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Mage is a complex game and the plots that can occur are no exception. Not every event that happens in Armidale is world shattering, but everything has a story behind it. A mage's time is precious, but those who take the time to learn the truth of the universe always find subtle advantages over their less-adventurous peers.

This is a list of plots, encounters and other stories being investigated by the players of the Armidale Domain.

As these plots get more complex, they may require their own wiki page for more details/supplemental materials. While this page is primarily maintained by the storyteller, anyone can update it, and there are xp or prestige awards for those that do.

Season Three - The Awakening of Something More

"I've been sent from the higher ups to fill out your paperwork for you. I will be available every Thursday evening, for the foreseeable future, for consultations at the Uralla Tourist Info Center." - SGT Meghan Kipps


A Dark Mirror - March 2015

  • The Astral Mirror/Abyssal portal/former manifestation of the Crossroads reappeared as an ectoplasmic construct. (a 'ghost' mirror)
    • Since the destruction of the Concillium in November the Mages have not checked on their old Concillium Hall and the Hierarch is adamant that no one should investigate it.
      • You know what, don't worry about it.

Main events

"Good Evening my Liege, Master Sir Mr The Professor, I have been asked by the Arch-councilor to write a basic report about each of your investigations. Feel free to modify it as you see fit, I look forward to hearing about your adventures!" - James

Bast's Protection - January 2015

  • In exchange for a grand advantage for some of her Lieutenants. Bast has promised the Mages of Armidale protection from 'The Unnatural'.

Silhouette's New Top Cat - February 2015

  • Armidale cats
  • Silhouette Bullied Casper into swearing allegiance to him as a 'Familiar'. Casper agreed and has promised the Perfected Adept protection from Spirits, Wizards and Ghosts.

Territory - February 2015

  • The Regional Council has found the skin of a person murdered driving into Armidale.
  • It was cleanly cut from the body and has no tears.
  • It is believed to have happened again since.
  • The Mages found the bodies in the possession by a 'Werebandicoot'.
  • It is believed that the creature was residing in an Atlantean Ruin.
  • Some of the Brisbane Mages saw members of Endless Aimless and they delivered a message to a Mage named 'Carter' for Mingx.

A Nightmare, Dressed Like A Daydream - March 2015

  • The mages seemed distraught at the exorbitance of the new concillium hall.
  • It is believed that they entered some sort of dreaming world.
    • Although, the mages concluded that they must have returned to the waking world at some point. As Hypnos' statue was absent at the meeting place.
  • Councillors of the Regional Council appeared to mad, in their "Artistic" hall that was replicated for the new concillium hall.
  • Councillor Silhouette seemed particularly unnerved by Mingx's statues to the 'old gods' of Armidale, in Necros' catacombs.
    • Nor was he confident in her thesis.
  • In February the Mages returned to the Regional Council Headquarters.
    • They 'refurbished' the place making it look equitable to the Centro in the middle of Armidale CBD.
  • On the Feb visit there was a LOT of debate with Mingx about her letting spirits attack Mages.
    • She simply replied "I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!"
    • She also spent a fair amount of time talking to Dornelia. A Mage that studied under Carter; in the time of the Old Concillium.
  • Upon solving the Regional Councils task to find the culprit of the human skinnings the Council expressed it's gratitude for the Concillium and congratulated it for it's hard work.
  • The Regional Council appeared to send mundane police, under their authority, to arrest Concillium Mages at The Professor's house.
  • They also, apparently, used the Kinetic Blow Imago to attack Icarus in cold blood.
    • He has since given the concillium permission to attack the Regional Council.
      • He also told the Mages that he will be informing the 'Supreme General' ASAP.
  • "Stop calling me a councillor, that implies I've accepted some sort of position." - Silhouette

Please Help - March 2015

  • Breeze and Dornelia encountered a young mage whom chose, during this encounter, the Shadow Name Above.
  • She seemed not to understand the concept of Paradox, but rather intuitively had learnt to contain it.
    • She also expressed to her fellow mages how much this hurt, quite insistently.
  • Believes that Seers, "whatever they are", are recruiting recently awakened Mages in Uralla.
  • Screamed moments before the tick-tock bomb activated. Which alerted the other mages.
  • She wanted to learn about her new condition and promised the other mages that she would be attending next month’s meeting.

The Beast - March 2015

  • In passing, Above mentioned that she believed to have seen a Minotaur in Long Swamp.
    • After some searching the Mages found this beast in the neighboring suburb of The Greater South Side.
  • Immediately after the Mages noticed that the Minotaur had a 'delayed' aura Above screamed.
  • Aquitas, Veritas and Mort noticed a Mages cast a spell and they reacted supernaturally quickly. Mort used a Covert spell to Kill the Mage and then Suppressed the item the item that was activated for a month.
  • The Mages deduced that it was, in fact, a Tick Tock Bomb.
    • Dornelia found the object interesting and ensured her fellow Mages that it would be safe in the Brisbane Athenaeum.
  • Mort took both the body of the Beast and the Mage back to his mortuary.

