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Venue Information

Coordinator: Cameron Meiklejohn
Storyteller: Nathan Lewis (
Time/Date: 13:30 for a 14:00 start, Sunday after the last Saturday of the month (AKA, the same day as Lost).
Location: Red Brick Hotel, 83 Annerley Road, Woolloongabba

Next Game (March 2015)

Time/Date: Sunday 30 October, 2016

Location: Red Brick Hotel

Game Premise:


Past Games

The recent history of the city is detailed in the past games.

VST News

Newsletter from the VST containing an explanation of the game mood and themes, changes to the VSS and house rules, and including a Q&A section.


Players must email their written downtime to the VST by the evening (17:00 / 5pm) on the fifteenth (15th) of the month. See the Venue Style Sheet (VSS) for more details.

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