Australian 2.0 Requiem Lancea et Sanctum Saeptum

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Laneca et Sanctum of Australia

On Tradition

'That with the power of Damnation comes limitation. The Damned hide among those who still enjoy God's mercy, making themselves known only to exemplify fear and cull the unrepentant. The Damned shall make none of their own from the repentant, for such is a judgement of soul that is the purview only of God. (Gol 1:7)'

'To take a soul must, therefore, be nearly irresistible. To make oneself more potent, more brilliant, more charismatic, with no effort from yourself seems heavenly in its effortlessness. Know, however, that such things can be seen by God and other Kindred, who will undoubtedly turn their hatred upon your sloth and pride. (Gol 5:7) '

'Woe unto the Kindred who takes the soul of a fallen enemy. (Teachings of Longinus 4) '

The Lancea et Sanctum set out the three Traditions as they stand tonight. Above all else, the traditions are to be upheld. Beyond the three great Traditions, we hold that tradition is the core and stability of our society; that without stability we devolve to anarchy and chaos, which is closely followed by holocaust and genocide. We support those who maintain kindred society, chief among them the Conspiracy of Silence who have enforced the traditions since the fall of the Camarilla. 'We retain the Saepta as the core around which the faithful of the First Estate may form, one for each tradition and the last to protect this world from the others. '

Keepers of Knowledge

There is power in age; our blood tells this. The relics of ages also hold power for good and evil. We keep that the Lancea et Sanctum is the proper guardian and preservers of knowledge, artefacts and antiquities; 'and prevent such power from falling into the hands of those who would abuse it. We hunt all knowledge and record them in our libraries; we must hunt all relics and bring them home to our holds. Although, while it is better to destroy such power, as we did the Camarilla than to see it corrupted and abused, the destruction of knowledge is an obscenity that are unrecoverable. '

The Canaille

'It is not the duty of the Sanctified to nourish the souls of mortals, but only to be nourished by their Vitae. (Gol 9:23) '
'We are the shepherds of the Lord, and in our presence, just the faithful do not tremble. We are holy lightning, and when we strike, only the faithful do not burn. Where we walk, evil is defeated. (Gol 1:4) '
We drive the canaille to God through punishment and fear. Kindred are the wolves who keep the fold; the dark gifts of our damnation are in trust t for that purpose. We drive the sheep to God so that their souls may not be lost. We test the sheep so that the flock may be worthy. We ravage the weak who stray so that the herd may remain strong.

The Kindred

'It is the will of God that we yet walk, even after death, for we are his messengers to Kindred and men. (Gol 1:4)'
As God damns us, our damnation serves a higher purpose than ourselves. Those among the kindred who ravage the sheep with no thought to purpose still serve but are not of our concern. 'They are as goats, unruly and childish in their depredations, and from the elders to the laity, we are to stand apart from their folly with the dignity of age. ' We, therefore, do not seek leadership among them, 'but always aim to be the power beside their leaders' thrones that guides them as tradition dictates.'

The Saeptum

The First Saeptum: the Lucien Institute
The Second Saeptum: St Henry’s House
The Third Saeptum: (name lost - colloq. Nameless, or Pilgrims)
The Fourth Saeptum: Eustachius Abbey