Alexandria Myrrh Kampfer

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Alexandria Myrrh Kampfer
Concept: Trash Queen
Family: Eshmaki
Hunger: Ravagers
City: St. Louis
Brood: Trash Panda Mafia
Player: Diana E.
Storyteller: [mailto: St. Louis VST]
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Personal Information


Murmur is thin woman of slightly above average height. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and appears to be in her mid to late twenties. At home she wears sweatpants and tank tops almost exclusively and pulls her hair back into a messy braid. When going out she tends to wear very heavy black eyeliner and bright metallic lipsticks and with either black vests or crop tops, large gaudy necklaces, black jeans, boots, and her signature 'TRASH' hat. She almost always wears a wedding or engagement ring, but you’ll never see the same one twice in a row.


She easily goes back and forth between friendly and standoffish depending on the conversation. Without her siblings to keep her attention she’s prone to violence.


She is a monstrous bone creature whose form is more akin to armor than a natural skeleton. She has no eyes in the traditional sense, just black pits where eyes should be. Her teeth are long and sharp and smoke often filters up through them. She has sharp claws on both her hands and feet as well as spines along her shoulders and back. Her spine extends into a bone tail.





Information Known by Supnat Society
  • Owned DeeDee's Place, it's now a pile of ashes.
  • Now owns the PDT, a private members only bar.
  • Loves making furniture. Particularly from things that were once living.


  • 1987 - Born February 13th in Newark New Jersey. Grows up there with her parents.
  • 2010 - Is discovered by her big sister.
  • 2011 - Moves to Detroit with her big sister.
  • 2012 - They discover their little brother.
  • 2017 - The family moves to St. Louis.

Recent Events

Winter 2017 - Moved into the one bedroom home her brood shares. Quickly got to work setting the little house up to suit her needs. Now she and her family are getting settled into the area.

Spring 2018 - They've abandoned their home and their business, DeeDee's is now a pile of ashes.

Fall 2018 - Murmur and Frank have opened a new Members Only Bar called the PDT.


She tends to keep her chambers similar to their real world counterparts but with dark horror additions: dim flickering light, shattered glass across the creaky unsteady floors, unsettling music from down the dark hall.

The Warehouse/Lobby

The physical building is a large 5 story red brick warehouse located at 1333 N 6th Street that once used to house McGuire Furniture Rental, Moving, & Storage. It’s long since been abandoned and exchanged ‘owners’ a few times. Many of the windows are broken, though surprisingly all the exterior doors are still intact. Inside the vast majority of the building is what you would expect from an abandoned warehouse; dirty, falling apart, and random junk left behind. A couple rooms on the third floor look like they were actually lived in recently and cleaned up to some degree. Lee has since bought it and begun renovating it piece by piece to make it more comfortable and functional. In particular it has a fully functioning modern kitchen and a caged room next door equipped to handle a long term ‘resident’.

The dream chamber looks much the same as the physical version on most floors. The differences are most subtle. The lighting, while bad to begin with, is even worse. Only a few lights seem to work at all and half of those flicker on and off or produce an annoying buzzing noise. The rotten floorboards creak underfoot as they threaten to give away. Splintered boards and glass from the broken windows and lights litter the floor. Voices, and sometimes music are just at the edge of being understandable as they seem to come from down a dark hallway or a boarded up room. The one area that is noticeably different is on the middle floor. There is a single large room that contains the ‘lobby’. Bone and leather furniture are set up in a mock of a living room. Where once there were three doors on a wall, there is now just one real door to the left lined with rows and rows of human teeth. The center door appears to have been intricately carved into the wall but doesn’t actually open. The third has simply faded away, leaving behind only a painting of a hunt in progress.

[[Currently there are three chairs on Murmur's side: One of all bones wired together, a second of plush green velvet and dark wood, and a third dark leather wingback chair. Across from them is a human leather loveseat and matching footstool. In the center is a glass topped, bone legged coffee table over a blood stained rug. On the coffee table is a basket of assorted individually wrapped candies, and a silk blood stained runner. There is a battery operated lamp near one side of the loveseat, and a black throw with woven occult symbols in it (it smells of old blood and temple incense.) across the back of the loveseat. There is an obsidian man statue and dry erase board sitting off to one side. Off to the right side of the room is a unicorn rug, a skeleton head chair, ‘bead rollercoaster’ toy made with teeth, and a unicorn head mounted on the wall.]]

The House

Through a trapdoor on the first floor of the warehouse, it will take you to the attic door of the House. Within the house is a classic horror scene. Like the warehouse, the wooden floors creak beneath you, threatening to give way, while the lights barely work and when they do they hum annoyingly or worse, flicker on and off. The rooms are set up like a normal family household, however all of the furniture is very obviously made from the bones and tanned skins of people. Pictures on the walls look normal at first but upon closer inspections and twisted and wrong. Windows and lights have been broken, sending glass all over the floor accompanied by blood stains.

Occasionally from the dark hallways or a dark room with the door barely cracked open, comes the sound of a simple music box.

The Tower

A massive obsidian tower tears out of the ground, rimmed with cruel bone horns that curve upward toward the sky. Thick columns of rough stone run midway up each wall, five to a side, beveling in at the tops and joining the rest of the tower. Higher up, there are alcoves where windows might be set, but there is only more stone within. There are no apparent entrances to the tower from the base of it.

The floors of the tower are cracked and worn stone, and there's a fountain rising up out of the center of the first level. It's a sculpture of a bone creature, with a snake wrapped around it. Any liquid that may have flowed through it is long since dried up, and a film of vicious black ooze has formed around the bowl.

