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The People of the Jagdschloss

Found in 1899 by a Blood Talon known as Hunts-With-Hounds. Hunts-With-Hounds was a German Immigrant who built, set up and made famous the hunting club, The Western Front. Hunts-With-Hound was a particularly cruel Blood Talon who hunted Uratha like sport, like one would hunt foxes back home. The Lodge has a bad reputation amongst most of the Uratha for its flippant nature towards the Oath of The Moon, in particular “The People Shall Not Kill The People” but to be honest, The People of the Jagdschloss don’t really care what others think of them. The thrill of the hunt is its own reward and a reward worth a little scorn from inferiors.
[Approval Number: VST-WTF-20171207]