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Background for the Lost

For the last 50 years the Seasonal courts held sway in the Armidale region. In recent years they have been concealing themselves amongst a Medieval re-enactment group that gathered in the pine forest outside Armidale. The freehold held it’s gatherings inside a Viking longhouse build by the group in the pine forest. For many years there was relative peace, with their holdings this far from the city they were insulated from most of the activities of the normal and other supernaturals.

In 2010 a new group of Lost began to form, they did not change with the seasons, but with the passage of the sun. They hailed from the courts of Dusk and Dawn, the determined and the hopeful. This group formed around the arrival of Odin Duskbringer, a changeling reforged by the hedge into a reflection of an old god. Brought to the city by dreams of an inevitable end he has rallied many Lost to his side, including an old “friend” Loki, a changeling whose origins are unclear and as tangible as mist.

After researching alternative methods of Freehold governance, Odin hosted debates on the philosophies of Dusk. Merely by playing devil's advocate, the philosophy of Dawn emerged, with Alice passionately espousing the creation of potential is the face of entropy. Finding kindred spirits amongst the outcasts of the freehold, the founding members first formed the Asatru Motley. The Asatru motley continued their discussions, inviting seasonal freehold members whenever they could, in an attempt to convert them their philosophies. This did not sit well with the seasonal monarchs, who demanded Asartu stop their activities because it was destabilizing the power of the courts. Instead, Asatru left then Freehold entirely, retreating to their shared hollow and business/glamour endeavour, the Theatre of Dawn and Dusk. After several months of hard work, Asatru threw open their doors and declared themselves a full freehold. The seasonal freehold initially sneered at these upstart changelings running off to form their own club and dismissed the diurnal courtiers as childish. Over the next couple of years the diurnal court faced an uphill battle for legitimacy, but succeeded after an epic battle to take back the local hedge from rampaging Hobs.

June 2013 Although the seasonal monarchs had largely failed to grasp the fundamental difference in philosophies between the courts, the two groups where on cordial, if not exactly friendly terms. The seasonal courtiers had always their holdings well outside the city, so the two groups rarely had much to do with each other directly. That was why when tragedy struck the seasonal freehold, the diurnal freehold was amongst the last to know. At the time when Autumn gave way to Winter, the freehold went silent. Almost all of Autumn was there at the time. The Summer King gave the order to move out in force to see what had become of the freehold, only a few were left behind. When the Summer court failed to return Spring when forth, against the wishes of the Winter Monarch. They did not return. With what remained of the seasonal courts, they called for aid from the diurnal freehold.

The diurnal court encountered traps and pitfalls left by Winter, and managed to disable and bypass the other wards with cunning and the information the Winter King gave them. Inside the old freehold they found themselves in a loud and lively drinking hall. It became quickly apparent to them that they were in a dream. There they encountered a cat who called itself Jasper, and after hunting down its favourite food for it pointed the way out. The dream was created by a strange monstrous creature that dissolved into ectoplasm on being defeated. Out of the dream the Lost found the remains of the freehold members strewn across the clearing. With the night on them and more danger approaching the Lost gathered what they could and destroyed the freehold. The only other survivor was a mortal who wandered in to the Dream Eaters trap shortly before the Lost. He was helped by the Alice and taken to hospital. The Lost returned to the Winter King with the solemn news, the Seasonal Freehold was effectively dead. Those that remained from the freehold split up and went their own ways.

September 2013 An envoy from Brisbane and Toowoomba visit Armidale and the most basic functions of the seasonal court are re-established. The Autumn lord, Black Rook sends and angry letter to the Dusk court, and is responded in kind by Odin Duskbringer. No pledges of hospitality were broken on either side but the matter remains very definitely unsettled. In addition, over the course of the month the Court discover that the visitors from Brisbane had breached the wards of the hollow/freehold with a hedge gate. A letter from the Brisbane Regent to Armidale seems to further exacerbate the issue.

October 2013 The Dusk court, concerned about the influence that Brisbane seem to have over the other seasonal courtiers, hatch a plan to unite the Lost of Armidale. They offer a full and equal share of the Freehold to the seasonals with the blessing of the Dawn court. The Theatre of the Changing Seasons is created.

October 2014 After an incident with Alice the Freehold of the Theatre of the Changing Seasons collapses into the Asatru Motley and the Motley of the [[Stalwart Shield]

Haven Freehold and The Farm

The Farm lies on the outskirts of Armidale approximately an hour and a half from the center of town up a road that is difficult to find for those who do not know what they are looking for. Once home for the Motley of the Stalwart Shield, the inhabitants of The Farm have now formed their own unoffical motleyand has (until recently) been the only stable place where the Lost of Armidale have regularly met.

Recently The Farm has become the base of opperations for the new Armidale freehold, Haven, a seasonal court. The following Pledge was signed by all active player characters at the April game.

Freehold Pledge

We stand as one, as a family bound by word stonger then blood, We swear to aid and serve, to treat eachother as brothers and sisters stand agaist the common threat of the other. We swear our loyalty to the freehold and each other, and hold no ill will for those who we would call family. For a year and a day we will stand united and whilst we may bicker we shall not bring to each other any harm which can not be healed in a day, nor share secrets or betray our brothers and sisters to those that would harm us.

The Guest Pledge Upon entering the Farm all visitors must sign a guest pledge

We stand like siblings on this land, and whilst we may fight we will not fight alone. No one enterign this place will knowingly bring harm to the buildings animals or people that reside within the fences of the farm. In return you will have protection and my help should you need it,your sight will be keen and your mind quick. Do not stray from your word or you will be cast from the farm and I will hunt you down like a dog would hunt a hare. For a day you will hold this to be true. Agreed?

Townsend Investigations

This new business venture set up by the Lost of Armidale is now the new monthly meeting place. The business specializes in finding lost people around the town and is only just getting a client-base. Rumor has it that the business is only surviving because the rent is so cheap due to the horrific murder of the previous tenant.

The Pledge All members of the Business have signed the following Pledge:

Hand in hand we stand side by side. This is my oath: friendship, assistance and the blessings that come of both, Let our dreams mingle between the towers of Horn and Ivory so that I may pass to yours and you to mine and let no physical thing be taken from allie or client that is not freely given. Until the seasons change from Leaves to Ice I swear upon the business that this shall be so, should I break this vow of aid may our prosperity desert us and our skills in finding lessen.

Other locations

The Parliament of Ravens
Somewhere in the hedge, at the outskirts of the city, is a circle of twisted trees. Thousands of ravens and raven-like birds gather here for strange and noisey gatherings. Many of the ravens can speak the languages of humans, but most seem to converse in their own twisted tongue. Supernatural corvids of all sorts are invited to parliament gathering by well written, illegibly signed letters of high quality paper, delivered to their homes directly.