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There is power in the New England, and at its heart is Armidale. Creatures of the night huddle in the cramped confines of this city with its 250,000 mortal inhabitants, just as the mortals once huddle around a simple fire for warmth. Make no mistake, Armidale is a haven to the undead the way a fire is a beacon to moths. Gathered together in close proximity tempers flare, and the beast within is forever ready to take advantage of a flickering resolve. Yet outside the feeding grounds, racks, and anathema of the city there is a greater darkness that has been known to swallow vampires (and other things) without leaving a trace.

Local News

Records can be found HERE. (Use #keyword to search)


  • There are frequent vicious murders around town. Is the new Sheriff up to the task?
  • A mortal group either the Cartographers Society or hiding within it, has knowledge beyond what the Masquerade should allow.
  • The town is home to at least two 'families' of sorcerers
  • Wolf-men have been to court. They want our territories for their own hunting.
  • Making trouble at the Airport is a VERY unhealthy thing to do.
  • Certain Houses, most constructed between 1962 and 1981, are 'warded' against kindred.
  • No all the people in Rockvale are real.
  • Unquiet dead walk in the Armidale Cemetery.
  • The mists of Armidale are home to a violent spirit, known only as the Hound Master.
  • A shadowy figure stalks the kindred of Armidale and disciplines cannot hide from it.
  • There are hunters whom are aware of many of the Kindred weaknesses, including the weaknesses most Kindred aren't aware of...
  • "On the Dekatess day of Ciethre, Valdyr will fall. Volmark will fall. Beasts will roam streets, but none will survive. There is a famine coming and all will fall and the clanless shall rise. Memories gone, thought gone, freedom gone. All eaten. Mirrors of power and blue ash, all in the name of The Mistress. Your Mistress."

Places of Note

  • Schools: New England Girls School / The Armidale School / PLC / Ben Venue / Newling Public / Sandon Public
  • Armidale Racecourse: Entrance to the known Nosferatu Necropolis, also site of local race days.
  • Nightclubs: Tattersals Hotel
  • Clubs:Pleasuredome / Splendidly Burlesque/ The Tea House/ Bistro Grill/ The Armidale Club
  • Pubs: Royal / Newie / Railway / Imperial / Wicklow/ The Last Bite
  • Historic Landmark: Saumarez Homestead/ The Meeting Place/ Boolibah
  • Technology Park: Including the HERO (High Energy Research Offices)
  • University of New England: Focusing on distance education yet has 10,000 On-Campus students
  • Colleges: Wright College and Village(Largest of the UNE residential Colleges), Mary White, Austin, Earle Page, St Albert's, Drummond and Smith, Duval.
  • Cattle and Sheep Farms: May be useful to kindred of lower blood potency.


  • "The Pit" 16 Bundarra Road: Off Limits
  • St Peters, Anglican Cathedral: Off Limits
  • Hillgrove Mine: Off Limits, due to 24/7 activity, high level security and military presence.
  • University Library: Off Limits to all Kindred & servants
  • ALL Military installations: Off Limits to all Kindred & servants

Game Events

Febuary 2015(Dominant: Ventrue and Deava/Invictus)

  • Meetings of the Clans,Prisci, and Covernant occur.
  • Status is solidified
  • The Hunt for Victoria Low's sire begins in earnist

January 2015: (Dominant: Deava/Invictus)

February 2014: (Dominant: Gangrel/Invictus)

  • Grendel Volmark was kid napped by hunters.
  • Hunters have access to crosses that invoke Rotschreck.
  • Firefight with hunters in the Centro car park.
  • Hunters showed the court the 'ashes of Grendel Volmark'.
  • Three unacknowledged and powerful kindred appear from underneath obfuscate tell a prophecy, before disappearing through a mirror?

January 2014: (Dominant: Gangrel/Crone)

  • Kindred were taken to "a different reality."
  • A shady character of many names claimed responsibility of a young child, whom died after the event.

December 2013: (Dominant: Gangrel/Crone)

  • MacBeth was executed for his crimes against the city.
  • A clarification on the boon system was made by Prince Esteban Cortes after a clerical error was made.

November 2013: (Dominant: Gangrel/Crone)

  • First gathering in the Crystal Cave Elysium.
  • Emrys Arthusia is contacted by an agent of the UnderKing
  • Esteban Cortes claims Praxis, installs new position holders.
  • John Bowmaker meets final death while the court gathers, court is warned when his brood mate Tamara Wilks feels the loss.
  • Ashes of the Prince were sighted.

