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The 63 Sydney pages are to provide information for potential, new and current members in regards to the the games and running of the Sydney Domain of Beyond the Sunset.

Email Subject

[CHARACTER NAME] - Requiem Downtime Report - [MONTH] [YEAR]

Due Date

Two weeks before the next game (which will usually be the last Saturday of the month).


  • Copy into a text based email (not as an attachment)

Player Name:

Character Name:

Domain: Harbour of Darkness

Date of Game:

Date of Report:

Dear Diary:

The purpose of this section is for you to give yourself an opportunity to express your character’s thoughts, opinions and feelings about the last session. Also write in stuff here completely unrelated to the scenes.

Game Recount:

Here is where you list actions that you’ve taken that you feel is significant to the plot. For the most part these are things you have discovered, have done or have had done to you resulting from player interaction. This includes (and not limited to):

  • Boons, deals, negotiations and arrangements made with other characters.
  • Attacks (supernatural, mundane, political etc..)
  • Campaigns, activities, ventures or enterprises you initiated or continued
  • Places you visited and things you did there.
  • Interactions with NPCs (phone calls, hit squads etc_)
  • Injuries you received (mentally or otherwise)
  • Morality loss or derangements gained
  • Any other significant action that may have consequences to other players or the venues as a whole.

Downtime Report

Here are the activities that you as a player have taken in your downtime, between games. What kind of actions can constitute downtime actions? Quite simply, everything a character can normally do in a session except attack other characters directly. Most players prefer to use their downtime actions for less than glamorous but still vital actions [pg 172 MET].

Resolve based actions (2 per dot in resolve)

These are actions your character takes personally, actions that involve self-improvement must be based on this, as does any action that requires the character’s personal attention.

Each action should address the following points:

  • Project Name:
  • Project description:
  • Number of Actions spent:
  • Characters involved:
  • Skills and Powers used:
  • Desired outcome:


  • Project Name: Stalking Steve
  • Project description: Track Fuckhead Steve to his local hangouts.
  • Number of Actions spent: 1
  • Characters involved: Me, Fuckhead Steve
  • Skills and Powers used: Obfuscate 4, Survival 3 (tracking), Auspex.
  • Desired outcome: Find our where Fuckhead Steve spends most of his time when he's not bunkered down in his Haven or at Court, and ID any Herd he may have / allies or contacts.

Allies based actions (1 per Allies Merit)

These are actions your character has some allies accomplish for you. Their actions must be related to their sphere of influence [pg 138 MET].

Retainer based actions (1 per Retainer Merit)

These are actions your character has some retainers accomplish for you. Their actions must be within the capacity of their skills [pg 145 MET].

Status based actions (1 per Status Merit; must be mundane status)

These are actions your character can enact by virtue of power within an organization. Their actions must be within the capacity of their skills [pg 146 MET].

Regaining Vitae

Briefly describe the method and location where your character regains their Blood.

Travel to and from IC location (i.e. Court)

Describe the methods and precautions you take to travel to and from the IC venues of the game. This can become important if other characters or NPC’s are attempting to interact with your travels on some level. Please give special notification to the ST (ST Admin if applicable) immediately if it differs for any particular court event. If this is not resolved it may be taken as the previous months action or none at all.

XP Log

Here is where you list your XP expenditure. Make sure you make it clear what you intend to purchase and any notes, such as: teacher, how it was learnt (try to point back to downtime actions), etc. For costs please see [pg 32 MET] and [pg 121 MET-Requiem].

Item - Level - Cost XP (any notes needed)

i.e.: Celerity - 3 - 21XP (Out of Clan Discipline, see Resolve based action 2)

Bonus Question

Occasionally the VST will ask questions on the official mailing list or Facebook group, which if answered, will net you an additional 1 XP in your DT (subject to monthly cap rules, of course).