Boris Petrov

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Boris Petrov
Concept: headbreaker with an inner teddy bear
Tribe: Storm Lords
Auspice: Irraka
City: St. Louis
Lodge: unknown
Pack: Clan Petrov
Spirit Rank •••
Player: Player
Storyteller: St. Louis VST

Personal Information

Boris Petrov


Boris is wider than he is tall, a man of muscle, blond, and tanned. Things like stairs seem to groan in protest as he walks on them. Sitting in a chair makes him look like he is an adult in a three year old's chair.


Seems to have little to no sense of humor, moves and acts slowly, but with great deliberation.

Mortal World

  • Has various belts in numerous martial arts, and a master's degree in business that he doesn't seem to use or mention. A search on his history has him coming to America with many of his family on a work visa (for the circus), and that they were with said company for years until it folded. Education happened during this time period. He is currently known for being seen in and around Boire. He rarely is seen anywhere else.


  • Head of Clan Petrov
  • Lead Bouncer/head of all bouncers at Boire
  • Breaker-of-Heads

Known to Supnat Society

The Clan Petrov is a larger pack.

  • Rockbreaker, Dances-with-bears, Walks-Alone


  • 2017 - Moved to StL with Clan Petrov after closing of big name circus. Hired on at Boire as a Head bouncer. Occasionally runs errands for Rave owner. Officially settled the pack in the area, in negotiations with some for things. Later that year, moved to run off drug dealers in his packlands, with the exception of those dealing under the table in a certain rave. Meth dealers in their area however just seem to vanish. Pack expanded with a new first change, and possible addition of some outsiders looking to become one of them. Approached to assist with the were problem that was in the city before they moved to town. Lost a few members in an explosion.
  • 2018 - Working on tightening their borders and strengthening their grip on their area.


Quotes By

Quotes About

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  • Ties to 'Bratva'
  • His sister is scarier

Inspirations and Soundtrack

Boons Owed and Boons Given

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