October 2013: (Dominant: Daeva/Invictus)

  • Two courts were held, at the first a scared mortal delivered a packages found to contain dossiers on local Kindred. 4 of 6 packages were retrieved
  • Wolfric Abendroth and Gregory Volmark (both Lance), staked the Daeva Priscus
  • Prince slips closer to eclipse

September 2013:

August 2013:

  • Two unacknowleged kindred appear, Mal White, and Alim Al Rashid who rises from Torpor as the Salt Man
  • Bishop vouches for both Alim and Mal, who later come to blows
  • Marquerite appointed as People's Harpy
  • Heated words are exchanged between Crone and Lance

July 2013:

  • Local Carthian Movement members appoint Arckturus as Marshall
  • Sergei Ravanov appointed as Seneschal, responsibility for his performance rests upon the Council of Prisci
  • A ghostly presence is awakened by Kindred activity, reawakening a 50 year old murder mystery

June 2013:

  • Gathering held at Moore Park Elysium
  • Following messy feeding a representative from the Cartographers Society approaches the court
  • A local working girl is brutally murdered this night. A knife and superhuman strength are in evidence

December 2012:

  • The Prince calls court to direct the wrath of the Praxis onto an alledged Brood Group
  • Kindred strike Wright College after cleverly bypassing the wards around it
  • The current Seneschal Hawthorne, and Shiara Ray the Mekhet Priscus are amongst the traitors
  • The ritual is interrupted(?) releasing an explosion of cold blue fire, that strikes all present.
  • Many books and artefacts are recovered from the site

Kindred Historical Timeline

Also see the National_Requiem_History & News Records can be found at [1]. (Use #keyword to search)

  • 1800's For many years the only kindred to call Armidale home was Tethis, his residence here pre-dates all kindred records.
  • 1874 After three unfortunate instances the vampires of the area (Tethis, Harald Gille, Patrick Lucan, Ronaldo Rodriguez, and X gather together formally to exchange names and prevent the Predators taint from exposing them all. Harald as the most powerful, supported by both Lucan and Rodriguez, assumes the mantle of Prince.
  • 1915 Fall of the two
  • 1917 Cartographers Society forms - It’s symbol a sun shining down upon a compass & protractor.
  • 1946 Mining in Hillgrove is commissioned on a larger scale. Father Constantin arrives in Armidale.

 1950 - Prior to this date the WoD and Real Life histories are identical (bar a few missing records)

  • 1951 EVENT I
  • 1952/53 Geological surveys throughout the mines report that any precious metal and ore is almost completely depleted. Funding is cut and many jobs are lost and the mine is scheduled for complete decommission within 18 months.
  • 1953 In the final months of the mining operations, radioactive materials are unearthed in the deepest reaches of the mines. A study is conducted and the material determined to be a form of uranium ore. The military mobilises to secure the site in New England and information regarding the discovery becomes highly controlled.
  • 1953 EVENT II.
  • 1955 Estimates of the volume of uranium are measured, mining continues and funding is restored primarily by the Metz Enterprise under the direction of CEO, Randolph Metz.
  • 1956 Buoyed by the potential population boom and influence the New England court becomes the Armidale Court.

- (October) Prince Harald moves into PLC

  • 1959 EVENT III
  • 1959-60 Randolph Metz publicly announces construction of the Metz Nuclear Reactor to begin in Armidale’s eastern city limits.
  • 1961 Armidale’s population begins to grow as business ventures move in to take advantage of New England’s prosperity.

- The University of New England expands
- To help deal with the transport of mining materials and equipment, a new rail system is established the tracks being laid as far north as Brisbane via Toowoomba. The old one is fully decommissioned.

  • 1962 (March)Primogen Council established
  • 1962 (May) Sheriff appointed.
  • 1964 Unchecked opportunities for expansion of influences

- The Vampire population effectively doubles in the next few years

  • 1964-65 Construction of the Metz Nuclear Reactor is completed.

- Employment opportunities rise steeply and quality of life for residents is at an all-time high
- Revenue from selling off SSRM is put back into the community, particularly the University and transport and banking enterprises resulting in exponential urban sprawl.
- Randolph Metz steps down as CEO of Metz Enterprise due to diminishing health.

