Ajax Faulkner

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Concept: Concept
Tribe: Storm Lords
Auspice: Elodoth
City: Forster-Tuncurry
Lodge: None
Pack: The Howling Vigil
Spirit Rank
Cunning --
Honor ••
Wisdom --
Player: Alex T
Storyteller: Forster-Tuncurry VST
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Personal Information


For a man who looks to be in his mid-thirties, Ajax seems to be in good shape. His body is made of lean muscle, topped with broad shoulders. He has often been described as tall, dark and handsome, but looks a little scruffy - his hair a little long, his beard unkempt - but he always seems to pull it off and look good.


Ajax is a nice guy, he's been a presence in Foster for a long time, always looking out for the locals and the little guys.




Old Stoneface


Information Known by Forsaken Society

Ajax is the eldest child of Marshall and Athena Faulkner, born in 1963. He takes after his father in a lot of ways - clever and calm - but somehow keeps his youthful flair. He has his First Change in 1981, at 18 years old, he joined the Storm Lords and, later, his father's pack in the same year. He lives on his family's property - Falconholme - and can often be found roaming around the farm.


  • 1960
    • 1963 - Born January 5th, along with his twin sister Helena. Technically he is the third child of Marshall and Athena Faulkner - a fact his "older" sister never let him forget
  • 1970 - Ajax grow up on the family farm - Falconholme - with his family. He attended school until his early teens and was then home schooled for his high school years.
  • 1980
    • 1981 - During a particularly hot January, Ajax, Helena and their younger brother Hermes were headed for a swim at the Falconholme dam. While playing around, Helena kicked Ajax off of a platform and into the water. Ajax does not remember hitting the water, and when he came to, he was locked in a cage surrounded by his father's pack, covered in his sister's blood. Ajax goes through his First Change at age 18.
    • 1983 - After a couple of intense years battling depression and the guilt associated with killing his sister, Ajax is brought into the Storm Lords by his father. It is a big step in Ajax's life, he uses it as a turning point for getting his life together. It's at this time that he is also brought into his parent's pack - Lightning's Edge.
  • 1990 - Having learned from packmates among Lightning's Edge what it means to be a Storm Lord, Marshall decides to send Ajax away to make him into a more formidable Uratha and using his contacts in the Forsaken community, helps Ajax join the Army and be placed under Benjamin Rivers. Ajax spends two years learning in Iraq during the Gulf War with Ben, learning what it means to be Iminir in a warzone.
    • 1992 - Ajax returns home to Coomba Park having lived and learned. He is welcomed back with open arms.
    • 1995 - Ajax leaves for Brisbane, having received an offer from Ben Rivers to join his pack in the big city. Ajax spends three years in Brisbane, learning how to function properly in a pack with people he hasn't known his entire life. It's a world changing experience for him.
    • 1998 - Returning home yet again, Ajax is welcomed back with open arms. He rejoins Lightning's Edge.
  • 2000 -
  • 2010 - Details
  • 2013 - Details

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Quotes By

""I'm Storm Lording nothing! I'm..." - After Wilhelm called him out

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Quotes About

"When mountains move and the oceans dry, then Eye-of-the-Storm will be flexible." - Mac Barrett

"You really have to wonder about a guy that seems to polarise opinions that much - whether he's in the right or not will remain to be seen" - Tabitha Kelly

"My uncle is the embodiment of the willow and the oak. Please learn to bend, Jax, before you get broken. The Protectorate may well follow you." - Sunny Faulkner

"A lot of the time I see him as a jerk and I struggle to keep from sinking a blade into his lung. But there's glimpses of dad in him and then I remember that he's my brother and the blade goes away." - Lena Faulkner

"He might be stubborn and bull headed and loud... wait where was I going with this? Oh right, but he's also a nice guy who cares about this protectorate and for some reason me." Harriet Lyle


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  • Is about to propose to his girlfriend
    • It is because she is pregnant
  • Wants his sisters to have more children because he can't have any
  • His actual name is Francis

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