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The Armidale Freehold

As of May 2014 there is no official Freehold in Armidale.

This occurred when Odin refused to relinquish the crown to the Dawn Monarch at the appropriate time and attacked Freehold members whilst possessed.

Additionally Alice led a mortal into the inner Freehold without knowledge or consent of either the Monarchs or the Freehold members and then left the mortal there unattended.

These violations of the Freehold pledge caused sufficient members of the Freehold to repudiate the Freehold that it was dissolved.

The mundane assets were then liquidated during the month and what was not returned to investors was divided up between the members of the former Freehold

The Changelings of Armidale have yet to decide on a new governing structure.

Members of the Courts

SeemingBeasts 70x70.png SeemingDarklings 70x70.png SeemingElementals 70x70.png SeemingFairest 70x70.png SeemingOgres 70x70.png SeemingWizened 70x70.png

Character Court Kith Seeming Position Wyrd Freehold Player

Mr Low-Key Dusk Fairest Shadow Soul  ?  ? Joel G
Morgan Cicero Winter Fairest Muse  ? 4  ? Tim
Uriel Dusk Elemental Levinquick  ? 2 Sam H
Grandmother Kateryna Dusk Wizened Oracle  ? 3 Shannon
Alice Dawn Darkling Mirrorskin  ? 3 Joel H
Vana Spring Fairest Flowering  ? 1  ? Tobi
Adrianna Courtless Ogre Bloodbrute  ? 1  ? Bianca
Angus MacKenzie Summer Wizened Inventor  ? 3  ? Conrad
Alex Wilde Thomas Lake
Shiro Courtless Elemental Air-touched  ?  ? Kris
Kiba Winter Beast Hunter-heart  ? 1 Kat
Copernicus Badger Winter Beast Hunter-Heart  ? 3 Craig
Patches Autumn Fairest Dancer Lord 3 Joel H
Marrack Townsend Spring Fairest Playmate - 1 Joel H
Desmond Spring Chirurgeon Wizened - 1 Michael



Stalwart Shield

Laws of the Courts


These are the Keepers from whom we fled

The Yellow Shogun


Odin has retired from the day-to-day politics of the courts, becoming CEO of Daedalus Biotechnology. He has been appearing semi-regularly on the radio show One Night Stan. His motives within Daedalus Biotechnology are unknown, but he is suspected to be close to losing the last of his Clarity.

Weaver vanishes from court after the abduction and return of Marrack Townsend her current wereabouts is unknown.

Character Court Kith Seeming Position Wyrd Freehold Player
Odin Duskbringer Dusk Fairest Draconic  ? 2 (Formerly Kris)
Weaver Autumn Darkling Nightsinger  ? 3 - (Formerly Kat)

History and Hearsay of New England


October: Quasi Nomnia: the Musical! Coming to the Theatre of Dusk and Dawn this October. As anticipated, Quasi was rather pissed off and managed to send the troupe to the underworld, expecting them to be ripped apart by hungry ghosts! Fortunately the troupe discovered the preserved corpses of the old seasonal corpses and gave them a Viking funeral. The ghosts were instead, very grateful to the troupe.

December: The Dweller in Darkness: "The forest had an evil reputation. There were odd rumors of something unspeakable that dwelt in the depths of its darkness" The city is engulfed in madness and disease. But lessons were learned, so most people recovered quickly and no-one died!