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The 63 Sydney pages are to provide information for potential, new and current members in regards to the the games and running of the Sydney Domain of Beyond the Sunset.

This page details all position holders in the Sydney Kindred Court and any recent information of note. All active, missing and deceased members of the Sydney Kindred Court can be found on the Archived-Sydney Requiem Characters page.

Laws of the City

These are the initial laws of the city as laid down by Governor Bush when he first took praxis in 1856.

The First Law: The Governor is your Judge for all laws.

The Second Law: The Traditions shall be the law of the land.

The Third Law: Elysium is sacred. Violation of Elysium is as heinous as the violation of any Tradition.

The Fourth Law: A Kindred’s haven is her own. Violation of a haven is the same as violation of Elysium.

The Fifth Law: The Rite of Destruction. Final Death of Kindred within Sydney shall only be dealt with the Governor's express permission.

The laws have changed under the various Governors that followed, but usually incorporated these five core tenants.

The current laws are:


The Sydney Court

The Regents

These kindred are the Regents of the cities Regencies.

See Archived-Sydney Requiem Locations for Regency details.

Clan Prisci

These kindred make up the Prisci Council.

Eminent Clan: Archived-Ventrue as of June 2013.

Covenant Primogen

These kindred make up the Primogen Council.

Ascendant Covenant: Archived-Carthian Movement as of June 2013.

Sydney Requiem Headlines



A list of all characters status can be found here Sydney Requiem Characters.

Categories for the levels of status indicate the level on character pages.