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The 63 Sydney pages are to provide information for potential, new and current members in regards to the the games and running of the Sydney Domain of Beyond the Sunset.

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  • 1770 - Captain Cook arrives at Botany Bay.
  • 1778 - Penal Colony of New South Wales established by the arrival of the First Fleet.
  • 1790 - Second Fleet arrives. First coterie of Kindred from the “Western” world arrives aboard the Eventide. Peter Bush takes control of the settlement.
  • 1791 - Third Fleet arrives. Priya Sarin, an Acolyte of the Circle of the Crone, and Peter Bush's lover arrives. It is rare that he is seen without her by his side.
  • 1793 - First free settlers arrive. The first church is built in Sydney. More Kindred arrive in Sydney (including the first of the Lancea Sanctum), Bush realises that he cannot hope to control this influx of new Kindred alone and thus enlists others to form a Priscus Council. The other Kindred agree and a Priscus Council is established to manage the incoming Kindred population. Bush convinces the Council to issue a blanket ban on the Embrace, and feeding from Mortals is only permitted via express permission from the Council. All sitting members of the Council are Equals, however Bush is seen as the de facto leader or "Governor" of the Council.
  • 1808 - The Rum Rebellion overthrows the then mortal Governor William Bligh. The Kindred population follows the lead of the herd and rallies against the Ban ‘Animal-only blood’. Sydney comes close to a Kindred rebellion, The Lancea Sanctum in a surprising move offer no support to the Council, citing the decision as being politically motivated. Bowing to the pressure, the Council over-rule Governor Bush and relax the ban. Bush personally offers one mortal per month to the Prisci of each Clan to do with as they see fit, so long as they return them to his care alive, however the Lancea Sanctum Prisci are excluded from the gift.
  • 1810 - Lachlan Macquarie is established as the new Governor of the British Colony. Archived-Marius (National NPC) arrives in Sydney.
  • 1819 - Hyde Park Barracks is built.
  • 1829 - Archived-Zenobia (National NPC) arrives in Sydney.
  • 1836 - The Nemites:

As Sydney matures and is close to being declared a City, so too does the Kindred population of the City age. Some, no longer able to sate their thirst on the blood of animals and the occasional morsel provided by Bush, lobby the Council to force Bush to lift the ban. These Kindred, while not numerous, quickly make a compelling case. Against his own better judgement, but unable to bring the Council into line with his thinking, Bush lifts the blanket ban on feeding, however the Council gives a direction that Kindred should only feed fortnightly to conserve the population. Those caught drinking to excess would be harshly punished.

The first Kindred to break this directive was an Independent kindred by the name of Julius Rose (NPC). Caught having imprisoned a herd of native juveniles and children, and draining more than one to the point of death, Bush orders Rose flogged into torpor, and then placed in the care of the Crone until such time as he awakened by his own volition.

Being behind the initial push to lift the feeding ban, the Nemites take this opportunity to reveal their true natures. Their leader, the self-proclaimed “God King”, leads an aggressive push against the Kindred loyal to Bush and the Council, and assaults all Kindred who do not capitulate to his demands of blind loyalty. Those who do not join him willingly are forcibly blood bound to the God King, or flee.

Bush and Priya are believed to have been killed in the coup.

  • 1840 - Due to pressure from the citizens of Sydney, England stops transport of prisoners.
  • 1842 - Sydney becomes a City.
  • 1852 - Gold discovered! Massive influx of people from all over the world seeking their fortune.
  • 1856 - The Gold Rush and the Liberation of Sydney:

With the discovery of Gold, came prospectors from all over the world. The mortal population boomed, and the Nemites was were faced with the very real chance of an influx of new Kindred from across the sea.

Bush, having remained in communication with the now named “Conclave” and other Kindred around the Country in secret, seeks martial support of both Kindred from Australia and around the world, to retake Sydney from the Nemite Cult, and hides the amassing army among the kine as they flood the city. And so it they came.

With the aid of the Conclave and other Covenants, Bush laid siege to the city, and over the following week, forced the Nemites to present themselves. At the end of the week long conflict, there were casualties on both sides, with many Kindred of all Clans and Covenants having fallen to the thralls of the Nemites. Twenty-one years to the day after the Court had fallen, Governor presented the staked form of the God King to his troops and declared him his prisoner, and the campaign at an end.

In the wake of the siege, Governor Bush reveals himself as a true member of the Invictus, and officially takes the position of Prince of Sydney with unanimous support of the Court. In commemoration of the efforts made by Bush, the title of Prince in Sydney is changed to “Governor”.

That same year, Governor Bush had Fort Dension constructed in memorial of the monumental undertaking, and took it as his Haven, declaring the island, and access to it off-limits to all but his closest allies and supporters.