  • 1966 Dawn Energy, a subsidiary of Metz Enterprise is established and becomes the public face of the Metz Nuclear Reactor and electric company.
  • 1968 Lance fall into disfavour
  • 1969 Kindred funded remodelling of Moore Park
  • 1972 Alec Corwin, Prince's Harpy and a member of the Carthian order, is seen entering the Hillgrove Army Barracks by witness from two Covenants (one a Carthian) and detained. Eyewitness accounts were corroborated by the powers of the blood. In his defence, Alec claimed he was following the orders of the current Seneschal, however was unable to provide proof of this. Alex was sentenced to Final Death by Fire the following night, sentence was carried out at the Armidale Crematorium. (LINK)
  • 1974 Opening of the Morningstar Airport opens up more opportunity for criminal activity
  • 1985 EVENT IV
  • 1993 EVENT V
  • 1994 Elder of the Court is decapitated, a mortal mob was used as the distraction, and openly attacked the court. No motive can be found.
  • 2003 The Court of X calls for the elimination of the Livian threat.
  • 2005 (February) First definite indications of Brood
  • 2007 Another decapitation in Armidale (LINK)
  • 2012 (December) Strange sightings and symptoms experienced by many of the the kindred of Armidale
  • 2012 (December) Night of Flames: Court descends on the Brood and the Traitorous Seneschal who leads them.


Armidale is home to 250,000 souls, and divided into 35 suburbs and the CBD.

Armidale Territories.jpeg
Territory Type Covenant Kindred Blood Value
CBD Inner Suburb - - 10
Dumaresq Inner Suburb - - 7
Ashworth Inner Suburb - Marquerite 6
Soudan Heights Inner Suburb - Marquerite 6
Drake Park Inner Suburb Carthian Movement - 4
Kirkwood Inner Suburb - - 4
Madgewick Inner Suburb - Eden Nightchilde 8
South Armidale Inner Suburb Carthian Movement - 7
Bona Vista Inner Suburb - Bertrand Hills 7
Shambrook Inner Suburb - - 5
Lynches Inner Suburb - Tempest 5
Castle Doyle Inner Suburb - - 6
East Armidale Inner Suburb - - 8
West Armidale Inner Suburb Invictus Lorenzo Penthièvre 8
Moore Park Inner Suburb - - 6
Acacia Park Inner Suburb - Fabian Bainbridge 6
PLC Inner Suburb - 6
Boorolong Outer suburb - - 6
Glenhope Outer suburb Invictus 4
North Hill Outer suburb Circle of the Crone Ichabod Crane 5
North Rockvale Outer suburb - - 4
South Rockvale Outer suburb - - 4
Commissioner's Waters Outer suburb - - 5
Fairmont Park Outer suburb - Karlin 5
Yarrowyck Outer suburb - - 6
Ben Venue Outer suburb - - 6
Dangarsleigh Outer suburb - - 4
Greater South Side Outer suburb Lancea Sanctum - 4
Long Swamp Outer suburb Lancea Sanctum - 3
Gostwyck Outer suburb Lancea Sanctum - 4
Saint Patrick's Outer suburb - Gregory Homes 5
Kelly's Plains Outer suburb - - 6
Saumarez Outer suburb - Gregory Homes 6
Arding Outer suburb - - 5
Invergowrie Outer suburb - - 5
Metz Outer suburb NONE OFF LIMITS -
Newling Inner suburb  ? Marquerite 7

Racks In Armidale

Territory Type Location Covenant Kindred Blood Value
Glenhope Rack Glenhope Slaughterhouse Invictus Gregory Homes Level 1
CBD Rack Scarlett's Web  ? Aksel Vinter Level 2
PLC Rack PLC School  ? Aksel Vinter Level 3
Fairmont Park Rack Startel Resort & Spa Lancea Sanctum Karlin Level 3
Greater South Side Rack Startel Holiday Park Lancea Sanctum Karlin Level 3
Southern Rockvale Rack Startel Moonlight Motel Lancea Sanctum Karlin Level 3
Longswamp Rack Startel Luxury Villas ? Karlin Level 3
Drake Park Rack Pleasure Dome Bertrand Hills Level 2

Inner Suburbs: Are safe from whatever lurks in the darkness outside Armidale. However better lighting and more witnesses makes over-hunting more risky.
Outer suburbs may suffer incursions from whatever lurks in the darkness outside Armidale.
Blood Value: Represents the SAFE amount of blood that can be extracted from this territory per week. Extracting this amount of blood does NOT require feeding checks and will not result in BAD STUFF(tm)

