Alice Moss

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Alice Moss
Concept: Concept
Incarnation: Tempter
Agenda: Psychopomp
City: St. Louis
Title: None
Player: Zoey
Storyteller: [mailto: St. Louis VST]

Personal Information/History

Freyja and Freyr were two angels, created alongside one another to protect infastructure located within Forest Park. During their four years of maintainance and misleading locals, the two developed conflicting personalities. While Freyr had no problem focusing entirely on the job at hand, Freyja grew increasingly distracted by the humans she was intended to turn away. Seeing mortals go about their daily lives began to tempt Freyja, and she attempted to form the kind of connection she'd witnessed with her longtime partner. Unfortunately, this backfired terribly: Freyr grew increasingly wary and hostile to Freyja and her human-like behavior - she seemed at risk of Falling at any time.

It all came to a head one night, when Freyja attempted to lure her partner away for a quick break. Arguing that nobody would notice, she suggested they abandon their work long enough to just roam around and enjoy the park for a few hours. Freyr's immediate response was to send for a recall to destroy her. Freyja fought hard against his attempts to subdue her, and in the increasingly violent fight, wound up unintentionally killing the angel she'd come to consider her brother. She initially decided to wait for the backup to arrive and accept her punishment, crushed by the betrayal and guilt she felt.

But she had a realization: if she was going to be destroyed anyway, why on earth wouldn't she at least try to indulge in as many human pleasures as possible? She disconnected, Fell, and made a run for it. Luckily for Freyja, it was only a day later that a human being named Alice Moss willingly gave up herself, giving the new Demon a soul to inhabit.

She considers herself as Alice now, and prefers not to acknowledge her old name. She's living life now, and enjoying the hell out of it.

Cover Appearance

Alice Moss is a short, pockmarked goth, 22 years of age. Beggars really can't be choosers here - not many people advertise their willingness to trade their souls just to meet a devil.

All the same, the new Alice is pretty determined to jump into a new body she deems hot. It just seems cool.

Demonic Form Appearance

A mystery!


In a word, Alice can be described as eager.

To her mind, she's a fugitive, and it's only a matter of time before she's hauled off and destroyed. She's determined to make the time she still has count. Unfortunately, years of only watching people interact from afar hasn't been enough to make her exactly a silver-tongued operator yet. Among things like ice cream, kittens, and fireworks, Alice's top desire is friendship. She's rather desperate to make a connection with a person, and to have people she cares about. This leads her to be a bit naive and even reckless. It doesn't take much to get Alice on your side, but she's loyal to a fault.

Then again, she's also a tempter. By her logic, a pact isn't really unfair or trickery. It's a deal - if someone got what they asked for, what's the harm? She's more than willing to use people to make deals, not seeing the harm in it.


  • 2013 - Began Existence.
  • 2017 - September 28: Fell. She got her cover as Alice Moss two days later.

Recent Events

Since Falling, Alice has gotten a job as an exotic dancer at Boire, and moved in with Delia Pride.


Quotes By

"I'm pretty cool, basically. I can't lift a lot and I'm short, but my voice is awfully dope. You don't seem so boring! I guess I might just be saying that cause you brought me food, but still." - To Amri

Quotes About

"Strange one, that bambina" - Delia Pride


  • Can speak the werewolf language.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

Alice Moss's Summer Jamz

Fictional Characters Alice Would Probably Relate To

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Zoey!
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