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Concept: Unknown
Path: Obrimos
Order: Apostate --
Consilium: Adelaide --
Legacy N/A
Cabal: N/A
Player: Kyle Brooks
Storyteller: Adelaide VST
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Personal Information


Aon appears to be in his mid twenty's, he is tall standing at 188cm, he has short black hair and a neatly trimmed black beard with the occasional grey hair, he has brown eyes that can be seen behind his circle rimmed glasses.

he is caucasan and tanned like he spends a lot of time in the sun, he commonly wears orange and golden robes along with a large set of prayer beads around his neck


When Aon's nimbus flares you can see that a large pair of white wings protrudes from his back along with a golden halo above his head and a golden glow emanating from around him.


Aon is a quiet man, often contemplative. he will usually sit back and watch events unfold. he only get's involved in conflict if someone is going or trying to hurt another person in which case he will interpose and try to talk the situation down while defending both parties from harm.

Aon will always try to talk someone out of doing something that is considered a wisdom sin even preventing them physically, though not hurting them merely holding them back from their actions.

Aon is a disciplined man, he balances his time between learning martial arts, reading and writing and magical training. he believes that to achieve enlightenment one must balance all things to be equal and just and he tries to do that will all aspects of his life.


  • 1992 - Born
  • 2010 - Graduated from year 12
  • 2011 - Jailed for breaking and entering, Assault and trespassing
  • 2011 - Meet Thrills in Jail
  • 2012 - Released from Jail, Traveled to Nepal, China, India and Japan searching for a purpose
  • 2013 - In China he got lost and was found by a monk that took him to their monastery and feed and sheltered him for 6 months while he stayed and learned their ways
  • 2014 - Returned to Australia and would have tried to meet his old prison friends and hopefully guide them to do better
  • 2014 - in October he heard about a monastery in Adelaide that had someone that most thought of as enlightened, so he moved there to be under the tutelage of him
  • 2016 - After spending a year learning under his master he Awakened as an Obrimos where he master taught him may things about this new world
  • 2016 - He later found the Adelaide consilium and joined them in July

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Quotes By

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Quotes About

  • "He has a good heart. Almost too good." - Alysia
  • "Avatar Aang can be a real goody-two-shoes sometimes, but he's an alright guy when it comes down to it." - Cassian
  • "Most would have given into despair following the loss of their mentor. He did not. His resolve is worthy of admiration, but... his foresight could use some work." - Dantalion


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Member Information
Player: Kyle Brooks
Number: Incomplete
Domain: Adelaide