them time to decide what to do and so she offers to try to place an "anonymous tip", warning however that it might not work.


JAN-As the New Year ushers in 24601 is alarmed at the rapidly escalated violence in several Bikie gangs. She starts making plans to try to intervene but is frustrated as various members of the Consilium begin forming a plan of their own. Realising that their good intentions could make matters even more difficult she repeatedly advises other Mages to stay out for everyone's safety. She grows increasingly angry as her attempts to point out her own unique expertise go ignored and eventually has enough. Despite knowing that she is giving up her rights as a recognised member of Mage society, she severs herself from the Consilium.

MAR-24601 is absolutely furious to find out that she's being stripped of her leadership position and accuses the Adamantine Arrow of corrupting their own doctrines, going into uncontrollable rage when this leads to Aequitas stating that she is no Arrow. She declares that if Aequitas wants to strip her of her rank he has to challenge her in accordance with Arrow tradition, then states that her terms are that he must kill her. Disillusioned as she is however she has absolutely no intention of following through and makes plans to take her own life. On the 18th of March while with a group of other Mages at a pub, 24601 lures Mercy into a backroom on the pretext of testing the latter's Shielding. Once they are done 24601 tells Mercy she needs a minute to herself and to send Crawford to find her if she hasn't returned after ten minutes.

At precisely the ten minute mark, 24601 holds her pistol to her temple and fires, however the shot is heard by the other mages who reverse time to try to stop her. Molotov even goes so far as to alter 24601's written Fate but 24601 still goes through with the act, tearing through Fate itself in order to do so. Mercy and Vanessa coax her soul from her body and guide her to Stygia, where her long-missed grandparents are waiting to take her into the Underworld.


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"Doesn't mince words, which I respect. Dodgy as fuck, which is always fun, but I looked into it, and she keeps getting caught, so I'll be giving that a healthy berth. Still, always good to know where the guns are - and I mean that, of course, in the most figurative possible way." - Sash

"She certainly has a mouth on her, take that as you will" - Qrow Teasingly



Inspirations and Soundtrack

Bruce Springsteen: American Skin (41 Shots)

The Prince of Egypt: Deliver Us

The Prince of Egypt: Through Heaven's Eyes

The Prince of Egypt: Playing with the Big Boys

The Prince of Egypt: The Plagues

Les Miserables: Stars (performed by Phillip Quast)

Les Miserables: The Confrontation (Performed by Colm Wilkinson and Phillip Quast)

Cold Chisel: All Hell Broke Lucy https://youtu.be/v252_FodrU4

Cold Chisel: The Mansions https://youtu.be/xZlhkNuTmV4

Within Temptation: Iron https://youtu.be/eJP9vV7mvJo

Within Temptation: Murder https://youtu.be/HDKBeSMEBlk

Cold Chisel: No Plans https://youtu.be/g4vuNYLeY80

Parla Piu Piano https://youtu.be/CCv_9i4f1TE

Cold Chisel: Numbers Fall https://youtu.be/k5LoGCfOASo

Within Temptation: Shot in the Dark https://youtu.be/mLz61g0JLxQ

Cold Chisel: Tomorrow https://youtu.be/XGHlr5TsHuA

Within Temptation: In the Middle of the Night https://youtu.be/tC6tCDD80jg

Film: 'Gomorrah' https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gomorrah_(film)

Film: 'The Godfather' Trilogy

Film: 'Goodfellas'

Book: 'Omertà' by Mario Puzo

Writings and Ramblings

Please note that this information is not common knowledge IC and that she would only share it with a handful of people. Unless we have agreed otherwise OOC, please assume you are not one of those few

24601 was born Emilia Costanza in the town of San Lupo, Benevento in the Campania region of Italy. Unlike many 'old' families of the area, Emilia was an only child and was somewhat spoilt in her formative years by her adoring aunts, uncles and grandparents. It was not exactly an idyllic life as Emilia's parents often struggled to put food on the table, but to the young girl it was perfect.

What she didn't know and was too young to understand at the time was that the area, though popular with tourists, had a dark underbelly and only a few weeks after celebrating her First Holy Communion at the tender age of seven, Emilia saw that underbelly for the first time. Her maternal grandparents were gunned down in front of her by hitmen working for the Camorra, a particularly nasty and ruthless criminal syndicate.

Why Emilia was spared despite being an obvious witness was anyone's guess, but the family was not staying long enough to find out. With the help of a distantly-related cousin living in a neighbouring village, Emilia, her parents and her paternal grandparents made their way to Naples, where they caught the train to Rome and began the long, frustrating process of applying for permission to live in Australia.

It wasn't until Emilia was in her teens that her parents explained what had happened and it was then that she first learned of the concept of Vendetta. The Camorra are dangerous, her mother warned her, and one does not trifle with them. At the same time, one can't afford not to get mixed up in their dealings. Emilia's parents had made a terrible error of judgement which had angered Patriarch of the local Camorra family. Emilia listened in horror as her parents told her that the murder of her grandparents was the Camorra's payback for her parents' transgression, and that the reason they had to flee was because the Camorra would not stop there.

"They don't come after you first. They come after what is closest to you. They punish you by taking away everything you care about and then and only then will they finally kill you."

