Aasira Tawfeek

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Aasira Tawfeek
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
City: Brisbane ••
Title: none
Bloodline: not known by kindred society
Group: None
Embraced: Unknown
Player: Ashley Mullins
Storyteller: Brisbane VST

Personal Information

Aasira grew up in a small village in Iraq. The people of her village were often persecuted for their religious beliefs. War was a constant presence and there were often visitors to the village. Some were friendly, mostly people preaching the word of god. But more often there were raiders, taking whatever they desire. Food, tools, women. Those who resisted were dealt with harshly.

Though life was harsh, she lived relatively well. She had loving parents and a baby sister who was her life. However, once when the raiders came, they wanted to take possession of her mother. If they had co-operated, they may have survived. But her father refused to relinquish the woman he loved, and they were both slaughtered.

At only 12, she became the sole carer of her infant sister. As orphan girls, they were seen as worthless and looked down on. There were none willing to take them in. Aasira survived taking on work as a farm hand. It wasn't long until she proved to be more resourceful and hard working than the boys who worked there. The other farm hands resented her for it and on several occasions would beat her. When she lost work from injury, her sister went hungry. Aasira refused to take the poor treatment any longer. She would train with farm equipment to get strong, and copy the boys moves when they would brawl. Soon she was able to prevent herself being hurt and even deal some injury herself. Rather than confess they were beaten by a girl, they chose to be quiet and eventually left her alone.

Not long after she turned 14, the raiders came again. As she had few possession worth taking, she stayed quiet and waited for them to pass. Unfortunately, one man decided she was old enough to be taken. He came into her home, ignoring her crying sister and went for her, forcing her down. She knew that compliance was the best way to survive. However she was not willing to cave in. She fought him, and though he was stronger than her, she knew to fight dirty. She managed to get the better of him and tore his throat out with her teeth.

She stole his knife, hid her sister, and stalked out into the night. She was mostly ignored, as few men fear a 14 year old girl. This made it easy for her to sneak up on them. She managed to take out two more men on her own. The farm boys rallied behind her, as did several people whose lives she saved. Together they chased the other raiders from the village.

Though she was a girl, her courage inspired others. The men of the village began to train and make weapons in order to defend their village. When one would try to belittle her value, others defended her courage, and occasionally she would show them her strength. For years they protected the village, and some of the surrounding ones. Others joined them and they became a formidable force. As she grew, she trained her sister, hoping to keep her safe at all times.

Eventually the raiders declared their small army to be a niusance that had to be removed. They banded together to take them down. Though the foe facing them was great, her men showed no fear. She hid her sister and charged forward with her men to defeat the enemy.

They failed.

Mortally wounded, she lay amongst the bodies of her men. Her hand was holding her insides from falling out and the cold of the night decended. She saw a man stalking amongst the bodies. She recognised him, a stranger who sometimes passed through. There was often an unsettling sense in the air when he was present. He began to approach her. She wondered if he intended on looting her body, or perhaps defiling it, as she had seen others do. She only prayed to pass on quickly so she wouldn't have to witness it.

Instead, he spoke to her. He said he admired her strength and spirit and wished to make her an offer. He said he could keep her safe from death and make her stronger, able to save her people from the men who defeated her. In return, she would have to leave and serve him. She accepted.

She returned the next night. Her village was being torn apart and her people screamed. She tore through the enemy like an animal, ripping them to shreds. Few noticed her as they wept in the remains of their homes. She ran to her home to find her sister, only to discover the hiding place empty. She hunted the rest of the night and could find no trace of her sister.

She spent the next few months hunting. She slaughtered any man who used their strength to take advantage of others. The people started to believe her village haunted, and to this day only people who are born there dare to step foot in it.

No matter how long she hunted, she could find no trace of her sister. Her sire declared she had spent enough time on her revenge and ordered her to leave with him. True to her word, she began her new life serving the man who saved her. But she still hunts and holds out hope to find out what became of her sister.


Prefering freedom of movement in all circumstances, Aasira is often found in combat gear. She has abandoned the headdresses common to the women of her culture and coloured her hair, as her arab appearance has been known to draw negative attention. She is often adorned with feathers.

She finds dresses and heels appalling.

She wears a blindfold ever since removing her eyes during the October 2017 Court gathering after her rescue from Reverend Luke Goodman's dungeon.


Aasira likes to try and maintain a knowledgeable of popular culture. She does this poorly and often makes references that are only half correct.

She is an advocate of women's rights, but weak women appall her and she believes they need saving. She treats men as her equal, and any that try to declare themselves above her without earning that right will be put in their place.

She is more likely to face a problem with her fists than with her words.

Mortal World

Aasira runs self-defense classes for a women's centre.

Information Known by Kindred Society

  • She always has more blades than you think she does.
  • She has poor reactions to people, especially men, displaying anything that could be construed as affection.
  • She hates feminazis.


  • 1946 - Born in Sinjar, Iraq
  • 1973 - Embraced
  • January 2017 - Comes to Brisbane
  • February 2017 - Becomes Port Master and creates the Brisbane Court Council

Recent History


  • January 2017 - Moved to Brisbane. Is continually hunting for evidence of her missing sister. Quickly set up a self-defense class for women.
  • March 2017 - Vanished, leaving only a note declaring she was abandoning Brisbane
  • October 2017 - Rescued from the dungeon of Reverend Luke Goodman, where she had suffered mind manipulation, Vinculum, and torment for months. Removed eyes as a result.


Quotes By

"Quote" - reference

Quotes About

  • "Look, if she wanted to be a Scav, we'd probably make 'er one. If she could stand the blushin'. I welcome her in my heart as a sister, maybe more one day, but like I said, she gotta make the move first" - Vulture


Licked Hyena

Inspirations and Soundtrack


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OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Ashley Mullins
Number: 2016060001
Domain: Brisbane