Beyond the Sunset Approval Document

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Beyond the Sunset Approval Document

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Low Approval ST:
Mid Approval ST:
High Approval ST:
Top Approval ST:
Global Approval ST:

1) Detail the item you are applying for

Include all relevant information.
eg. Book title and page number, complete write-up of custom mechanic or item etc, and the section of the Addendum that defines what approval level this item is.

2) Explain why you want the item in question

This should generally explain what this approval contributes and how it enhances the game.

ST Comments

Detail if the item is approved, if there are any conditions that are to be placed on the approval, or the reasons why the approval has been denied.
When passing an approval to the next ST in an approval chain, the ST must CC the applicant to notify them that their approval has been approved and that it has progressed to the next level.
The ST must attach the character sheet and history (if applicable) when escalating an approval.

Low ST

Mid ST

High ST

Top ST

Global ST


ByLaws 5.3 (Due Process) details that an ST should send the applicant an email to acknowledge receipt of their special approval within 48 hours of receiving it, and that a response of yes, no, or a request for more information should be given to the applicant and all previous STs within two weeks of receiving the application.
If an applicant does not receive a response within this time, the applicant should send a reminder email to the ST in question. If no response is received for a further week, the applicant should escalate immediately to the next ST in the approval chain.


If an approval is successful, the approving ST should send a notification email to the applicant and each ST below them with the approval number and any special conditions.
If an approval is denied, the denying ST should send a notification email to the applicant and each ST in the player’s chain with the reason(s) the approval has been denied.