God Slayers - March 2015

  • In an attempt to make an attack on the Regional Council the Concillium tried to use the Portal in the Sewer beneath the recently renamed Lusty Tiger.
  • Some of the Brisbane Mages were alerted by the fresh blood that trailed to the Porcelain statues below the club.
    • As such, they asked to speak to the Manager and were stonewalled.
  • They noticed that the upstairs room that they used to access the Onerios of Caterpillar was still available.
    • Some Mages walked up the stair case in the waking world.
      • These Mages were greeted by Dreamweaver standing in his demesne. The Mastigos offered to make a trade for the information of how to access The Owner, of the Club.
    • Mort traversed the Staircase in the Twilight.
      • He saw the 3 headed god Hypnos standing in the place of the Mage.
        • Hypnos seemed to be rather placid about Mort's arrival.
    • Others stayed down stairs.
  • When everyone descended to the main room again Mort informed the other Mages that Hypnos was possessing the Mage and everyone traveled into the Twilight to make an attack against him.
    • The Mages were successful and Hypnos disintegrated into nothingness.
  • Mort also took Dreamweaver's body back to his Mortuary.
  • The Demesne no longer is in function.

The Spider's Web - April 2015

  • Concillium Mages investigated Scarlett's Web at its 'Grand Reopening'
    • "Ladies and Gentlemen,

I know that over the last few month the recent name change to 'Lusty Tiger' has been difficult. Since the name change the club has been suffering from less and less loyal regulars which deeply saddens me. I had no input into the change of name, in fact it was business partner that offered the club stability and help to rebuild after the small fire and attack from the Anti-Trenchcoat and Burqa Society of New England last year. Since then our business partner has conceded and agreed that the name change was both sexist and inappropriate and as such it gives me great pleasure to invite you all to the grand reopening of Scarlet's Web on 12th of April, starting from 1pm! I look forward to seeing you all there! Scarlet."

  • The Mages Organized a 8pm meeting with the 'Manager' - Scarlett.
  • Scarlett openly admitted that she was in fact a Vampire and sucked the Life Essence out of unwitting sparrows whom either misread or did not read the conditions of entry.
    • Once she made the point that her patrons are consenting to death by Exsanguination and later petrification. The Mages seemed oddly fine with her practice.

A Gust of Cold Winter Wind - May 2015 (Digital Event)

  • A burned member of the Guardian's of the Veil, Winters, approaches the Mages of the Armidale consilium for help.

For full details, read the full transcript of the scene here:

We Will Rebuild - May 2015

  • The Mages of Armidale made a new consilium hall in the Uralla Library. They have 24 hour access and a storage room for 'specialty reading.'
  • Adamantine Arrow assets have been sent at the request of the Thunderbolt Guardian Silhouette.
    • This includes: Taskforce Bushfire - A cabal of Adamantine Arrow fighters that use a combination of Swords and Guns enchanted with hell fire.
    • SGT Meaghan Kipps - I'm an administrator for the Adamantine Arrow... I will also be available for consultation of Thursday nights.
    • Mr. Thong - The Order hired him to replace Library's normal manager. He'll be the one making sure your 'specialty reading' doesn't disappear.

Season Two – The Web of Normality

"I guess it's just up to us now." - Dreamgun 1992 - 2014

The Parliament of Ravens

  • The Mages of the concillium now use the verge regularly to cross the gauntlet without use of vulgar magic. As long as they have a good story pre-prepared the parliament will let them pass without incident.
  • There is a duck in the parliament. The ravens think this is absolutely fine.

University Spirit

  • The at Lazarus's request, The Forge's familliar pays the university court four essence for them to provide a list of spirits that Carter has annoyed.
  • The spiritual reflection of UNE is a university of information spirits. Each minor spirit looks like a humanoid in graduation robes, running from building to building with a 'diploma' of information.
  • Boolamimbah house is the centre of power, where a 'professor' spirit gives out diplomas to its courtiers, who run off.
  • Mort intends to do a service for the professor - 'perform original research' in order to get information off the spirit on the region - which contains the Age of Reason lab.
  • In March 2014, the spirit court was chaotic and having trouble communicating, presumably a result of Orientation Week.


  • Carter asks the concillium to look into the METZ nuclear reactor. She claimed 'this is the only universe where it exists'
  • The Metz nuclear drains man's from mages who venture into the district physically.
  • The reactor core blocks magical sight but the control rooms all seem normal.
  • The Shadow represents the reactor as a star, and draws essence from spirits foolish or desperate enough to get too close.

Last Stop: This Town (December Downtime plot scene info)

  • Mort and The Forge tracked down and apprehended what they believe to be Jereld. Mort severed his soul for the concillium to pass judgement.
  • Jereld was using a chemistry set on a inky-black syrupy substance, believed to be 'Black Honey' from the past eating bees in the mine.
  • Mort and The Forge found themselves trapped in an abyssal sub realm similar to the Crossroads manifestation. The only sympathy they could find was to Carter and the strange subway station where she vanished.
  • Mort and The Forge emerge from their odyssey unscathed, with a strange tale to tell...

