Astraia Van de Berg

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Astraia Van de Berg
Tribe: Storm Lords
Auspice: Rahu
City: Forster-Tuncurry
Lodge: No lodge
Pack: Four Points
Spirit Rank
Purity ••
Player: Cynthia Ostuni
Storyteller: Forsaken Southern Cross Forster-Tuncurry VST
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Personal Information


6'5, with pale skin black hair, and grey eyes. Weighs around 215 pounds, and has a very fit physique. Has more muscles than the average woman. Usually has her hair in elaborate braids, and sports a scar on the left side of her neck, running from the bottom of her jaw, to her collar bone. Has a couple of tattoos, the triangles of Odin, a band of Celtic knots, viking tribal Jormungandr and a viking tribal wolf. Hair is long, dark, and curly, with natural white (not grey) streaks.


Loud, boisterous, and overly friendly. Compassionate and loyal, but has a short fuse, and a nasty temper. Loves to fight, drink, and party. Generally a lot of fun, and can be described as a 'mom' friend, if not the hot mess of the group.



Information Known by Forsaken Society

Just moved to the country, Esmee's cousin, MMA fighter, owns a were-friendly gym, currently a lone wolf

Information known by mortal society

Well known MMA fighter, has 4 draws, and one loss, with dozens of wins. She was born in Miami, Florida, and is 26 years old. Proud of her Dutch, and Viking heritage. Daughter of two immigrants. Most of her public life is known by mortal society, as she's famous. Her Walk out song is I came to play by Downstait.


  • 1992- Born, given to her pack shortly after birth.
  • 1997- Starts school, and starts taking martial arts classes
  • 2002- Tenth birthday, starts entering martial arts competitions, starts seeing her parents on a regular basis
  • 2003- Retains national ranks in martial arts
  • 2008- Turns sixteen, her alpha gives her the locket she always wears
  • 2010- Graduates high school, turns 18, signs on as an MMA fighter
  • 2012- Before her 20th birthday goes through her first change, joins her clan, leaves her pack after the new Alpha runs her off
  • 2015- Experiences her first, and only loss in her fighting career
  • 2018- Announces she's moving to the AFC MMA, upsetting a lot of her fans, moves to Australia after obtaining work visa

Recent Events

Obtained work visa, moved to Australia, Joined Four Points, left BE, took Cayden as her mate, recently joined Fortitude's Favor


Quotes By

Quotes About

  • "She's family, what more can I say?" - Esmee
  • "Aia is... fascinating. A Viking Amazon with wounds from the past that if she heals them right will make her one of the strongest motherfuckers I know." - Lena Faulkner
  • "Forsaken society has let Aia down. Her strength is paired with with a vulnerability and almost reluctance to be a part again. It's not a weakness, though- not unless she lets it become one. I hope that doesn't happen, and that nothing happens to dim the lightning in her eyes" - Sunny Faulkner
  • "Aia's great value - she's strong without being hard, and that's not an easy thing to be. But more than that, she recognises and encourages the strengths in those around her while respecting their limits without shaming them. And that especially is pretty damn rare" - Tabitha Kelly
  • "Aia, I mean wow.. She will probably never tire of kicking my ass, she is incredible in a fight.. I watch her on Pay Per View when ever I can. But beneath the shield maiden viking ass kicker, she is just as fragile as the rest of us a true sign of luna's balance. Pretty gorgeous too. " - John Rivers
  • "You would be forgiven for thinking of Aia as invulnerable. She is free with her strength, considerate of her limitations, and her greatest strength: she can admit she was wrong. She has taught me much of being Rahu" Bjorn Jansen
  • "Her greatest fight won't be on the battlefield but the one she fights against every single day, overcoming her personal barriers and tragedies. If she wins against that one, and learns the lesson of what it means to be what she really is, no one will stop her. Our truest forms are when we accept every aspect, every trait, both the good and the bad. Only then will her moon be full. - Cayden Smith
  • "Seriously just a giant mass of cuddles. Incredibly sweet. Wonderful person to lean on when in need." Marishka


"Quote" - reference


  • "10/10 - would fuck again" - Anonymous
  • Has not had a haircut since her first change

Inspirations and Soundtrack

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Domain: Southern Cross