A precarious looking set of stone steps spiral slowly toward the next floor, suspended from only the walls, and without a handrail. The walls themselves are overgrown with outcroppings of sharp looking crystals in a myriad of dark colors - mostly purples, blues, and blacks. They emit a faint glow which serves as the only source of dim lighting in the room, and an ever present hush of whispers seems to emanate from the shadows all around.

The next floor has many of the same features - cracked stone floors, crystal lined walls, and the same stairs that continue onward; however, instead of a fountain in the center, there are six wrought iron cages hanging from the ceiling by chains. Opposite of the stairs are several sets of manacles attached to the sharp wall.

On the third floor there is what appears to be a large workspace of some kind. Arcing tables have been arranged into a circle, each covered in tools, books, and bones. Intricate runes are drawn all along the floor, converging on a small statue of Santa Muerte upon a pillar in the center of the room.

The final floor of the tower has been organized into what appears to be a sitting area - worn furniture arranged around a hearth in the center of the room. The stonework of the hearth rises up to the ceiling and the mantle appears to be adorned with decaying bones and human looking skulls.

The Heart

The entrance is through a crumbling stone archway and the ashes underfoot turn to sand. If you turn around you’ll see the stone archway isn’t connected to anything and there only appears to be endless desert if you go back through it. It’s dark out and the landscape is only barely lit by a waning moon to show off the dunes in the distance. In front of the archway, but still off in the distance, are ruins that look like they were some sort of Gothic cathedral that has no place out in the middle of the desert.

To reach the cathedral one must carefully make their way across the unstable top of a sand dune and pass between two enormous stone statues similar to those found at the Egyptian Abu Simbel temple, but their heads appear to be that of modern full face tactical helmets. Along the way buried in the sand are broken blades and weapons. Out here the breeze carries whispers that can’t quite be made out, but sound like they’re in a language no one understands.

Once to the cathedral the entrance is a tall arched doorway that used to hold two large wooden doors, but they’ve since broken away. Inside the cathedral it immediately opens up into a giant throne room. The ground was once gorgeous tiled stone but it’s now chipped, worn down, and littered with shards of stained glass windows. The whole place is decorated in bones, not unlike the Sedlec Ossuary of Kutná Hora. The ceiling is only half there with giant holes that let you see up into the star filled sky. The whispers are louder here, but still impossible to make out. Some sound like a recording played backwards, or maybe on top of itself, it’s hard to tell. You think you catch your own name, followed by derisive laughter, and then back to incomprehensible words.

In the center of the room is a large clawfoot style bathtub made from human bones to look like a giant ribcage and spine. The ‘feet’ are copper cast human hands. It’s filled with mismatched pillows. At the far end of the throneroom is a raised dais of about ten stair steps high with a very large throne made of bones. It doesn’t look at comfortable--while it’s in the shape of a classic high backed throne chair, there was no attempt to make the bones into a smooth surface. Hanging by a noose from the ceiling, high up against the wall behind the throne is a white porcelain statue of a woman. Her face is turned upwards, but her expression is oddly calm. Her legs are delicately crossed at the ankle, toes pointed but they’ve been blackened by fire from her toes to about mid-thigh. Her fingers clutch the rope at her neck. Red glass flowers sprout on her neck above and below the rope line; some petals have been caught and crushed between her fingers. A few trickles of blood run down from her neck to her waist.

The Rooms

To the right side of the throne room is a archway framed with large stones that extend from the wall. Draped across the top of the archway is another bone porcelain statue of a woman lying on her back. It was once white but has since been blackened and grayed by smoke. Her sternum is split open and full of red flowers. Her arms hang limply past her head, one hand loosely gripping the wrist of her other as glass rivulets of blood run down her arms from the chest wound to pool at her fingertips. Her eyes are closed and expression relaxed as if sleeping. The knee of her far leg is bent up while her other leg is stretched out down the side of the stone, it’s outstretched foot and both hands are particularly blackened from fire and there is a crack from the knee to the thigh.

Past the open archway is a hallway that curves off to the left with doors along the right side. The first door is made of heavy slats of old wood and wrought iron. It opens up into a stone kitchen with a large wooden island in the middle. On the island are various fruits and vegetables. There are various meats on hooks along one side, while open cabinets of dishes and utensils line the other. Some sort of soup always seems to be cooking over the large open fire at the far end as well.

The second door is made of an iron frame and stained glass in an abstract design. Inside is a very spacious bathroom with a bathing pool made of smooth stone that could easily fit multiple people to one side. There’s a small waterfall emptying into the pool from a rectangular spout built into the wall. On the other side is a large Victorian style vanity and mirror with a matching chair. In the far corner there is a private stall with a movable room divider that appears to have been carved out of ivory.

The third and final door is made entirely of different kinds of teeth, some human, some animal. The room inside is full of soft rugs and pillows of varying shades of purple, gold, and black. Against the far wall is a large mattress on the floor, covered haphazardly in blankets and pillows like some sort of nest. Inset into the walls are hanging curtains that lead to closets full of clothes. One is full of mostly suits and dress shoes, while another is various women’s clothing, almost exclusively in black.


Quotes By

  • "It was cute, I wanted to eat it." - Regarding a Hope Spirit
  • “We’re building bridges, Frank! You can’t burn bridges you haven’t built yet!” -On making new ‘friends’
  • "Mages don't smell like spiced rum and semen to you?"

Quotes About

"Quote" - reference


"Quote" - reference


  • Kicked off the new year by eating the heart of a god.
  • Wants her own composting pile.
  • "Did you know that Nazareth is Murmur and Harveys secret child? Ssssh! Don't tell Frank or Lee! They don't know! Wait, how many kids does Harvey have now? Isn't there two or three more?"

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