Brianna Ace

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Brianna Ace
Concept: Thrill Seeking Axe In Training
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
City: Perth
Title: None
Sire: Cassie NPC
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: None
Embraced: 2016
Player: Jessie-Simone
Storyteller: Perth VST
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Tattoo left breast diamond.jpg


Athletic muscled body 157cm, 54kgs, Caucasian 21 years old has Straight honey blond hair, Sappire blue eyes. Has a black and red diamond tattoo on her left breast. Has a green ivy tattoo on her right breast. Favours heavy eyeliner. Regularly dyes hair various colours. Often seen in Punk gothic clothing.


As a human she would often go through long periods of depression anything she did find interesting would seem dull after a few years. She comes across as moody but this is a shield to ward off unsavory types however inside she is a good soul. Brianna expects a lot of herself yet so little from those around her. Being a Kindred her Beast almost gives her the raw potential and purpose that she never truly felt when human.


1995 Brianna is born in Perth.

1998 – 2014 She does competitive gymnastics and dance, later other sports and self-defence.

2012 – 2015 Brianna successfully completes her Finance degree at Murdoch University.

2014 Brianna's dreams of going to the Olympics are crushed after she fails a drug test. Rumor has it a fellow competitor bribed the test official to write a false positive.

2014 – 2016 Goes through rebellious experimental phase of risk taking doing dangerous thrill seeking activities underground fight clubs, free running and climbing on buildings, cliff diving, drug taking ect.

2016 She witnesses a masquerade breech involving Kindred and Strix. Brianna manages to keep her head and helps the kindred. Instead of a lobotomy, a Gangrel OD Cassie (NPC) embraces her with the intention of training her up against Strix. She is recruited straight into the OD. Brianna quickly develops a fascination for blood. Only 3 months after her embrace, her sire is killed and she is adopted by Roman Roe. Roman continues her OD training.

2016 - 2017 Following the loss of Perth to the Strix, Roman and Brianna go into hiding for a while, before eventually moving to Geelong. 2018 Brianna returns in an attempt to reclaim Perth.

Mortal World

In the mortal world Brianna owns a 24/7 cross fitness gym with a performance studio attached that can also be hired out for use.

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • (Open for a PC grand-sire - hit me up)
    • Cassie (Gangrel OD - NPC - deceased)
      • Brianna Ace


  • Hurt me just go ahead and try.
  • I said I wouldn't hurt you but my beast made no such promise


Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Jessica Jones/Harely Quinn
  • Wreak Havoc by Skylar Grey

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Jessie-Simone
Number: AU2013080004
Domain: Perth