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Birth Name: Unknown

Shadow Name: Elijah

Sleeper Alias: John, The Mad Monk

Offices: Curator - The Grey Door.

Quote: "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde

Character Description

Appearing to be in his early 50's and standing about 6ft and barrel chested Elijah’s short dark No.2 is peppered with grey. The beard holding more grey than dark makes it difficult to tell if the mouth reflects the smiling blue eyes. A black t-shirt bearing the swansong motif of Led Zeppelin peaks out from an open tanned sheepskin jacket. Clean yet worn in parts like its owner it appears to have seen better days. Faded Levis and a pair of sturdy brown boots complete the ensemble.

Slung over his shoulder and resting against his hip an old brown leather bag rides easy against him. Covered in scuff marks its torn and battered stitching and supple sheen are indicative of its age.

Elijah is known to be Curator for the West Australian Athenaeum, The Grey Door and strongly adheres to the Mysterium protocols and concept of guanxi.


Aura of cool blue with jagged black streaks arcing slowly throughout. A deep rumbling like waves or thunder in the distance that is almost subsonic, more felt than heard.


Note: Information listed can be discovered with very little digging. Brackets limits the 'little digging' to a subgroup type. So the first event could be discovered by any one with Street or Underworld background/merits with a little digging. All other information can be considered local (Perth based) and available through links with the Perth Consilium.