Purging Fire - Feb 2014

  • The warehouse/abyssal anomaly where Jereld was apprehended was consumed by a bright light
  • Only slightly radioactive ash remained from the entire facility, though radiation levels were barely above normal, they produced a tiny amount of visible light, making the ashes glitter.
  • Strange 'nuclear' elemental spirits were in the Shadow at the site, though they decreased in power every day until they disappeared entirely.
  • Carter's Familiar, whose real name is Samuel Horatio Harrison' and an unidentified individual in orange robes.
  • The robed individual spent three hours before the immolation inscribing the walls with strange symbols while Samuel attempted to engage him in idle chatter.

A Pocket Full of Doubt - updated March 2014

  • The Forge's son has is being ridden by a powerful fox spirit of at least rank 3.
  • The Forge, Lazarus and Mort are making plans to exorcise it.
  • The Forge gave his son the 'Frozen Tapestry' which represents the fate of Armidale.

Greener Pastures - April 2014

  • A cult of farmers and agricultural workers named 'greener pastures' appear to be self-immolating themselves.
  • They use the same robes at the figure who erased the warehouse.
  • A member of the organisation that burned himself to death walked out of the morgue, pausing to wash himself at the sink and steal a lab coat.

Update April 2014

  • The concillium found a gathering of the senior members on Donald Hill, also investigating the strange fungus
  • They have a 'spirit nuke' ritual. It takes hours to enact but it annihilates EVERYTHING in the ritual area.

Update May 2014

  • The group employ spirit fetishes to accomplish select magical effects, including healing and combat applications
  • The Cowboy discovered that Greener Pastures make use of Scarlet's Web to accomplish some of their goals.

Jonesing it - April 2014

  • The Cowboy and his famililar had their bodies/minds switched by some manifestation of Eris, god of Discord.
  • Seemingly with the Cowboy's blessing, his familiar Jonesy, used his powers to cause probability to unravel as the mages investigated Donald Hill.
  • He was tried by the concillium for the trouble he caused, and the was remanded into the Cowboy's care under house arrest for two months.
  • Efforts to return the Cowboy to his human body are underway.
  • The Cowboy has vanished, and only a select few know the truth.

Trouble on Donald Hill - April 2014

  • The hill where the dangerous parasitic fungus Necrocheese was found was covered in bleached-white flora.
  • The Concillium conflicted with a group of Greener Pastures members who were investigating the same phenomenon.
  • Greener pastures wielded spirit fetishes at the Concillium mages, but both sides backed off before serious conflict arose.
  • Greener Pastures also told the Mages they'd cleanse the hilltop,and true to their word, a bright flash of light eradicated the hilltop on both sides of the gauntlet, 'renewing' a localised portion of the world.

Web of Normality - April 2014

  • A fate Mage is manipulating the events in Armidale to cover up all weird and supernatural events
  • A potentially severe fire on Donald Hill was stopped when a freak snow storm blew in and dampened the storm, with the rural fire storm arriving on the scene in moments to control it
  • Spidery resonance accompanies these manipulations, but the caster has not been identified
  • Why are there so many powerful fate manipulators in Armidale?

Scarlet's Web - May 2014

  • Not to be confused with 'The Spider', Scarlet's Web is a nightclub in town that caters for supernatural business deals, claiming to have a reliable network of contracts with mercenaries for any job.
  • The Mastigos business manager is called 'Dreamweaver' and seems to accept the dreams/nightmares of mages as payment for services rendered by him.

The Frozen Tapestry - The Manifested Destiny of Armidale - May 2014

  • This Atlantean artefact was first discovered under Daedalus Biotechnology as the Age of Reason cabal crumbled, it was torn into pieces but reknitted by The Forge and given to his son, Michael, for safekeeping.
  • Although the secrets of the tapestry have yet to be revealed, it's pattern, which somehow corresponds to the fate of Armidale, shows a series of dark inky dots staining it, with one golden dot near the centre.
  • Michael continues to reach to the gold dot in the centre of the labyrinth. The Spider continues to persue him using Tulpa.

