Big Panda

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Big Panda
Concept: Unknown
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••
Consilium: Southern Cross
Legacy Perfected Adepts
Cabal: The Southern Parapet
Player: L Cox
Storyteller: [mailto: Southern Cross VST]
Those who laugh at it today, Will proudly wear it tomorrow.
...And a single bell tolls, as whispers of angels echo across all the realms...

Quick facts

Born: February 1981, Hastings UK
Age: 36
Rank: Disciple
Titles/Memberships: Owner and Instructor at "Big Panda's Tai-Chi and Boxing Club.
Various nicknames and aliases: Big Panda, Colin Pope, Dad.
Physical description: 214cm tall (6ft 10), weighing in at 116Kg, built like a tank on legs.
Nimbus: A shock wave travels out from the caster as he immediately seems to grow even larger in size. A single bell tolls out in the distance as the hushed whispers of angelic voices talk amongst themselves.
A few droplets of blood land by his feet, like a nosebleed from an unseen target. (TILT: +1 Strength, -1 Composure)

Known in the Sleeper world

Many sleepers attend classes for Tai-Chi, Boxing or other fitness and health related programs run at Big Pandas Gym. He is a former strong-man competitor, weight-lifter, and has appeared in multiple Mens Health and Men's Fitness issues from a few years back, as well as newspapers up and down the east coast. Known throughout the local boxing and fitness scene.

Provides an in-house Physiotherapy service to his gym members.


This background is here for background connection uses only, and is considered OOC knowledge unless agreed with player. Rough Background

  • Born 1981
  • Awakens 2001, during his wedding ceremony to Nephilim
  • Adopts a son, Alistair.

Important People


My Wife, My Love, My greatest achievement. We awoke together. It was our wedding day. not often you get to watch the most beautiful woman, your future wife walk down the Aisle to a literal chorus of angels. Y'all know why she's smiling.


Fight Night or, How Circe and Panda met.

Quotes, Rumours And Conversations

Quotes By

Quotes about

"The pair of them have the kind of relationship I always dreamed of, as a kid. A modern fairytale."
- Janice, on Launceston's power couple.
"Noodle Boy's history is a pretty epic story to be honest, he was raised by a single father who ran a noodle shop...."
- Rifling, on Big Panda's history.
"He's the best Arrow in Launceston. That doesn't mean he should lead them... but if the rest of the Talons were like him, Launceston would never know fear of its enemies."
-Thoth's quieter musings.
"One of my longest friends. I trust his council, his training and trust him to have my back when it comes to the crunch, which is has. You know I let him drop a building on me once right?"
- Circe
"Big Panda is really great. Like really really great. He's like the cool older brother you always wished you had."
- Medea
"They say the wedding day is the happiest day in a girls life. But I am not so sure. I remember the moment my heart fluttered with joy so far out of my chest that I almost fainted. He had just finished one of his boxing matches with the other boys at school, he was bloody, sweaty, and oh so gorgeous. He saw me looking at him, took my hand and whispered in my ear that he wanted to take me out for a milkshake. It wasn't those exact words of course, it was another of his silly puns. But it didn't matter because I knew he'd finally noticed me the way I wanted him to."
- Nephilim fondly telling Medea about the first time she and Panda had gone on a date.


Panda: "All I'm saying is I could get rid of this pillar and it would adjust the attitude of the whole space"
Circe: "No. I'm not letting you remodel my bar."
Panda: "Why, I let you remodel my face.."

Panda and Circe upon his arrival to Launceston, and the Cock and Crown


  • Pretty sure Circe gave him the black eye.
    • It was 2 black eyes actually.
      • He dropped a building on her the first time he met her.
        • Fair trade.
  • 116kg of fun.
    • His body is a punderland.
  • His proudest achievement is his wife.
    • Pretty sure hers is marrying him too.
      • I just want to cuddle them both and feed them pho all day.
  • Real name is Po and he grew up in his adopted fathers noodle shop

Inspirations and Soundtrack



Big Pandas Tai-Chi and Boxing Club

This Gym is my Church. When you come here, when you pray at my altar, you best do it with respect, or you will quickly find yourself unwelcome among a parish of very-heavy hitters.


Members List

Big Panda owns and operates a Fighting and fitness gym, where he spends most of his waking hours. many of the Mages in the city have memberships, if you want to be added to the list, ping me in discord or email me :)

Member Information
Player: Luke Cox
Number: 2013030010
Domain: Canberra/SoX