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The Armidale Court

It was the most stable court in Australia, having had the same prince for almost 140 years. Until Harald Gille was assassinated, during the day, in his EXTREMELY secure haven.

Since then a run of prince's have held the throne including Esteban Cortes who ruled for a period of 2 years between 2013 and 2015 before entering Voluntary Torpor.

Current Court Positions

Prince: Fabian Bainbridge
Seneschal: Annabelle Lee
Sheriff: ?
Hound: Albert Bramage
Prince's Harpy: Tempest
Keeper of Elysium: Angela Deathe

The Primogen Council:
The term Primogen denotes a Kindred of age and/or power, of good standing in the court. The Primogen act as adviser to the Prince of the city. Traditionally decisions made by the Primogen Council are done by a vote after a session of discussion/politicking. The membership has always been and of an odd number, and no member may abstain from a vote, so that a majority can be reached on every vote.

Members of the Court

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Character Covenant Clan House/Bloodline Est. Position City Status Player
Ainsley Unaligned Mekhet -  ???? - 1 -
Aksel Vinter Circle of the Crone Gangrel Valdyr 2004 Presumed Eclipsed 1 Joel G
Albert Bramage Invictus Nosferatu -  ???? Hound 2 NPC
Alder Wolfgang Carthian Movement Ventrue -  ???? - 1 Max H
Alexandro Grimm Ordo Dracul Mekhet House Grimm  ???? - 1 -
Alim Al Rashid Lancea Sanctum Mekhet - 2013 - 1 Conrad
Angela Deathe Ordo Dracul Nosferatu -  ???? - 1 Bianca
Annabelle Lee Invictus Ventrue - 2015 Seneschal 2 Anzhelika
Arthur McDonnelley Ordo Dracul Mekhet House Grimm 2016 Missing presumed hung 1 Joel H
Bertrand Hills Ordo Dracul Gangrel Valdyr 2008 - 3 Kris
Charlie Dalton Unaligned Deava House Penthièvre 2016 - 0 Kat
Cosima Penthivere Invictus Deava -  ???? - 3 Kayla
Edan Nightchild Circle of the Crone Daeva House Silver Thorn 2012 - 2 Sam
Edward Miles Carthian Movement Ventrue -  ???? Carthian Primagion 2 Ryan
Emanuelle Riese De Boufoer Circle of the Crone Deava -  ???? Priscus of the Deava 2 Shannyn
Eurenos Blackwood Ordo Dracul Mekhet -  ???? - 1 Micheal T
Gregory Homes Invictus Nosferatu  ? 1994 Keeper of Elysium 3 Matthew S
Fabian Bainbridge Invictus Daeva House Penthièvre 2015 Prince 5 Mat Gailey
Ichobod Crane Circle of the Crone Nosferatu -  ???? Hirophant of the Crone 2 Indy
Karlin Lancea Sanctum Mekhet - 2014 - 3 Kat
Lilith Grimm Invictus Mekhet House Grimm 1955 - 1 Libby
Marquerite Ordu Dracul Ventrue Pendragon 1874 Prisci Harpy 3 Shannon
Samuel Parker Carthian Movement Gangrel - 1962 - 2 NPC
Tempest Invictus Nosferatu -  ???? Prince's Harpy 3 Sarah
Thea Ordo Dracul Mekhet -  ???? - 1 -
Victoria Low Carthian Movement Ventrue - 2015 - 1 NPC
Ethan Suffins Circle of the Crone Nosferatu Regnant - Ichobod Crane 2001 Ghoul 0 Joel H


LogoDaeva 70x70.png LogoGangrel 70x70.png LogoNosferatu 70x70.png LogoMekhet 70x70.png LogoVentrue 70x70.png

Laws of the Court

  • Destruction: Destruction of one acknowledge by the Praxis shall be considered an attack on the Praxis and will be dealt with in kind.
  • Progeny: Those created without the prince's expressed permission will be killed on sight.
  • Hospitality: The crimes of the guest will be laid at the feet of the host.
  • Territory: All territory is owned by the Praxis, but stewardship is granted to individuals for service to the Praxis.
  • Feeding: To feed in the Territory or herd of another will be considered an attack upon the rightful owner.
  • Strangers: Those not acknowledged by the Praxis are not protected by it unless they seek the Hospitality of a member of Court.
  • Revelation: To reveal the powers or weaknesses of the kindred to 'others' shall be considered an attack on the Praxis and will be punished accordingly
  • Pestilence: Those for whom the kiss spreads pestilence, the final mercy shall be granted.
  • Anthema: To trespass upon those sites named "Anthema" shall be considered an attack on the Praxis and will be punished accordingly.
  • Amaranth & Drugar: Those that succumb will be granted the final mercy.

Current Non-Court Positions

The Prisci
Daeva Priscus:
Gangrel Priscus: Samuel Parker
Mekhet Priscus: Karlin
Nosferatu Priscus: Gregory Homes
Ventrue Priscus: Edward Miles

People's Harpy: Marquerite


Known Information

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News/Events Landmarks/Anthema
Current Rumours Recent History
Feeding Territories Armidale Timeline

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Status & Boons

Status is a monolithic political regime that all, no matter their personal station, status or desires is forced to abide by, it is also the mechanic for both privilege and accountability (IC and OOC). The higher your status, the more respect and influence you hold, but the higher standard you are held to. Remember that betrayal of the status group Clan/Covenant/City is always a level 1 sin IF YOU ARE CAUGHT.

At Creation You start with 4 points to split amongst your Clan and Covenant a 3/1 split shows where your priorities and loyalties lie, 2/2 means you are walking the tightrope between two masters.

City Status Will be assigned at creation for those starting at the commencement of the Chronicle. Late starters will begin at 0.
Alternate words or status are used in conjunction with certain positions.

- Unacknowledged \ Fair-Game, Patsy, Dead meat
O Acknowledged
OO Recognised
OOO Valued \ Feared(Scourge) \ Knowledgeable(Harpy)
OOOO Respected \ Devoted(Seneschal) \ Trusted(Sheriff)
OOOOO Admired (Prince)
OOOOOO Exalted (Prince and Ascendant/Eminent)
OOOOOOO Flawless (Prince, Ascendant and Eminent)
These alternates reflect the nature of the kindred's standing in the court.

O Visitor (a properly introduced visitor given protection of the court)
OO Respected Visitor (a properly introduced visitor, of Respected status in their own region)
OOO Admired Visitor (a properly introduced visitor, of Admired status in their own region)
OOOO Exalted Visitor (a properly introduced visitor, of Exalted or Flawless status in their own region)

Last Major Update 19 January 2016