The Labyrinth - The Spider and the Fox - May 2014

  • The Forge determined that his son, possessed by a fox spirit but apparently in full control of his faculties, was in serious trouble, seemingly running though an underground car park pursued by a giant spirit-spider when scryed
  • The concillium were slow to ask, discussing other disturbing issues in Armidale, when something in reality 'changed' nearby. The extradimensional space where the concillium grounds lie had been shifted underground car park
  • Somehow, the proximity of the Frozen Tapestry artefact held by The Forge's Son, Michael, had shifted one of the concillium's extradimensional exits to a labyrinth of twisted space. The labyrinth manifests as different unconnected urban 'scenes' from Australian cities. Paths are not always obvious, but stepping off them is supremely dangerous
  • This labyrinth appears to be a combination of the twisted halls beneath the now-defunct Daedalus Biotechnology and the Crossways abyssal manifestation that was believed to be banished until now
  • The concillium mages destroyed the spider, learning that it was an advanced illusion of mana, a 'Tulpa' used by the Seers of the Throne
  • The Forge rescued his son with help from the Cowboy, as well as rescuing other concillium members who went a little too far into the labyrinth

The Spider - June 2014

  • A Seer under the alias 'The Spider' sent mobile prime Tulpa illusions after Michael in an attempt to take it back
  • These Tulpa have taken the form of a giant spider or mannequin-like man. Both appear to be comprised of dark-smoked glass.
  • The spider-tulpa manifested an extemely disturbing 'voodoo doll' effect, where any structural damage to the illusion was also inflicted on whoever it cursed with the effect.
  • There are at least 20 humanoid tulpa, which were ready to attack The Forge's house, but left when Michael escaped with the tapestry.
  • The Spider is capable of a never-seen-before level of planning, bordering on extreme obsession
  • In June 2014, the Spider captured a member of the concillium and used him as bait to kill the others. He very nearly succeeded.

The Temple - June 2014

  • The Meeting Place, outside of Armidale has three statues visible of ancient god figures
  • This historic site is currently home to more than 30 'Temple' cats, each with unnatural intelligence, language skills and focus
  • The History of the area has been damaged, as though an explosion erased the past
  • A concealed hole in the centre of the area is simultaneously used as an entrance to a shrine to the Sunken God and as a site for human sacrifice - the temple cats recently claimed a 'van full of church' vanished down the hole.
  • A construction site next to the Meeting Place mysteriously collpased in August 2014.

It's a trap! - June 2014

  • Dreamgun was kidnapped by the Seers while tracking the resonance of the Spider
  • Some Mages explored a curious mystical convergence on a hill outside the city
  • A string of 'coincidences' lead all the Mages to an abandoned music shop in the Mall, Armidale, in a similar time frame
  • An extremely elaborate trap of nested contingent spells resulted in targeted explosion ripping apart Dreamgun, and only the intervention of the Acanthus Khronos stopped a bloody massacre
  • The Forge stepped down as Hierarch, and Lazarus succeeded him as acting-Hierarch, his first missive being to find anything on the Spider

Assault on Twilight - July 2014

  • Conflict erupted between Armidale and Brisbane Concilli when it emerged that Brisbane Guardian Cuffs assaulted a mage she believed to be The Cowboy, while in the Concillium Library. The spell was a Psychic Assault with lethal intent.
  • The Mage involved, The Envoy, arranged for his cabal to fire a bullet at Cuffs' knees while the visiting Brisbane mages and resident Armidale mages collaborated on an investigation
  • Conflict erupted between the visitors and the Cabal, Testament of Twilight, with other Armidale Mages split over the two sides. Many vulgar spells were cast in public
  • A hostage situation quickly emerged, with the Brisbane mages threatening to kill one of the perpetrators of the shooting
  • The Testament of Twilight mages came up with a cunning plan, disguising the revenant of Dreamgun as The Cowboy, and using him in the exchange
  • The Brisbane mages reacted violently when the betrayal was apparent, but only the revenant was destroyed

The Nothing - August 2014

  • A new construction had started close to the Meeting Place.
  • A rumbling sound was heard, and now the construction site has fallen into the ground.

Pulling yourself together - August 2014

  • Michael, The Forge's son, came to the concillium to ask for help. Using the Frozen Tapestry, he had managed to get close to the golden portal in the centre of the labyrinth, but needed help to get there.
  • The concillium obliged, and the group walked the treacherous pathways of the labyrinth.
  • Highlights include a rain of eyeballs, which stuck to exposed skin, and appeared to become part of those afflicted.
  • A 'giant spider' Tulpa attacked, using it's signature 'Link' ability on El Loco Diablo, who shot himself in the head in an attempt to destroy the spider. This extreme strategy was largely successful, but the mage in question was left with total amnesia.
  • The final destination of the trip was a 'golden airport' full of Carters from other dimensions, who tasked the concillium with destroying the abyssal anomalies that contain Carter's other selves.
  • The fox spirit possessing Michael had a plan to get here all along, and merged with it's counterparts from other universes. It promised to visit The Forge.

That's No Statue! - September 2014

  • A Carter Spirit convinced the Mages to investigate the Meeting Place.
  • The Spirit was confused that the Hypnos statue had disappeared.
  • In scrying the past, the mages of Armidale observed the temple ruins being built.... As ruins.
  • There's no true history at the Meeting Place. Only the Present.
  • Certain members of the concillium were attacked by a Stone Wurm statue possessed by a spirit. The Cowboy and the marksman The Envoy held the line for as long as they could. But it's force was too powerful and eventually the Mages were forced to flee using imbued stones that cast an improvised version of the Teleport rote.