The change in Emilia's demeanor and personality was almost overnight. She no longer cared for school and would start fights and arguments with classmates at the slightest provocation. By the end of Year 10, her school record contained multiple suspensions and even an exclusion. Her parents were dismayed when, at the age of 16, they were called to the Police Station and told she had been arrested for shoplifting. And then, halfway through Year 11 and in defiance of her parents' very vocal protests, Emilia just stopped going to school. When a neighbour offered her 'a bit of extra pocket money' for 'some odd jobs' she jumped at the chance, not realising until much later that he was tied to an Adelaide-based Camorra family.

The neighbour in question was a ruthless Soldier with an impressive collection of firearms, and Emilia found herself fascinated by them. Eventually she raised the courage to ask him to train her in their use, and he agreed in exchange for more 'odd jobs', delivering packages on his behalf to other members of the family.

When she turned 21, Emilia took Omerta as a Soldier of that same family and started using the alias Giuseppina Isabella Aranti. Deep within her heart she still to this day holds a burning hatred for those responsible for the brutal deaths of her grandparents, and has sworn a Vendetta against them. Thankfully (or regrettably) she is yet to muster the funds to travel back to Italy to fulfil this Vendetta. In part because of this, her temper, always close to the surface anyway, becomes particularly unpredictable when those she cares about are slighted or under threat.

Though she has used the Shadow Name 24601 since she Awakened, she has never actually answered the lingering question of why she chose it, though the biting of her cheek every time someone throws a Les Miserables joke at her might be indicative that she regrets it.

You don't believe what all the signs say. You don't believe in Judgement Day, but you won't be leaving here unharmed.

Survivor's Guilt

41 shots and we'll take that ride. Cross this bloody river to the other side

41 shots cut through the night. You're kneeling over his body in the vestibule, praying for his life

Is it a gun? Is it a knife? Is it a wallet? This is your life. It ain't no secret, no secret my friend. You can get killed just for living in your American skin.

41 shots. Lena gets her son ready for school. She says "on these streets Charles you've got to understand the rules."

If an officer stops you, promise me you'll always be polite. That you'll never ever run away. Promise Mama you'll keep your hands in sight

Is it a gun? Is it a knife? Is it a wallet? This is your life. It ain't no secret, no secret my friend. You can get killed just for living in your American skin

Is it a gun? Is it a knife? Is it in your heart? Is it in your eyes? It ain't no secret, it ain't no secret

41 shots and we'll take that ride. Cross this bloody river to the other side

41 shots. I got my boots caked in this mud. We're baptised in these waters and in each other's blood

Is it a gun? Is it a knife? Is it a wallet? This is your life. It ain't no secret, no secret my friend. You can get killed just for living in your American skin

41 shots. I don't rightly know if that's the right number, but it might as well be. A song written about a police shooting in America, but it could just as easily have been written about me.

That's the thing about shootings. Take away the arguments about demographic and family circumstances, yada yada, and all experiences are essentially the same.

I should have died that day. How is it that two grown adults can be killed by something so savagely violent but a small child can escape relatively unscathed?

I know I ought to have died. I've examined my own Fate threads enough times to realise that. To this day I don't have a damned clue why I was allowed to live, but they weren't. All I know is that Fate was somehow tampered with that day, and I'm paying the price.

The Power of Symbolism

In a largely materialistic and cynical world, one could be forgiven for thinking I choose my look at random or out of personal taste. But read between the lines, amici, and you will find I am not what I seem, for everything has meaning, even the most seemingly-insignificant of things. It probably means little to you, but every detail matters very much to me.

I spent my formative years as a child of a peasant family, in a peasant neighbourhood overrun by the worst kind of people. My family was both deeply religious and superstitious, and even in spite of modern, Western sensibilities, the symbolisms they taught me remain with me to this day. Such things hold little magic, but they do have a power of their own. How many of you can honestly say you have never grown to favour a particular thing because of the story behind it?

You see the scarfe used to hold my hair back from my face and ask "why not a headband, or a scrunchie, or a clip?". What you do not know is that is a variant of how the women of my place of birth would restrain their hair. They did not do it out of vanity, but out of practicality. And that particular scarfe, I might add, was hand-embroidered by my mother when she prepared her glory box. It is a small reminder of the place I once called home.

You probably see the pendant that hangs from my neck, and wonder where someone like me found the cash to buy such a thing. But the truth is, I did not, and nor did I take it without right to do so. I have said that my family were poor. We had few luxuries. We had to leave suddenly and could take very little with us, but one of the things we would not leave behind was the little jewellery that had been owned by my Nonna. The pendant I wear was one of those items, and when I came of age I learned that she had Willed it to me. It is the only such memento I have of hers, and it is a constant reminder that she is always with me in Spirit.

The rosary bracelet so often seen upon my wrist? You know I have done unsavory things and no doubt you think me a hypocrite for daring to possess such a declaration of Faith. Do not dismiss me so easily, for I do nothing of the sort. That bracelet was part of a gift I received upon celebrating my First Holy Communion. It was the last gift I was to receive while in the place of my birth, for only weeks later I was dragged from that place forever.

Each and every one of these objects, though trivial and mundane to you, hold great personal value to me. They remind me of who I am and where I am from.

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Member Information
Player: Eva Cavallaro
Number: 2012060018
Domain: Adelaide