Albert Robert Green

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Albert Green
Concept: Financial Backer
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus ••
City: Geelong --
Title: Mister
Sire: Unknown
Bloodline: Unknown
Group: Domus
Embraced: 1998
Player: Sean Martin
Storyteller: Geelong VST

Personal Information


A rather rotund gentleman in his mid thirties, Albert has a cleanly shaven head and face. Like many Invictus, he favours smart suits and does his best to dress formally during all his interactions with other Kindred. Despite his slightly shorter than average height, his weight and personality can make him seem to loom over others despite a lack of ill intent.


Albert is a retiring person who tends to let others take the lead in most areas unless he is personally invested in what is being discussed or done. Discussing or interacting with subjects he finds personally interesting, Albert can be much more animate and forceful. However, he is normally extremely cautious and tends not to take risks where the reward does not far out balance potential loss.

Mortal World

Albert tends to shy away from interacting with the mortal world as much as he can on a personal level preferring to interact via proxies such as his Ghouled attache. Thus the mortal world tends to know little of Albert beyond knowing the signatory's name on various business dealings and the like.

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1960 - Albert is born to a rather wealthy Adelaide family.
  • 1970 - Albert goes about growing up while attending private schools and not knowing a lot about his distant parents.
  • 1980 - Albert attends and graduates University in Adelaide while discovering he has a talent for managing money.
  • 1990 - Albert continues to grow and manage his family's wealth until he is slain and embraced by a nomad who is seeking access to his family money.
  • 2000 - Abandoned by his nomad sire, Albert is adopted into the Domus family by Magarete Wulfhild. During this time he also begins his tutelage under her to become a member of the Invictus.
  • 2010 - Albert continues his tutelage under his adoptive sire until he is finally released into greater Kindred society and joins the Invictus. Traveling from Adelaide, he resides in Melbourne for a short time.
  • 2017 - Albert continues his new life as a kindred of the Invictus until finally receiving a letter from another Kindred. The letter extols the virtues of Geelong and its status as a city which will allow him to carve out his own domain and slice of life. Intrigued, he packs his belongings and gets ready to resettle in Geelong.

Recent History


  • OCT - Having heard of the opportunities Geelong offers to younger Kindred, allowing them to forge their own futures, Albert picks up stakes in Melbourne and prepares to transfer himself and his business holding to Geelong.


Domus Lineage (Descendants of Horkus)

  1. Horkus (58-50BC)NPC
    1. Signore di Tirruri (524AD) NPC
    2. Delphi (1340)
      1. Elya Korda (NPC) (1534- 1582)
      2. Xacobe (NPC) (1690- 1901)
      3. Margarete Wulfhild (1801)
        1. Teresia Pieretti (1935) NPC
          1. Onryō (2012)
            1. Gahbrielle_Chou (2013)
        2. Albert Robert Green (Ventrue- Adopted) (1998)
      4. Sundae Rest (1907)
      5. Jamie Mahina (1922)NPC (Chakori)
        1. Isaac Foxe (1971)- adopted
      6. Irving Wallace (NPC)
        1. Valerie Fitzchambers (1931)
          1. Brandon Fitzchambers (1988)
          2. Melanie Reyes
      7. Celene (1967)Adopted

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  • Carries a Fiver for quickies out the back.
  • Is a coward at heart.
  • Shaves his head each night having died with a mullet.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Netflix's Daredevil's Kingpin
  • [1]
  • [2]

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Sean Martin
Number: 2007100005
Domain: Southern Cross