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The Court of Adelaide

Court Positions

Chairman (Prince): Margarete Wulfhild

CEO (Seneschal): Helena

Director of Security (Sheriff): Marcus Kimberly & Siobhan Kimberly

Internal Affairs (Hound): Lance Novell

Master of Elysium: Father Murry Chandler (Unless someone really wants it)

Adjudicator (Prince's Harpy): A PC

Grand Ambassador JD MacDonald

Primogen Council:

Priscus Council:

Prisci Harpy: Melanie Reyes

The Kindred of Adelaide

LogoCovenantCarthianMovement 70x70.png LogoCovenantCircleoftheCrone 70x70.png LogoCovenantInvictus 70x70.png LogoCovenantLanceaSanctum 70x70.png LogoCovenantOrdoDracul 70x70.png LogoCovenantUnaligned 70x70.jpg

Sanctioned Kindred

These characters are active and sanctioned for play

Character Covenant Clan House/ Coterie Position City Status Player
Margarete Wulfhild Invictus Daeva Casa di Temperance Chairman (Prince) 2 Alex MacKenzie
Matthew Beaufort Invictus Ventrue - Priscus, Primogen 2 Kyle Brooks
Helena Circle of the Crone Mekhet - CEO, Primogen 3 Alison Young
Melanie Reyes Circle of the Crone Daeva Fitzchambers - 2 Vanessa Lamb
Lance Novell Carthian Movement Mekhet - Internal Affairs, Primogen 1 Mark Cole
Marcus Kimberly Lancea et Sanctum Ventrue - Director of Security, Primogen 1 Coby Romano
JD MacDonald Invictus Mekhet - Grand Ambassador, Priscus 2 Paul Robinson
Georgiana Turpin Invictus Nosferatu House of Maine - 1 Eva Cavallaro
Al Jameson Invictus Mekhet - - 1 Jason Ly
Phoebe Gwenllian Invictus Ventrue - - 1 Roman Hadley-Lund
Siobhan Kimberly Invictus Mekhet - Director of Security 1 Morgan Petrie
Frank Wilson Carthian Movement Gangrel - Priscus 1 Tom Whitney
Theodore Unaligned (Ordo Dracul) Ventrue - - 1 Matt Cleland
Ambrose "Foggy" Fogerty Circle of the Crone Nosferatu - - 1 Alex Thomson
慈善聡 Unaligned (Ordo Dracul) Mekhet - - 1 Caleb Prince Brotherton
Marius Fey Unaligned (Ordo Dracul) Ventrue - - 1 Simon Macrow

^ denotes unreleased childer

* Secondary character.

NPC Kindred

Character Covenant Clan/Bloodline House/ Coterie
Lady Marie Davenport Invictus Daeva The Adelaide Society
Ada de Wolff Unaligned Gangrel The Adelaide Society
Father Murry Chandler Lancea et Sanctum Nosferatu The Adelaide Society
Tilda Unaligned Mekhet The Adelaide Society
Auntie Millicent Circle of the Crone Gangrel Solitary
Mike Carthian Movement Ventrue The Gawler Mob
Dave Carthian Movement Daeva The Gawler Mob
Tommy Carthian Movement Daeva The Gawler Mob
Mouse None Unknown Solitary
Roy None Ventrue Northern Vampires
Gregor None Nosferatu Southern Vampires
Tim None Gangrel Unknown
Rex Lancea et Sanctum Mekhet Unknown
Vox Lancea et Sanctum Gangrel Unknown

Absent or Deceased Kindred

Character Covenant Clan/Bloodline House/ Coterie Position City Status Known Fate Player
Wicked-V Circle of the Crone Ventrue - - 1 Absent Brett Symons
Daniel Bergamont Carthian Movement Nosferatu - - 1 Killed by Margarete Wulfhild Caleb Prince Brotherton
Kalia Circle of the Crone Gangrel Fitzchambers - 1 Absent Morgan Petrie
Ariadne Fitzchambers Unaligned (Ordo Dracul) Gangrel Fitzchambers - 1 Absent Grace Calabretto
Nathaniel Fitzchambers Circle of the Crone (Ordo Dracul) Gangrel Fitzchambers - 1 Absent Coby Romano
Kelsey Lancea et Sanctum Mekhet - - ^ Absent Kat Atkins
Dahlia Tiller  ?  ? - -  ? Absent Sarah Lambert
Frederick Chambers Unaligned (Ordo Dracul) Nosferatu - - 1 Absent Simon Macrow
Lucian Dimare Circle of the Crone Daeva - - 1 Absent Michael Boundey
Duke Arthur Reid Invictus Daeva The Adelaide Society Chairman - Ashed by Lance Novell NPC

LogoDaeva.png LogoGangrel.png LogoMekhet.png LogoNosferatu.png LogoVentrue.png

Ghouls and Curiosities

Character Covenant Clan/Bloodline House/Coterie Regnant City Status Player
Name Associated Covenant Ghoul/Revenant/Other Name of House/Coterie Name of Regnant 0-5 Example
Kieran Fletcher Unaligned Dhampir - - - Adalyn Lam
Sofie Unaligned Promethean - Alide Boni - NPC



The Requiem specific history of Adelaide can be found here.

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