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VSS: Congress of the Damned
Map of Austin

Austin Requiem Basics

  • Mood: Power is a Curse
  • Themes:
    • Kindred are ruled by and through the Blood
    • Existence is Pain
    • Progress requires bold Action

The Court


  • Prince: Samuel Gray, Ordo/Invictus Mekhet
  • Sheriff: Currently Vacant

The Primogen:

The current Prince rules with the advice of the local leaders of the Covenants.

The Prisci:

Though not a formal council, these are the recognized local elders or leaders of each Clan.

The Covenants and other Power Groups within the City

The Invictus

  • How the mighty have fallen. Once undisputed rulers of Austin, they rule now only through the merit of Marriage to the new Prince.
  • With the departure, both willing and unwilling, of several key Invictus, the Covenant appears to have reached its nadir.
  • The other Covenants still remember the threat of War the surrounding cities promised should a Gray not sit on the Throne of Austin.
  • The Invictus have been granted 3 dots of Domain
  • Invictus of Austin

The Ordo Dracul

  • The Covenant of the Prince, though he is also of the Invictus through marriage.
  • The Ordo has several Wyrm’s Nests, though perhaps not enough enough members to maintain them all.
  • The Ordo have been granted 5 dots of Domain
  • Austin Ordo Dracul Academy

The Carthian Movement

  • The Carthians have always supported the Prince of Austin... no matter who claims the title.
  • Through shrewd deals the Carthians have secured from the Praxis the autonomy of their territory. Though still beholden to the Praxis, for all intents and purposes, their territory is their own.
  • The Carthians have been granted 4 dots of Domain
  • Austin Carthians

The Circle of the Crone

  • Having fought to achieve parity with the other Covenants, they now hold an equal seat at the Primogen Council.
  • Though 'a' leader of the Crone advises the Prince, there are rumors of challenges to the position of Heirophant.
  • The Circle have been granted 3 dots of Domain
  • Austin's Circle of the Crone

The Lancea et Sanctum

  • Without a representative on the Primogen Council, little is known of them. Even their numbers are but a guess.
  • The Lancea have been granted 4 dots of Domain


  • When an Elder Gangrel "requests" territory, it is granted.
  • Nicolai holds 2 dots of Domain


  • Formerly known as the Baron of South Congress, he has fallen out of favor with the Praxis, and his once stalwart allies seem to have evaporated like smoke.
  • Always having a trick up his sleeve, Santiago continues to hold on to his territory, though some question how.
  • Santiago has been granted 5 dots of Domain

The Prince

  • Prince's Run is the an area controlled directly by the Prince, and holds 4 dots of Domain

The Populace

Character Covenant Clan House Clan Status Covenant Status City Status Player
Samuel Gray Ordo Dracul / Invictus Mekhet House of Gray / House of Ba 3 2 / 3 5 Matthew M.
Gideon Chadwick Ordo Dracul / Carthian Movement Mekhet House of Ba 2 3 / 2 2 Daniel T.
Allen Smithee Carthian Movement Ventrue 2 5 3 James H.
Blair Circle of the Crone Nosferatu 1 3 2 Jeannie S.
Nicolai Unaligned Gangrel 3 - 2 Justin W.
Taisha Wolfe Ordo Dracul Mekhet House of Ba 2 3 2 Terry B.
Sir Remus Invictus / Circle of the Crone Ventrue 1 1 / 0 1 Kyle B.
Richard Pike Circle of the Crone Daeva 1 1 1 Matt M.
Violet Williams Carthian Movement Ventrue 1 1 1 Chelsea R.
Cybelle Gray Invictus Ventrue House of Gray 2 2 2 NPC
Santiago Muñoz Unaligned Daeva 1 - 1 NPC
Mr. Retro Unaligned - - - - Brandon S.

Population Notes

  • With a population of just under 950,000 humans, Austin its surrounding areas can only sustain so many Kindred. It is for this reason that the creation of a new Kindred must be authorized by the Prince, whether the act itself is done within or without the Domain.
  • Having recently completed a census of the Domain, the Prince announced the following numbers publicly:
    • Within the Praxis of Austin, there are 48* Kindred. (8 PCs)
    • This includes the estimated 11 Lancea et Sanctum who as of this time have not responded to the Prince’s census.
  • There are 30 points of Domain distributed throughout the Praxis of Austin, with roughly half of all Feeding Grounds currently unclaimed.
    • The Rack, as a note, is neither Domain nor Feeding Grounds, but simply public hunting grounds.
  • Covenants are intended as the mechanism for political power, while Clans are intended as a source of long term plans and plots.

Local Peculiarities