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Concept: Unknown
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Consilium: Launceston
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Player: [mailto: Devin Sinclair]
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Quotes About

"She's got a good game, real ambitious dreams though, I hope she can reconcile them with her awakened life."
- Thrills in regards to her Hockey skills.
"She's my bestest friend. I can't believe we found each other again. She's been through so much since I had to disappear, I hope I can make it up to her..."
- Medea
"She is a close friend to my little Sister, and is filled with the wonder and questioning of one newly awakened. I look forward to seeing where she finds her place with us"
- Circe
"I will speak with her, but she's already an alcoholic. Most Guardians aren't alcoholics until later in life. Except in Launceston. Apparently everyone here drinks themselves to death except the Guardians and a couple of the Arrow. Maybe she'll be better with Invar..."
- Nephilim to Thoth, regarding bringing Andromeda into the Guardians.


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  • Came for the Magic, stayed for the Medea
  • 5 times winner of the annual Darwin jelly wrestling competition
  • Andromeda is known as "The Machine" in certain circles
  • If you give Andromeda vodka, you'll be sure to have a great time
  • She's really hard to pin down. It makes her curious... or worrying.
  • Has mummy issues. And daddy issues. Much like Medea.
  • Is able to drink sailors under the table
    • and dwarves
      • and elves

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