  • pre 1985 - Unknown outside individual backgrounds.
  • (Street/Underworld) 1985 - Celestine is known to frequent dives and gambling dens about the city. He is also seen among the homeless and back alleys of the city.
  • (Mysterium) 1985 - Celestine is initiated into the Mysteries and becomes known among the Mysterium. At the time he is under the tutelage of Silver, a traveling academic of the Mysterium.
  • (Mysterium) 1988 - Silver moves on.
  • (Mysterium) 1991 - Master Imperion takes Celestine on as an apprentice.
  • (Mysterium) 1999 - Curator Magnus Arlington III 'replaces' Imperion for unknown reasons.
  • 1999 - Celestine is taken to the Consilium of the Golden Swan in the company of Magnus Arlington III and presented as his Apprentice. Magnus strongly encourages Elijah to engage with other mages of the Consilium. Celestine becomes known for his interest in mortal magical traditions. Celestine speaks with some of the young Arlington's at this time and engages in debates on the Supernal and Fallen realms. Visits to the Consilium are infrequent.
  • 2001 - Celestine disappears from public view.
  • 2003 - Celestine is seen around the Consilium a few times during the year. He appears to be running errands of some kind. His knowledge of Summoning and theories about the Supernal realms appears to have greatly expanded. In Reven's company he is requested periodically by some of the Consiliums members to discuss both of these areas.
  • 2006 - News of Imperion's death is brought to the Consilium. Discussions among the Council and Magnus Arlington III (now known as Reven) take place. It gradually becomes known Celestine has replaced Master Imperion as Censor.
  • 2006 - 2013 - Celestine's attendance at the Consilium can be described as intermittent at best.
  • 2013 August - Curator Delia requests Celestine speak to a visiting Silver Ladder regarding Master Imperion. After an introduction and the conclusion of their business they engage in a discussion on the benefit of rules and protocols of the Awakened community.
  • 2013 August-October - Mages from the Silver Ladder, Free Council and the Path Council approach Celestine seeking to discuss recent events that appear to have supernal denizens at their source.
  • 2013 November - The cabal Pyre's Truth awakens a dormant Hallow of considerable power.
  • 2014 January - Celestine continues study into the "Angel and Demon" phenomenon. Discovers information of a significant event the Aetheric entities are undertaking.
  • 2014 July - Celestine stands down as Obrimos Pathmaster and removes himself from membership of the Consilium. Reasons are not cited publicly but his disdain and disgust is evident to Consilium members.
  • 2014 August - Celestine disappears.
  • (Mysterium) 2014 December - Early December Celestine is seen at the Athenaeum by a few of the lower ranked Mysterium delivering something to the Curator. Then he is gone again.
  • 2015 July - Celestine is seen about the soup kitchens and dingy bars of North Perth and Northbridge. Rumors, later confirmed, is he has changed his shadowname to Elijah. Elijah and Achilles come face to face for the first time. After two hours it is evident to those with them that they do not like each other. Achilles informs one of the Consilium Council Elijah is not welcome in his territory because, "He is fucking insane!" Councillor informs Achilles Elijah is not a member of the Consilium.
  • 2015 August - Word filters about that Elijah has left Pyre's Truth. There are rumors the cabal may have disbanded. For reasons unknown Elijah refuses to assist the Obrimos Pathmaster in her endeavors. A few weeks later the Curator requests Elijah clean the site of the Pathmaster and her associates endeavours. He is unhappy but respects the Curator's request.
  • 2015 September - Elijah reluctantly travels to Fremantle (Seer territory) to meet Artemis so he can speak with a troublesome 'spirit'. After doing so they return to find the Consilium's mages ready to depart. Discovers one of the The Director's daughters is in a Seer club. Elijah demands she be brought down to the entry so she can leave with the group. Eventually Achillies arrives and faced with an adamant "I'm not leaving her here with you fucking lot!" Elijah he weighs pros and cons. Renata informs the assembled group she is on the phone to Aletta and their daughter is to leave Fremantle. Obvious Elijah and Achillies still have issues.
  • 2015 October - Due to new Seer threats Elijah informs the Perth Consilium he has a chela. Later that week she is introduced to some of the Consilium's members. Elijah leaves his chela with Artifex for a few days while he is 'away from the city'. Much later The Director reveals he asked Elijah to attend a parley with the new Seer group at one of the outlying towns to the east of Perth. Somehow, most likely known to The Director and Perth's Council, he managed to have the Seers delay their incursion.
  • (Mysterium) 2015 November - Elijah locks himself away in the Scriptorium and refuses to be engaged with beyond a few breaks each day.
  • 2015 December - Elijah again leaves his chela with Artifex and travels out of the city. He is known to have agreed to assist The Director with the rescue of his daughter.
  • 2016 February - Discovered an abyssal incursion at the Consilium and organised a defence strategy fronted by his chela and himself. Residual resonance of powerful Death magic was located at the origin of the Dark entities resonance. Elijah is concerned over further Dark activities in the city and took a group to investigate the location where a friend of his was murdered.
  • 2016 March - After the murder of a close friend Elijah is known to be tracking some kind of creature bearing abyssal taint. It seems these creatures are hunters with the ability to use some kind of psychic influence to affect other sentient creatures around them. One is caught and investigations continue.
  • 2016 April - Elijah surprises some of his close associates when they discover he holds the position of Curator when he declares an Interdiction on Perth.


  • Elijah is actually a bit crazy. He acts weird sometimes.
  • Elijah maintains close contact with Reven even though Reven has retired from Consilium politics and Arlington 'influence'.
  • Elijah is followed around by an Angel with murderous intent and he can speak with it in a strange language.
  • Elijah can sometimes be found living alongside the numerous street bums or in lines at soup kitchens with other homeless of Perth.
  • Elijah spent December in the company of the angelic creatures that have caused serious problems for the Sleepers of Perth.

Quotes By

"Magic is neither moral nor immoral, good nor evil. These are in the mind of of the Willworker and like the Art find their way into the Fallen World by way of our imaginings." - Elijah to Romulus and Charles

Quotes About


Father Hennessy.


For Home (Perth): Redneck Wonderland

For The Architects (Perth based cabal): Government Song

OOC Information

Looking For

Happy to be contacted for background ties as long as they fit concept and sanctioned background.

Prepared to assist as a mentor or research peer in areas of Summoning, Supernal Realms, Some mortal magical traditions or some 'darker' knowledge. Contact OOC and CC my VST if needed for background. Approval numbers available if requested by your local ST.

To Perth Awakening

Player: Adam W

Location: Perth, Australia