  • 1867 - Governor Bush becomes a recluse, only rarely making a public appearance, but levying a tithe of 1% of all Kindred income of all subjects of the Domain. Priya Sarin becomes his Voice, and defacto Governor (though many whisper this has always been the case).
  • 1888 - Town Hall opened.
  • 1901 - Australia becomes a Commonwealth.
  • 1906 - The Night of Three Princes. A violent Praxis seizure ensues. Governor Bush is attacked by Julius Rose and a gang of over a dozen mortals on Elysium grounds, intent on killing him and taking the throne. Before the killing blow can be delivered, Edmund White (Governor Bush's personal aide) flees with his torpored body. Julius Rose becomes the Second Governor of Sydney. That same night, faced with the idea of such a disturbing precedent being set, the Court rebels at Rose's vulgar display of power, and torpors him. The Carthian Archived-Tiberius Harkonus Augustus Marcellarius, having engineered a police raid to apprehend Julius's retainers, rallies support sufficient to take the Governorship of the Domain, becoming Third Governor of Sydney. The Night of Three Princes (8th of February) becomes a day of remembrance in Sydney.
  • 1916 - Targona Zoo opens.
  • 1906 to 1919 - Tiberius institutes a Carthian Experiment for his Praxis. Espousing ideals of equality, justice and opportunity he mandates low status on all court members, and has his Court Officers elected by majority vote of the court with a seasonal term. He tries all breaches of the Traditions in court and selects a jury to ascertain guilt or innocence.
  • 1919 - Tiberius' Praxis suffers a steady collapse. The limits on Status fail due to Eminence and Ascendency, and the elections result in minority groups being exploited. The trails have little to do with Justice and more with political mudslinging and Court Officers are often blatantly corrupt. With the loopholes in the system being exploited to the extreme Tiberius relinquishes his Praxis. Publically he cites the need to enter Torpor but many believe he feared a violent end to his Praxis to match it's violent beginnings. Tiberius leaves Sydney shortly after. Archived-Tobias Mol becomes the Fourth Governor of Sydney.
  • 1920 - Sydney Airport opens.
  • 1932 - Sydney Harbour Bridge is completed and Opened.
  • 1934 - ANZAC War Memorial is built.
  • 1958 - Archived-Tobias Mol is deposed by Abigail Gallagher, and becomes Fifth Governor of Sydney. Governor Gallagher's reign ushers in an era of prosperity and freedom for all. She encourages all to indulge in personal pursuits and self improvement.
  • 1973 - The Sydney Opera House opens its doors.
  • 1975 - (April 1st) Governor Gallagher has her first public and heated disagreement with a member of her Court; Marquis Aurialanus, the Keeper of Elysium, over the definition and jurisdiction of the Fourth Tradition. A newly embraced Kindred called Sylvia Bertoni, childe of Archived-Jeremiah Stone was presented to the domain and bought before Governor Gallagher. Governor Gallagher took the fledgling away and an hour later bought her back bloodied and on the brink of Final Death. The majority of the Court sided with the Keeper of Elysium. Governor Gallagher executed the Neonate in front of the court on the Grounds of Elysium, and her allies, Archived-Belial's Brood, launch a swift and bloody campaign against the members of the court not in league with them, forcing those not loyal to Governor Gallagher to flee the city for the sanctuary of neighboring domains.
  • 1976 - Familiar with this kind of war in their history, the Sydney Court make a tactical retreat from the City to regroup and break this new threat. Archived-Ferdinand Wolfe represents the "rebel" Kindred population of Sydney at the annual National Conclave and claims the title of Sixth Governor of Sydney.
  • 1979 - Abigail Gallagher and the last of the Brood are driven from the City by Archived-Ferdinand Wolfe and the Court. Gallagher is tracked down and captured. A trial is held to determine her punishment. She is found guilty and sentenced to Final Death, the sentence carried out by Archived-Anthony Desmond.
  • 1995 - Archived-Jack Wolfe becomes Seventh Governor of Sydney.
  • 2000 - The Sydney Olympic Games held.
  • 2007 - APEC Leadership summit.
  • 2009 - World youth day. Pope Benedict XVI visits Sydney.

Governors of Sydney

  • 1st Governor of Sydney - Duke Peter Bush, Ventrue Invictus (NPC) (1790 - 1906)
  • 2nd Governor of Sydney - Julius Rose, Daeva Unaligned (NPC) (1906 - 1906)
  • 3rd Governor of Sydney - Archived-Tiberius Harkonus Augustus Marcellarius, Ventrue Carthian (now Invictus) (1906 - 1919)
  • 4th Governor of Sydney - Archived-Tobias Mol, Ventrue Carthian (1919 - 1958)
  • 5th Governor of Sydney - Abigail Gallagher, Mekhet Ordo Dracul (NPC) (1958 - 1976)
  • 6th Governor of Sydney - Archived-Ferdinand Wolfe, Nosferatu Carthian (1976 - 1995)
  • 7th Governor of Sydney - Archived-Jack Wolfe, Ventrue Carthian (1995 - December 2013)
  • 8th Governor of Sydney - Archived-Sawyer, Daeva Carthian (December 2013 - March 2014)
  • 9th Governor of Sydney - Archived-Jack Wolfe, Ventrue Carthian (March 2014)
  • 10th Governor of Sydney - Archived-Jarrett Elroy, Daeva Carthian (March 2014 - Present)