A Cold Winter - October 2014

  • Agent Winters, GotV, came to the concillium to note down shadow names, resonances, and nimbuses. She will compare these with her notes on July's incident and submit her report to the Order for judgement on those responsible.
  • Agent Winters returns with the councils verdict. Bringing certain members out of the concillium out the wards so that 'Master Archer' could apply a Geas not to cast vulgar magic in public.
  • UPDATE: A gentleman from the Regional Council, by the shadow name Geoff3, informed the concillium of the council's intention of liquidising the conillium should the number of mages not become sustainable within the next three months.
  • UPDATE: Currently recruiting mages for two projects. One regarding the Seers of Armidale. Another to deal with 'the mana thief'.

The Very Thirsty Mage - October 2014

  • The mages explored a warehouse that was suspected to be connected to The Spider.
  • They found a women whom was decapitated by a chainsaw.
  • They used Death, Mind and Time magic to view her execution.
  • They then scryed the executor using the sympathy from the murder and found he was entering the concillium hall.
  • They tried to find out information on the Spider. However, those thoughts were unmade.
  • There was a Fate effect on the laptop, which put Silhouette on edge.
  • There was also a Life and Fate effect on the mage. One with resonance 'Chandelier' and another with 'Arachnid'.
  • The mage kept asking for a glass of water.
  • Eventually they tied him down and hired the mage Dreamweaver to take the concillium mages into the executor's oneiros.
  • No one removed the Laptop from the Concillium Hall.

The Journey - November - Game 1 - 2014

  • Dreamweaver took all the Mages, except Silhouette, into the Astral Realms to investigate The Spider.
  • Upon reaching Caterpillar's Onerios the Mages were surrounded by a thriving city that contained all of Caterpillar's thoughts and memories.
  • One group discovered that the metaphor being reflected in the Astral Realm was the water that connected everything in the city.
    • From the People to the rain that scattered on the mages hairy skulls.
  • Another group traded The Forge's memory of the Abyss for a taxi ride to the memory.
  • Both groups arrived at the memory at the same time and observed The Spider give Caterpillar the ability to use his legs again. For this favor he swore allegiance to The Spider and the Seers.
    • The Forge, being the only consistent member of the Concillium, recalled that the Mage whom helped Spider was, in fact, Gary. The troubled Teen with Asperger's Syndrome that was ignored and shunned by earlier mages of the Armidale Concillium.
  • They also discovered the Seer Concillium hall was beneath 'The Real New England Banking Group'.

Treachery - November - Game 1 - 2014

  • Silhouette noticed that Dreamweaver was casting a rote onto his fellow mages.
  • As the Dreamweaver was not willing to inform Silhouette what he was casting. Silhouette took great offense and decided to take the information forcibly. This resulted in the Perfected Adept knocking Dreamweaver unconscious.
  • Silhouette also defended the other mages from The Spider's Tulpa manifestations that attacked.

KILL ALL TRENCHCOATS!!! - November - Game 2 - 2014

  • Tesla noticed that all of the Tulpa were concealed by Trenchcoats, Burqas and other assorted clothing to hide their supernatural appearance.
  • Being an Adept of the Subtle Arcana to the Iron Gauntlet, he decided that he should be able to control everyone whom wasn't made of Tulpa and force them to attack all those whom are wearing Trench Coats, or similar attire.
  • He succeeded in casting the spell and the sleepers attempted to destroy each of the Tulpa by force until they saw their true form. In which the Tulpa were, near instantaneously, Disbelieved.
    • It is believed that Tesla lost Wisdom for Mentally Dominating so many people and forcing them to commit vicious crimes against their will.

