Bjørn Olsen

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Bjørn Olsen
Concept: Hunter, Teacher and wanderer
Tribe: Hunter in Darkness
Auspice: Irraka
City: Southern Cross
Lodge: None
Pack: Fortitudes Favour
Spirit Rank •••
Cunning •••
Honor ••
Purity ••••
Player: Kyle
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST
Bjørn Olsen


Name: Bjørn Olsen

Deed Name:

First Change:

At the Tender age of 12 Bjørn and his friends were exploring an abandoned warehouse that they had broken into, while they were there a creature rushed out of the darkness and started picking the group off one by one, all Bjørn could hear were the screams of his friends as he tried to find them, when he couldn't he ran for the exit only to find it barred and one of his friends dead at the door. Bjørn rushed to find a place to hide and while he did all he could hear were the screams of his dying friends. There was silence and the door to the room he was hiding in slowly creaked open and all he saw was the beady little eyes of some sort of rat man.

Age: 68 - Born 5/5/1950

Pack: Fortitudes Favour


Appearance: Bjørn Olsen has long silver/grey hair, mid length trimmed beard, 5’8”, 90kg, Tanned skin, looks around late 60’s. He has many scars covering his body the most notable one being down his right arm that looks like a shark bite. He always wears long track pants with either a short or long sleeve top depending on the heat, his clothes all look well worn with his boots being very roughed up

Notable Traits:

IC Stuff


  • 1950 - Born in Perth
  • 1962 - Had his first change
  • 1963 - Hunted his first Beshilu
  • 1964 - Joined his first Pack around the Perth area
  • 1967 - On a journey into the city his pack died and he just managed to escape with his life
  • 1968 - Went to Germany for a year
  • 1971 - Hunted His first Azlu
  • 1972 - Went to New Zealand and worked on sheep farms
  • 1974 - Spent the year in Tazmania working
  • 1975 - Went to Spain
  • 1976 - Went to Greece and Rome
  • 1977 - Spent 2 years in the Alpine National Park
  • 1979 - Spent some time travelling NSW staying in Tamworth for a couple of months
  • 1980 - Went to the Iron Triangle in SA for a couple of years working on farms
  • 1983 - Ended up waking into Forster Tuncurry and met and taught Cayden Smith
  • 1985 - Went to India for a year and travelled around
  • 1987 - Spent a few years travelling though Europe
  • 1989 - Returned to Aus and spent time in NT working on farms
  • 1990 - Went to Norway, Sweeden and finland
  • 1992 - Went to Canada for 2 years
  • 1994 - Came back to Aus and travelled around WA working
  • 1997 - Went to the US for a couple of years
  • 1999 - Returned to Aus and travelled around Queensland for a couple of years working intermittently
  • 2000 - Ended up finding Ajax "Jax" Faulkner in Carins where they joined together to fight some claimed on the turn of the century
  • 2003 - Spent 2 years in Brazil
  • 2006 - Went to Japan for a year
  • 2007 - Returned and found some work in NSW
  • 2008 - Met with Harriet Lyle and her mother in Mereweather, NSW
  • 2009 - Met John Rivers and inducted him into the Hunters in Darkness
  • 2010 - Went to Afghanistan, while trying to avoid the war perimeter ran into Bethany Lewis after she shot him
  • 2011 - Met with Tabitha Kelly and her family when passing though Perenjori in WA
  • 2013 - Went to Mexico
  • 2014 - Went to Venezuela
  • 2015 - Went to Thailand and Taiwan for a year
  • 2017 - Went to a concert in Denmark and met Esmee Van de Berg after a stage light fell on his head and knocked him out.
  • 2017 - Met with Bram Kelly and Astraia Van de Berg after the stage light incident
  • 2017 - Returned to Aus

Recent History

  • October - 2018

Wandering around NSW he remembers that Forster Tuncurry is close by and thought about dropping in and seeing how the place has changed over the years

  • November - 2018

There was a surge of spirit energy radiating off of the spirit children, A rathium showed up and took his oldest friend (Cayden) he now awaits his return

Renown deed synopses

For those that see Bjørn's Renown:


Cunning 1: First Change under the new moon

Cunning 2: Convincing a spirit to agree to a deal that greatly favoured Bjørn

Cunning 3: Bjørn was hunting a Azlu with his pack and they were leading it into a trap where Bjørn had bargained with an Air spirit to create a tornado to surround the Azlu, they managed to bring down the Azlu together.


Glory 1 - Being Thrown at an Azlu to grab and hold it down so it can be killed


Honor 1: There were issues with an earth spirit causing small tremors over a fault line trying to get bigger, Bjørn found the spirit but when it refused to stop he got a pup to hunt it as he saw it as an inferior enemy and not worth his time to hunt.


Purity 1: Joining the Hunters in Darkness

Purity 2: Working on a hunt of a Claimed he ended the hunt with a quick strike from stealth and making short work of the prey when he could have easily played with them

Purity 3 : Hunting a group of humans that were causing issues in the flesh that was negatively affecting the Hisil. They would not listen to reason and thus only cared about money and their property development, he managed to sneak in and killed them however he was seen by a group of security guards in his Gauru form so he killed them acting in accordance with the Oath of the Moon


Wisdom 1: claiming territory within the protectorate and defending it.


  • Likes being called Daddy
  • Has a ban of not being able to wear clothes all night
  • Has a thing for female Wolfblooded. They don't seem to stay Blooded long after though....something about a night with Bjorn prompts the Change


"Old Bjørn? Not sure I ever knew him as anything else, kind of just turned up one day and within a week it'd was like he'd always been there till he decided it was time to move on. Kinda like Red Dog in a way, no one knows where he came from or where he's going but you're always better for having met him" - Tabitha Kelly

"He met me when I was young, foolhardy and full of rage. Like him, I hid my true form but when he came back, decades later and hardly changed, I realized that his lessons had stuck true. He's not perfect, but I believe it's his imperfect nature that makes him reliable and relatable." - Cayden Smith

"He has the weirdest ways of teaching people lessons, but he gets it through. Would never have pegged him as the Alpha type, but somehow, it works." Marishka

'"Yeah, now that you've changed you're gonna age a lot slower man, look at Bjorn, he's like, 102, and he still looks like he could rip you in half one handed."' - Wall-Like-a-Wave

"Like, this fuckin' old timer is gonna be trouble hey - we get he has an axe to grind for some reason, probably a good one - but it ain't his city, ain't his turf. Course, ya don't get to bein' old in this life unless you either well hard or smart. Time'll tell us which it is" - Jazz Summers

“He’s kind of intimidating but without him I’d probably be worse than dead so I guess I owe him a drink” - Alysia

Inspirations and Soundtrack