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Player Resources

auto Protectorate of Adelaide auto

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Character Deed Name Auspice Tribe Lodge Pack Approved? Player
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Bethany Lewis Walks on Knives Irraka Iron Masters The Thousand Steel Teeth Servants of Mercury Yes Vanessa Lamb
James 'Jim' Marshall Rides-the-Whirlwind Rahu Storm Lords -- Rolling Thunder Yes Mark Cole
Waya Usdi -- Ithaeur Storm Lords -- Servants of Mercury Yes Caleb Prince Brotherton
Jarek Bogati -- Ithaeur Bone Shadows -- Servants of Mercury Yes Tom Whitney
Axel Fangs-First Rahu Blood Talons -- Rolling Thunder Yes Alex Thomson
Erica Murakami Wind Runner Irraka - -- Black Bands Yes Alison Young
Daniel Hawkeye Rahu Hunters in Darkness -- Black Bands Yes Coby Romano
Keifer - Irraka - -- Servants of Mercury Yes Kaiden Dibbins
Dominic Faster Than Death Cahalith Storm Lords -- Rolling Thunder Yes Michael Boundey
Lucy Smith Softpaw Irraka Iron Masters -- Black Bands Yes Morgan Petrie
Victor - Elodoth Hunters in Darkness -- Rolling Thunder Yes Simon Macrow
Abigail Harwood Stalks-in-Mist Irraka Hunters in Darkness -- -- Yes Adalyn Lam


Character Family Blood Pack Approved? Player
Anders Dahl -- Rolling Thunder Yes Roman Hadley-Lund
Danny -- N/A Yes Paul Robinson


Pack Name Characters Purpose Territory?
Servants of Mercury Bethany Lewis
Waya Usdi
Jarek Bogati
Messengers and Liasons TBD
Black Bands Daniel
Lucy Smith
Erica Murakami
Cunning and Skill in the Hunt Elizabeth Vale to Munno Para Downs
Rolling Thunder Axel
Jim Marshall
Anders Dahl
Strength and Honour Above All Else TBD

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NPC Werewolves

Character Auspice Tribe Pack Age gender
- - - - - -
James Vanderklause Rahu Iron Masters Vis virtutis 23 M
Jessica Mattherson Irraka Blood Talons Kings of Neon 50 F
Jason Sampson Irraka Bone Shadows - 33 M
Harry Anderson Cahalith Hunters in Darkness Spirituum et Vanis 75 M
Mavis Rowe Ithaeur Bone Shadows Spirituum et Vanis 95 F
Mangana Yannathan Ithaeur Storm Lords Spirituum et Vanis 44 F
Bindi Aimery Rahu Storm Lords Vis virtutis 21 F
Koa Yannathan Elodoth Hunters in Darkness Vis virtutis 20 M
Julian King Cahalith Blood Talons Kings of Neon 72 M
Nathaniel Rivers Elodoth Iron Masters Kings of Neon 50 M

NPC Wolfblooded

Character Family Blood Pack Age Gender Profession
Adam Lass -- Vis virtutis 22 M Tradie
Jessica Anderson -- Spirituum et Vanis 37 F Lawyer
Veronica Lyn -- -- 27 F Unemployed
John West -- -- 42 M Council Worker
Huoy Mao -- -- 25 M IT
Jinn Takahashi -- Vis virtutis 29 F Admin
Ji-Suu Ito -- -- 26 F Convenience store owner
Sung Min Ito -- -- 28 M Convenience store owner
Sofia González -- -- 33 F Police Officer
Camilla González -- -- 35 F Stay at home mum
Abdu Khan -- -- 15 M Student
Savnni Acharya -- Spirituum et Vanis 47 F Doctor

Absent/deceased Characters

Character Deed Name Auspice Tribe Lodge Pack Absent/deceased Player
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Mama Tahli Sings them home Cahalith Bone Shadows Lodge of the Chronicle -- Absent Katherine Atkins
Kate Marshall -- Irraka Ghost Wolves -- -- Absent Brett Symons