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Concept: Unknown
Family: Ugallu
Hunger: Nemeses
City: St. Louis
Player: Amri Hupperts
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information


Gender non-descript, 5', and super skinny. Typically wearing a 1920s Newsies-like outfit. Except replace the blue jeans and suspenders with black leather. Almost always has a tablet or something similar visible in a pocket.


You can find Amri's picture next to 'Socially Awkward' in at least one psychology textbook. Which, you know, really helps them get tips at their bartending gig at Boire. No, seriously; being a little non-descript and off-putting apparently makes you a target. Apart from that, they usually have a tablet out, jotting notes, recording conversations, and collating information. Amri's motto, also tattooed on their left arm, is "Omnes sumus in correptionem." All are guilty. (As of 2018, there is now a stylized-Eye under the script.) They have frequently been referred to as, "that recovering metal-head." Word to the wise: ignore the bloody baseball bat. It's not for you.


  • At its most abstract: A large cat with wings.
  • The wings, teeth, and eyes of the cat are all mirrored, though they only reflect the guilt that the individual expects to see (assuming Amri has done any investigation, or has used Eyes of Heaven).
  • Its front paws are more like clawed hands.
  • So. You know. A sphinx.
  • Recently, the mirrored-surface has taken on an ice-like quality. It's cold to the touch and frosted-over.

Lair and Hunger

  • Amri stalks targets for as long as necessary until they willingly take a wrong turn--typically opening a door they think leads to safety; but, actually deposits them directly in the Maze.
  • The chambers shift with images evoking Guilt and Regret in the target.
  • All doors are Sealed, labeled with various things like, "It wasn't my fault," "It was one time," "It didn't hurt anybody," and so on as applicable.
  • Open rooms contain illusory scenes--reenactments of the action for which they are being punished, or possible consequences that the target fears could be possible.
  • The Horror flits in and out sight, usually overhead. Its mirrored wings, teeth, and eyes further reflect images of the target's own guilty conscience back at them.
  • Once the target understands why they are being punished, they'll be presented with doors that say "Apologize," "Take Responsibility," "I deserve this," and so on. If they take one of those doors, they'll come face to face with the Horror.
  • Recently, the Lair has taken on a new, colder quality.


  • Bartender and Assistant Manager at Boire in St. Louis.
    • As of 10/17, now part-owner of the bar.
  • Writes for the St. Louis Supernatural Tabloid.
  • As of 7/14/17, was the STL Apex. The previous Apex ceased doing whatever it was they were doing to the city's dreamers.
    • As of January, 2018, the city has become significantly more divided, and the apex went other directions.
Deed Name
  • Heart-of-the-storm - gifted from her sky along with 'Staker-of-hearts'.
  • Staker-of-hearts - gifted from her sky along with 'Heart-of-the-storm'.
Information Known by Beast Society
  • Currently the most prominent lair in the St. Louis Hive, as it encompasses high-traffic areas of interest, though Amri hasn't expanded as far as their Horror would like--or realistically could.
  • Moonlights as an Investigative Journalist for a self-published tabloid.
  • The eldest Beast in the area in terms of literal time post-Devouring as well as sheer strength in the Primordial Dream.


  • 1993 - Born.
  • 2000 - Death of parents and subsequent guardianship under her uncle.
  • 2017 - Not much is known about her life prior to accepting a job at Boire. Officially married as of that fall under her new legal-identity.
  • 2018 - death by hero in April of 2018

Recent Events

  • Applied for, and accepted, a bartending job. Immediately regretted that once they realized they'd actually have to talk to customers politely. After realizing how freely said-drunks mouth off about their problems, decided that it was actually a really good fit.
  • During Boire's opening night, they interrupted Bowman and Remus Bradshaw before they erupted into Mage-y doom. It was heavily implied later that Amri fought Remus. Whatever happened, Amri didn't enjoy the outcome. For lack of a better way to put it, "someone kill that man--the quicker the better."
  • Promoted to Assistant Manager at Boire.
  • After spending a week--and a bunch of power--assisting Velika Pogreka in recovering from her fiery explosion, Amri attracted the attention of a Hero. Currently, they don't think the Hero actually found them, but goons were sent to smoke out of Amri's Chambers--resulting in Amri taking a bullet to the right arm and the Chamber collapsing around them. None of the goons escaped, nor did they see Amri in person; so, "probably good for now, right?" The identity of the Hero is unconfirmed.
  • Had a second run in with the Hero, resulting in rather horrible damage to Amri--including an anathema. Spent three days as a regular human under the protection of the Hotel St. Jude to remove it.
  • Married.
  • Helped level a subdivision--entirely by accident--by calling down a freak-storm while assisting Harvey Ferguson in dealing with a Hero.

Boons Owed

  • Owes Marcus Trask a minor boon -- must be for investigative, non-combative work. Claimed by Lucien for something long-term.
  • Owes Carlos a minor boon.



Quotes By

  • "Mongolian or Texas Roadhouse? Sorry. Humor."
  • From the other side of the door, "Hey, sorry Amy, I accidentally locked it. You'll have to get the key from someone in there. I'm pretty sure the safeword is 'pineapple.'" Skips back into the darkness.
  • "Just wait here, don't move, and keep your eyes closed... Unless you want to end up in Chicago or something." Amri, to Eric just before dropping into a Hunter Den from the Dream.

Quotes About

  • "I don't know how she does it, man. One minute you're chasing her, and then BAM, she turns left and is gone. No no, I'm sure that's a chick. Yes, I'm definite--wait, where'd you go? Where am I? Where'd all these trees come from?" - Some poor, would-be-mugger to his friend.
  • "Wait a minute, I know you. You were the little [insert normal rude word that starts with F and ends in ER here] standing in the middle of the room taking notes, that apparently no one else noticed." - Lee, to Amri.
  • "What the fuck kind of Rubix Cube do you live in?" - Shaper
  • OOC: Would Amri make it so that you can't get out without having found all your stuff first a la Zelda? Yes. Yes they would.
  • "You need a thong" - By Delia, while picking out clothes for the wedding reception


After Amy gets even with Amri after a prank, by dyeing their t-shirts pink

Amy: "Do you really hate pink that much? Is it some kind of, I don't know, magical weakness, like cryptonite or something?"
Amri "Uh. No? Pink is just so.... Pink."

Recent convo outside an old warehouse

Shaper: "What's the bat for?"
Amri: "Faces."


  • They sleep in the park. No idea if that's a preference or a necessity though.
  • They hate the color pink.
  • May or may not work for the Russian mob now.
  • May have married a vampire.
  • Might be a cat

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • AC/DC - Thunderstruck
  • Kajiit Like to Sneak, By Miracle of Sound (a point made by another player)
  • Imagine Dragons - Thunder

OOC Information

  • Would Amri make it so that you can't get out without having found all your stuff first a la Zelda? Yes. Yes they would.
Member Information
Player: David Hupperts
Number: 00000000
Domain: Domain