Missing Flight QF666 - November - Game 2 - 2014

  • The Mages quickly traveled to The Real New England Banking Group and prepared to attack the Seers.
  • The Compound was heavily fortified. With one of the defensive spells activating an Earthquake when the Mages approached the Hall.
    • Thankfully, Silhouette was able to stop the force effecting the city.
  • Upon travelling down to the Concillium hall the Mages noticed one mage ritual casting, The Spider and one other.
  • The Spider asked for the Tapestry and, should the Mages comply he promised to end this feud with no fatalities for either side.
  • The Armidale Concillium did not accept this offer and instead started to attack.
    • They all noticed two Space spells activate.
  • With a cloud of blinding light, the room was co-located with a passenger Aeroplane above Coffs Harbour.
  • The Spider made a final offer to the Pentacle Mages. Explaining that if they did not comply that he will kill all the sleepers on board the jet.
  • Silhouette cast an Imago of Velocity Master that froze the aeroplane perfectly still. He was able to save his fellow mages and 8 sleepers but the rest were ripped and destroyed into cloud of blood and guts as they cut against the stationary chairs and fixtures of the aircraft.
  • The Mages were sickened, some vomited at this sheer act of gore. All lost Wisdom for they would never be able to look at themselves again with respect. This was horror. Disgusting and if it wasn't for the Hubris of Mage kind, it could easily have been averted.
  • But there was no time to worry about the hundreds of innocent sleeper lives lost. The Mages noticed two Vulgar fate effects that instantly colocated the space around, and including the room and aircraft with the Pentacle Concillium Hall beneath the Library at The University of Armidale. And, the other, effect converted all matter in the room below the Bank into Propane Gas.
  • Silhouette again used forces Magic to turn off all Electrical and Fire sources inside the aircraft.
  • Everyone then quickly evacuated the room to escape the inevitable explosion that was to come.
  • All those whom were proficient enough in the Gross Arcana of the Lead Coin then worked together, to turn all matter in all 3 locations into inert gas.
  • "For days, weeks even, the News covered the Red cloud that appeared over Coffs Harbour. The Veil have since created a Cover story with the help of the Free Council's pseudoscience. The Mortals are none the wiser to any of this other than the fact the Aeroplane disappeared. But does this make the Mages feel any better? I dare say not. These Mages have scarred their souls in protection of the Fate of Armidale, which we all know is an invaluable Artifact... Given the Mystical Significance of the Rural City surely this warrants them release from their Geas?" - Icarus speaking in favor of the Armidale Concillium to the Regional Council.

Season One – The Age of Reason

"Ok, look, there's all these strange things going on. I'm just going to note down a few things that we should probably look into. I don't catch everything that happens, so you'll need to update this yourselves." -Seeker7 1980-2013

The Vault

The old concillium vault was guarded by a spirit bound by Carter. The new concillium raided the vault and took everything that was there. The empty vault now remains below the library. Entry to the vault also requires knowledge of the secret passage into the concillium.

Astral/Abyssal Mirror

This was a pathway to an Abyssal labyrinth that snaked through Armidale. It was full of strange things - endless deserts, cinemas with giant tentacles, elevators to the sky, otherworldly tube maps. The Armidale mages walked the abyssal path backwards to destroy it, and now the mirror is a physical portal to the local astral space. It seems to react to the thoughts of whoever is touching it. The Mirror is in the possession of Mr Krip who has created a basic ward to stop anybody on either side from noticing the portal.

The Anomaly

  • A mirrored hole in reality. Leads to a place outside of time, space, not connected to anything magically.
  • Walking inside it makes you gain the attention of what can only be described as 'Abyssal reality-eating bees'.
  • There are multiple anomalies in the rubble of the collapsed mine, and they are growing...

The Murder of Seeker7

  • The Age of Reason tacitly confirmed they were the cause.
  • The Hierarch was shot in the head twice to confirm his death, just as Seeker7 had figured out something important about the Age of reason.
  • The assassin was a robotic entity with a magically-powered railgun. It walked into a dumpster and fell apart.
  • Attributed to the AoR. No action is being taken against them.

Wyrd Things Shipment

  • A shipment of strange occult items arrived in the concillium, with supplies having been ordered by deceased concillium members.
  • The address of the shop is in the CBD of Armidale.
  • Many of the items in the shop had or have a significant role to play in the fate of the local area.
  • Owned by a Mr Low-Key, a mortal with a 'mysterious fate energy' about him.

Infinite Recursion Error

  • Mages who knew Seeker7 have been messaged from a strange pseudo-robotic entity.
  • Give it information that is not in it's database and it will answer any query you have in return, assuming it relates to the physical world.
  • IRE is/are part of the University court.
  • IRE (or something like it) is branching into radio.

Night of the Living Trollies - Regional event June 2013
All the trollies in Armidale became alive and raided shops, particularly food shops, and carried the goods off into the night. The trollies themselves originated from some other plain of existence (OOC: the Hedge), and had the fates living beings 'sewn' onto them. These trollies made bleating noises like sheep, and seemed to feel pain. A small number of the trollies were 'wrong', and covered in grey spores. See Zombie Mold below.

Cats in hats? - June 2013

  • A cat wearing a cat-sized mailman's hat was seen using the secret entrance to the concillium in June 2013, delivering a poorly-written, vaguely-threatening, poem to the concillium.
  • Local cats are unnaturally intelligent. There is no change to their biology or spirit, only their minds. Their 'potential' has been unlocked, and there is rumour of psychic powers and feline conspiracies.
  • FriskyWhiskers1974?
  • Lazarus was the subject of this poem, and has been threatened with a duel/magical war by Carter over actions in their shared neighborhood.