Haven: Location = Adds rating to starting modifier.
Herd: Adds its value to your Territory (if any)
Trapdoors: Adds its rating to starting modifier.
Retainers: Can be used if you're desperate, consider the consequences though.
Allies: Although technically an option, they may stop being your friend if you do.
Status: A good reasoning to have access to the Herd merit.
Poaching: Send me how much blood you're poaching from what territories in your downtime. This is a PvP action.
Racks: Rack blood value is calculated by rolling a die. The size of the die depends on the amount of effort you have put into the rack. (This is done by investing resources and downtime actions into the rack)

Bloody Lands Territory System

A vampire generally needs 7 blood per week, assuming they do not burn blood for ANY other activity than waking up. This means no faking 'life', no physical disciplines, no feeding ghouls, no protean, no Cruac, and no healing injuries. basically a vampire that stays inside with a good book.

Commencing blood at each game will be 5 - 7 + Territory Value.

Unless blood use has been specified, and as long as the character has access to feeding territories worth at least 7 blood, every character will start at 5 blood. So if you have feeding rights in a territory worth 4, your starting blood is modified by -3 (4 is 3 less than the needed 7). Your starting blood would be:

5 - 7 + 4 = 2 (Which is NOT good)

Feeding rights have to be specifically assigned to your PC in the Territories Table (above) or you have to specify that you are feeding in a territory in your Downtime Form submission in order to have a Territory Value for the month.

If you have neither of these or a Territory Value of 2 or less, then you will be required to stay out of game for 30 minutes per Territory Value you wish to reap from in feeding before attending game - unless you can find another way to be fed enough to be active (ie, not in Torpor). You will be fighting frenzy in this situation, and have the frenzy penalty appropriate to control yourself in regards to where you feed and how discrete you are - as well a test for Frenzy for each 30 minutes you spend.

Deceased Kindred

Character Covenant Clan Deceased. Position Notes
Gregory Holmes Invictus Nosferatu 1994 - 2016 Master of Elysium Fallen in battle during Canberra Conclave to Kormac
Ambrose Grimm Invictus Mekhet House Grimm 1863 - 2016 - Fallen in a Monomacy with Fabian.
Emmanuel De La Seirra Lancea Sanctum Nosferatu Dec 2014 Primogen Lost to the beast and consequently "put down" - unknown if he is in Torpor or deceased.
Mal White Crone Gangrel 2014 - Missing, assumed brutally murdered
Emrys Athusia Invictus Daeva 2013 - Missing, assumed fled
Rory McLeod Cathian Daeva Dec 2012 - Incinerated by Brood leader
Hawthorne Lancea Sanctum Nosferatu Dec 2012 Seneschal Torn apart by Prince Gille & Scourge Lucan
Harald Gille Invictus Daeva 21-Oct-2013 Prince Unknown assailant
MacBeth Lancea Sanctum Daeva 30-Nov-2013 None Executed by Prince Esteban Cortes
Hanz Carthian Movement Gangrel 21-Jun-2014 Prince's Harpy Found guilty of Amaranth and sentenced to death by Blood Hunt by Prince Esteban Cortes
Franz Circle of the Crone Ghoul - - Missing, presumed dead of old age
Mr Thorn Carthian Movement Deava Unknown - Diablerised by Hanz
Nika Carthian Movement Gangrel Unknown - Returned to Russia
Philipe Noir Lancea Sanctum Nosferatu Unknown - Dead or possibly perma-torpored
Sergei Ravanov Carthian Movement Gangrel Unknown - Returned to Russia
Shiara Ray Circle of the Crone Mekhet Unknown - Dead
Tina Kelly Ordu Dracul  ? Unknown - Dead
Trevor Carthian Movement Mekhet Unknown - Destroyed
Yuri Petrenkov Invictus Daeva 2015 Keeper of Elysium Returned to Russia
Wolfric Abendroth Lancea Sanctum Mekhet 2015 Bishop Placed into tourpour for his part in Era's death
Crowley Jarvis Invictus Mekhet 2015 - MIA, no trace remains
Pallat Ordo Dracul Mekhet 2015 - MIA, no trace remains
Esteban Cortes Invictus Nosferatu 2015 Prince Voluntary Tourpour
Tamara Wilks Lancea Sanctum Daeva -  ???? Final Death
Last Updated 19 January 2016