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Going with the themes of mysteries and secrets, knowledge is a reward for in-game or downtime actions. Anything you discover will be updated here (either by players quickly, or when the ST has time).

Concillium Mages

Character Order Path Proximi Position Concillum Status Player
A'grania Mysterium Acanthus Proximi? Position? 3 Claire
Arran Rihath Adamantine Arrow Path? Proximi? Position? 3 Paul
Carter Apostate Thyrsus - Warden 1 NPC
Entropy Free Council Mastigos Proximi? Position? 1 Tim C
Gordon Order? Path? Proximi? Position?  ? Mat W
Jereld Silver Ladder Moros Proximi? Cardinal of the Vox Draconis 1 NPC
Khronos Free Council Acanthus Proximi? Position? 1 Guy H
Lazarus Mysterium Thyrsus  ?  ? 1 Beau
Mort Order? Path? Proximi? Position?  ? Evan
Mr Krip Guardians of the Veil Mastigos Proximi? Position? 3 Joel G
Breeze Free Council Thyrsus  ?  ? 1 Kat
Providence Free Council Acanthus Proximi? Position? 1 Lachlan
Dr Rupert Cooper Mysterium Mastigos - - - Joel H
The Cowboy Silver Ladder Thyrsus Unspecified None 0 Sam H
The Detective Mysterium Mastigos Proximus Family? Position 0 Thomas Lake
The Doctor Mysterium Acanthus  ?  ?  ? Emily
The Forge Adamantine Arrow Moros Proximi? Temporary Hierarch 5 Joel H
Harry Guardians of the Veil Acanthus - - - Joel H
Annex Guardians of the Veil Mastigos - - - Michael

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NPCs associated with the Armidale concillium

Seeker7 DECEASED. A thin, wiry man in his 20s who shaved rarely and dressed in casual clothes and sandals. Acting Hierarch until The Forge was voted in. Was obsessed with/talking the previous Hierarch, Helena, who is still missing presumed dead. Seeker7 was an awakened hacker that uses magic to connect to various systems, break the encryption, and seize control. His obsessive nature made him both a good and terrible Hierarch, depending on the situation. He was shot and killed by the Age of Reason in May 2013.

Carter MIA. Last heard (but not seen) getting on an train in an 'impossible' subway station tainted by the abyss. Report all sightings to the local concillium.

Herald4 Member of Seeker7's previous cabal, sharing the same naming convention. Has an electronic-only presence in maintaining 'IC' sections of wiki. Will not reveal any more details to you. Go away.

Icarus A high-status Mastigos from the Adamantine Arrow sent to advise the current concillium on matters of war with the Age of Reason. Hierarch before Helenna took over in 2004. NOT amused with the state of the current concillium.

The Age of Reason



Has changed appearences between a monsterous cat-human hybrid and a near-starving young man in his 20s. He is obviously related to the mage Carter, though the actual link has not been determined.

He was first seen sitting on the Hierarch's chair as Seeker7 and the other investigators entered the concillium for the first time to investigate the missing mages, and claimed to literally be "Carter's Familliar". He also claims to be unkillable - demonstrating the ability to die and return later in a new body, leaving behind the corpse of a mundane cat. He has demonstrated sorcerous abilities with a 'dark magic' paradigm. Cutting people with a flick knife is his preferred method of attack, always preferring to hurt the victim rather than kill them. Has been revealed as a murderer using time/death magic - though the reasons for this deed/identity of the deceased have not been investigated. Last seen making a deal with most of the concillium mages - release of a mage-hostage in return for access to the Astral Mirror - a portal to the human subconscious. Striker believes she encountered him when looking into the wearhouse where dreamgun was held for a time, he claimed he had been ordered to kill her, vanished when she caught the cat body hewas inhabiting which was then killed by the werewolves.

Approached Entropy, calling him the Consort, and negotiated access to the Astral Mirror once more.

"Infinite Recursion Error" A strange computer entity trading information via text messages.

The Previous Concillium

The previous concillium all died though two seemingly unrelated events, a deadly magical fungus that reanimated corpses, and an abyssal mirror that seemed to grant wishes, but transported the wisher and anyone nearby into an abyssal reflection of Armidale.

Detailed Information on the previous concillium.

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