Return of the Old Gods - The King In Yellow - August 2013

  • The incarnation of Bast manifested in the Theatre of Dawn and Dusk as they finished a special showing of The King In Yellow.
  • At the same time, a creature of abject horror manifested in Armidale Belgrave Cinema. Only Lazarus knows what happened, everyone else fled in fear and were unable to recall what they saw.
  • Bast appeared to draw every waking human being into the Temenos, where many of them fell under how power and started worshiping her. The worship quickly turned into an orgy. Several elderly and frail theatre goers died of exhaustion as a result.
  • Entropy, a new mage in town, seduced/was seduced by Bast during the orgy. Nothing bad can come of this.
  • 'Cultists' in robes with a rising sun were outside the theatre, leading the...festivities.
  • Several Mages encountered Odin Duskbringer in the shared dream. He was identified as another supernatural, but he suggested it was in their best interests that they do not share information with each other or follow him into his own dream. He did suggest they could find their way out of the dream by finding their own Oneiroi, however.

The Lady Bast

  • Some sort of incarnation of the Egyptian goddess Bast resides in the dreams of Armidale.
  • Entropy is one of her favourite dream-consorts, he doesn't get much restful sleep.
  • She did however, protect him from the hydra dreams that had blighted Armidale.
  • Norse Gods Odin and Loki visited Bast this month bringing gifts.

The Dream Army - September 2013

  • Residents of the city of Armidale had been blighted by dreams of dragons and hyrdas, spitting poison and filth that would leave the dreamer drained when they woke up.
  • Dream army consisting of a hundreds of Cossacks, dozens of Vikings and Mafia enforcers, and a handful of lions, rampaged through the dreams of Armidale residents, killing every single serpent and hydra and nightmare before departing for ...Brisbane?
  • The Mages has no explanation for these events (though fate suggests a link to the theatre of Dusk and Dawn).

'Necrocheese' Zombie Mold - September 2013

  • Lethal infection that kills its victims and animates their bodies as shambling corpses.
  • Controlling fungus can be directly attacked using life magic while the corpse can be destroyed physically by any number of means.
  • Confined to an abandoned goldmine shaft North of Armidale.
  • Found on magically animated trolleys that attacked the shops of Armidale in July 2013. These trolleys were clearly 'sick'. They were disposed of with fire. Icy Mechanics resonance was NOT found on the trolleys, unlike the infected zombies in the mine.
  • The abandoned mineshaft was assaulted by a combined force of local and visiting mages. The front line force delved deeply into the tunnels but were forced to seek another path to the epicentre of the infectious material when stage 3 infected corpses used the blast numina against them. They retreated and took a spirit road into the Shadow, where they discovered several things...
  • The shadow of the mine contains an enormous serpentine spirit that sleeps coiled around a locus.
  • A large 'heart like' mass of infected fiber lay at the bottom of the mine, with hundreds of zombies.
  • With the mine collapsed the source of infection has been cut off.

A REAL Concillium - October 2013

  • The concillium was visited by a retinue from Brisbane and Toowoomba.
  • A communication breakdown almost caused half of mages, exploring the abandoned mine shaft, to be killed in a gas explosion organised by the other half.
  • The destruction of the primary infection source of Necrocheese in an abandoned mine shaft is the concillium's first major victory.
  • With the major positions filled and significant representation at a national gathering, Armidale concillium is known, if not respected, as an independent entity.

The Master Vampire - October 2013

  • Carter storms into the Concillium demanding action over the 'flying saucer' incident:
  • After being frustrated over the inaction, Carter storms out to do it herself. Determined to follow her, the concillium muster themselves and track her to PLC (the all girls school and residence of the Harald Gille)
  • Carter is wracked by indecision over what to do, but makes up her mind when the concillium arrive - to kill the Master Vampire in an attempt to free it's slaves that caused these atrocities.
  • Harald's thread of fate is removed from the tapestry as Mort and Carter bring him Final Death.

An Established Concillium

  • The concillium had another major victory in killing the 'Master Vampire'.
  • At least until the consequences are apparent.
  • The Forge made good judgements a showed a dedication to the path of Wisdom with regard to spell-use.
  • The Age of Reason problem is an issue still in progress
  • Jereld was formally removed from the concillium. He poses a significant threat.

Wolves at the Door - November 2013

  • The local werewolves have located the concillium and are holding them to task over Carter's exploitation of spirits.
  • The mages have a week to resolve the situation.
  • Carter was last seen in her house, but has put up warded bans to prevent access.
  • The same werewolves are dealing with the vampires as well, perhaps over the same issue?

A troubled concillium - December 2013

  • The Carter issue was creating dissent in the concillium.
  • At least two groups had their own plan to deal with Carter, independently of the others.
  • Carter's activities stopped and she disappeared.

Carter - December 2013

  • Carter is mentally unstable after her imprisonment inside the mirror and watching the other concillium members descend into the abyssal maze before disappearing.
  • Carter is a blood relative of the shapechanger that entered the astral mirror and of The Cowboy. They all share the same physical malady - looking undernourished.
  • Carter has her own spirit court of shadow spirits, which she administrates from her own house in Invergowrie.
  • Carter declared she had an issue with the mage Lazarus, because he was killing stray cats in their shared neighbourhood. Lazarus has agreed to stop this behaviour and the matter is considered settled for the time being.
  • Carter somehow used a spirit court to infiltrate the Vampire court and obtain information that leads to the concillium killing Prince Harald.

