Abigail Harwood

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Abigail Harwood
Concept: Raised by Wolves
Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
Auspice: Irraka
City: Adelaide
Lodge: N/A
Spirit Rank
Cunning ••
Player: Adalyn Lam
Storyteller: Adelaide VST

Personal Information

An unknown wild child from the bush, Abigail "Stalks-in-Mist" Harwood runs with the wind behind her and she chases her prey into the shadows.


Hishu Form:
Abigail is around 4'9 tall, sometimes she gets mistaken for a 16 year old. She has wavy, ginger hair styled into a messy short pixie cut. She has blue eyes with lightly tanned skin that's heavily freckled all over her face and body. She usually dresses in Trent's hand-me-downs shirts, jackets and jumpers as she is not completely used to having no fur to keep her warm and she usually appears with no shoes on. But if she needs to blend in she will suck it up and wear something "normal" for her age group.
Wolf From: Abigail takes the appearing as a red wolf in Gauru, Urshul and Urhan. Because of her smaller size she has be mistaken as a coyote or a domesticated dog.


Abigail is not like any "typical" person. She is quiet, cold, and secluded kind of person around strangers and she would often would growl at anyone on her bad side. She is uncomfortable in her own skin while in Hishu and Dalu, she feels a state of dysphoria towards it. She doesn't completely understand modern relevant terms, trends and technology and isn't a confident, fluent speaker in English as she prefer to speak in First Tongue. If someone pushes her buttons she will bite back hard, she hates being ridiculed and touched by others as she had to go through with that in the Hisil growing up, trying to prove she as much of a hunter in her old pack.

  • Stalks-in-Mist - For the signature mist and haze she casts on to her prey during The Hunt, especially back in her Hisil pack days.
Information Known by Forsaken Society
  • A mysterious red wolf can seen in around Salisbury area runs around, jumping in and out of the Hisil in thick forest area.

Information Known by Forsaken Society

Abigail in Urhan


  • 2000 - Born on 2nd June
  • 2006 - She gets kidnapped into the Hisil/Found Mother-Wolf and was taken into her pack
  • 2010 - Abigail and Sister-of-Mine ran away from Mama to the Material plane and meet Trent Harwood
  • 2012 - Trent gets diagnosed with Leukemia, Abigail and Sis stay by his side during treatment.
  • 2016 - Trent is fully out of the clear from Leukemia, Abigail and Sis was relieved about the news.

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Inspirations and Soundtrack

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  • Malia Tate - Teen Wolf
  • Mowgli - The Jungle Book
  • Eleven - Stranger Things


OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Adalyn Lam
Number: 2016030003
Domain: Adelaide