Bjorn Jansen

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Bjorn Jansen
Concept: Blacksmith ++
Tribe: Iron Masters
Auspice: Rahu
City: Southern Cross
Lodge: None
Pack: Kintsugi
Spirit Rank •••
Glory --
Purity ••••
Wisdom ••
Player: Wing
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST
Bjorn Jansen


Name: Bjorn 'hoek' Jansen

Deed Name: Hoektandbreker (lit: corner tooth breaker, fig: fang splitter)

First Change:

Bjorn's first change came late in life. He had already finished an oldschool five year guild apprenticeship as a farrier and then blacksmith, and gone back to Amsterdam to his family where he took up a third-tier pack position as support. Everyone was surprised at his Full Moon first change, none more than his mother. It was only with the grace of Father wolf, in her infinite wisdom, that the First Change happened while they were camping in the countryside.

Age: 28

Pack: Otomo

Nicknames/Aliases: Hoek

Appearance: 6' blue eyes, very long blond hair (viking plait), long beard (viking plait). Either leather jacket wearing or leather apron wearing.

Notable Traits: Amidst the death metal band badges sewn on to his leather jacket, there is a big shiny rhinestone that his little sister attached during that phase. You **definitely** have *never* seen him fret about it if it falls off during a fight and diligently replace it. There is also, in pride of place, a rainbow badge with a unicorn.

Bjorn wouldn't call himself "flamboyantly gay" because he just thinks of himself as a man who digs other men. But, and he probably wouldn't understand it so you can say it to him all you like, he's incredibly camp.

You know Bjorn thinks of you as family if he makes you Electrum Jewellery. He works the silver as an act of votive sacrifice.

IC Stuff


  • 1990 born, the fourth child of Vanessa Jansen
  • 1998 Went to the US for the first time to his Cousins (Astraia)
  • 2000 Received US Cousins in the house for the first time (Astraia)
  • 2004 Went to the US to family again (Astraia and Esme)
  • 2008 graduated high school
  • 2008 - 2013 lived in England
  • 2016 Underwent first change
  • 2016 Had EPIC blowout fight with his mother (Rahu Alpha of the pack). Words were said. Punches were thrown. It's not *why* he left the Pack, but it was the straw that broke the camel's back. His father figure joined the fight, look it was a fustercluck, okay. But nobody died. No bad blood remains.
  • 2017 Moved Back to England to learn some more from his Blacksmithing master
  • 2018 Moved to Australia and joined the Otomo Pack.

Recent History

2017 - 2018 went to England to learn the fetish rite
June 2018 joined the Otomo Pack which dissolved and reformed as the Kintsugi Pack.
August 2018 Jacob Williamson and Bjorn are now formally mates.

Renown deed synopses

For those that see Bjorn's Renown:


Purity 1: Born under the Full Moon
Purity 2: He fasted for a month (while not on the hunt) to balance the books. There is a sense of penance and rightness to it.
Purity 3: Fought two Gauru form werewolves in Urshul. Because he couldn't risk killing them. He was a Rahu. They weren't.
Purity 4: Risked his life to save his mate. Nearly died twice. Refrained from using Kuruth as a weapon, against his nature, because it would have threatened the life of an Urdaga. Held himself back in combat because Rahu can easily kill other Forsaken. Doing so nearly killed him.


Wisdom 1: Discovered and leveraged the ban of a spirit
Wisdom 2: Understood the Fetish Rite. Not just learning it. Understanding it.


Cunning 1: Passed his tribal initiation. It was obviously a test that warrented it.


Honor 1: Presented himself to a neutral Elodoth for Judgement on a matter of honor.

There are full stories behind each of these, of course. Bjorn is generally reluctant to tell them.

Favourite Shows

  • Ru Paul
  • Queer Eye
  • Glow
  • Stephen Universe
  • Any cooking show


Feel free to add some.


"A fellow blacksmith, and one who is not only Aia's Viking cousin but doesn't treat Blooded as some kind of poor lesser cousins to the Wolves....I like him already" - Tabitha Kelly

“I don’t need the extra four percent breathing room, that’s where your hand belongs.” - Jacob Williamson