Mr Krip is providing ongoing psychological counselling to Carter and attempting to diffuse the situation.

  • Carter departed this world in December 2013 via an impossible train in a 'subway' in Armidale and has not been seen since.

A Season of Illusion - December 2013

  • A Japanese shrine has been seen on the outskirts of Armidale
  • Casper, The Forge's familiar, brought in a fox spirit bound in a piece of paper written in hand-drawn kanji.
  • History repeats itself?
  • Fox spirits are manifesting at children with large bushy moustaches. They are actively playing tricks on the concillium.
  • The Forge was invited to a strange wedding of Fox spirits in the Shadow by his familliar. He and his son received a magical parasol as a gift.
  • The fox spirits have departed Armidale. Again.

Theatre of Horrors - December 2013

  • Another 'godly' manifestation occured at the Theatre and the cinema once again. This manifestation had clear parallels to the 'Bast' incident six months ago, but no god/goddess was seen and no one fell asleep. Instead, the whole of Armidale suffered the effects of mild illness and paralysing horror.
  • The concillium investigated the cinema and the Theatre of Dusk and Dawn (mid approval pending before I update this more)
  • The mages determined that the theatre, run by 'Odin', are all supernatural with unknown powers,
  • Odin thought it would be 'hilarious in a bad way' if the mages were to enter their 'soul-shredding hedge maze'
  • The mages DID manage to learn that the METZ was represented as a star in this strange hedge-reality, just like the Shadow. The mages then left peaceably.
  • These supernaturals share the same sort of 'strange energy' as the shopkeeper in Wyrd Things.

Crazy Train - December 2013

  • Carter invited the concillium to her 'home/territory'
  • Her house was unwarded and full of soil. There was a tunnel spiralling into the ground
  • At the bottom of the tunnel was an impossible place - a tube station seemingly from an alternate history. There were drink cups, newspapers, vending machines and chocolate wrappers suggesting that Australia had been taken over by Japan and influenced by Nazi Germany. The taint of the Abyss was ever present. Everything seemed to have 'passed through the Abyss' and was not 'of the Abyss' decided the mages.
  • The mages talked amongst themselves, proposing alternate histores, the fluid nature of reality if there were alternate reality versions of themselves. There were little answers to be found...
  • As they approached the platform, Carter spoke to them seemingly over the intercom, telling them they were right in the musings and that she had a train to catch.
  • The strange blue-white lights all turned off as a dark train approached the platform. It departed, probably with Carter, for an unknown destination.

The Center Cannot Hold - Febuary 2014

  • The concillium have reclaimed the ruined secret library floors. Repairs are complete.

Icy Mechanics Resonance

  • It was everywhere until the Era of Providence was destroyed.
  • It was on the Abyssal Mirror, it was in the mine full of zombies, it's was over the Age of Reason lab.
  • All mages in the AoR seem to have the 'Icy Mechanics' resonance, somehow.
  • It has been linked to the death of the previous concillium at every turn.

Mr Krip and Arran have found the astral reflection of the Age of Reason and the source of the resonance.

  • The source of the resonance, a fate-manipulation entity called the Era of Providence, has been destroyed.

The End of an Era - March 2014

  • The Icy Mechanics resonance has started to fade, and the weave of fate has been released.
  • The Concillium journeyed to the Temenos to try and figure out what happened.
  • They found a sarcophagus full of mercury, with an unidentified 'corpse' inside. Using death magic, they questioned the entity
  • The 'Era of Providence', the fate manipulation device used by the Age of Reason, had contained some eldrich creature whose astral 'body' they had discovered.
  • It named itself only by its titles, "The Clockwork Fabricator, the Icy Manipulator, The Destroyer of cities, and the Era of Providence"
  • The entity revealed that the only way to stop the ultimate destruction of Armidale was to 'stop the phoenix from rising'

The Age of Reason - March 2014

  • The Age of Reason HQ has been destroyed.

The Frozen Tapestry - In Tatters - March 2014

  • Causality briefly broke in Armidale as the weave of fate unravelled. Chains of random events took place, seemingly unrelated to each other.
  • Much like a city-wide Storm of Crows spell, no sleepers witnessed anything they couldn't justify away.
  • The front of Daedalus Biotechnology exploded in a massive fireball.
  • Under the ruins of the Daedalus Biotechnology was a labyrinth of twisted space and dangerous clockwork creations.
  • The head of the Age of Reason, Charles Montgomery, was glimpsed putting shards of a torn tapestry into the break room microwave and running.
  • The Forge reclaimed the torn, lukewarm tapestry shards and repaired them, stopping the chaotic storm of events plaguing Armidale. The knitting needles The Forge used were infused with a powerful destiny as a result.
  • The location of the Tapestry, apparently a representation of the fate of Armidale, is now hidden.