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Approved 11/05/2018 COFD-NST-BNE-180511.01a



1: Domain Name, Number, City

Twilight Alliance, AUS-002, Brisbane

2: DST & DC Names and membership numbers

  • Domain Story Teller (DST) - Bec Pring - AU2009030004
  • Domain Coordinator (DC) - Hayden Black - AU2013080002

3: Game Location, Time and Fees


Twilight Alliance Games are played at a number of Venues across Brisbane. Predominantly, however, they are played at:

The Junction Ipswich Road cnr Annerley Road, Annerley, QLD 4103

Spring Hill Hall, 10 Love Street, Spring Hill, QLD 4000


Brisbane Games operate within the frame of a standard monthly time-table. However sign on, game start and game finish times may vary depending on venue limitations.

  • 1st Saturday of the Month, Evening – Chronicles of Darkness
  • 2nd Saturday of the Month, Evening – Vampire the Masquerade: Camarilla


Twilight Alliance has no standardised recurring fees. Costs for attending particular games are up to the discretion of the respective Venue Coordinator.

4: Contacts and Information

Twilight Alliance has no dedicated website although most of our information can be found on the wiki at

Members of Twilight Alliance should subscribe to

Information and current events are published on our facebook page:

We also make use of Discord, and can be found at:

Storytellers are encouraged to utilise google drive to share game resources and should contact the DST for more information.

Relevant Storyteller Emails are As Follows –

  • DST -
    • VST Chronicles of Darkness -
    • VST Vampire the Masquerade: Camarilla -

Changing a position holder’s name on the DSS to keep it up to date is considered an administrative change and does not require a new submission of approval.


1: Setting

There are two distinct Universes that are played in:

  • Classic World of Darkness
  • Chronicles of Darkness

As there is currently only one game in each universe, each VST has creative control over their entrusted universe, notwithstanding necessary changes from the DST, GSTs, NST or MST to maintain continuity across the global and national game.

2: Themes and Mood

This is a World of Darkness. Although there is much variety in experiences available to players, for the most part games try to establish themselves as horror or political thriller stories. It is only in the darkest places that hope shines brightest.

Commonly player characters can be expected to encounter crime, distrust, anger, ambition and treachery. However, the worlds are by no means limited to this. Other popular themes that are commonly explored are madness, friendship, dominance, paranoia and politics. As an 18+ club there will be stories with mature content, such as sexuality, drugs, violence and abuse. While personal limits and triggers will be respected, if these themes and stories make you uncomfortable it is worth considering whether this is the game for you.

Each venue has its own flavour. Seek out the Venue Style Sheets (VSS) of each for more information.

3: Preferred character types, and restrictions

Characters should be suited to their particular genre, conforming to the themes and mood. As such, players should consult the appropriate Venue Style Sheets or discuss concepts with their Venue Story Tellers before seeking approval.

Players are encouraged to make long lasting characters that are involved within the structure, drama and action of the games. “Throw away” or “Once-off” character will not be considered for approval.

Players are encouraged to have only one character per genre and to play this character consistently until its death or retirement.

Secondary Characters, Second Primary Characters or having more than one character in a Venue is discouraged and will only be approved under exceptional circumstances. Wanting to “try something different” or simply wanting a range of occasional characters at your disposal is not an approvable justification.

Instead, players will be able to request a particular style of NPC to fulfil the role of what would be a secondary PC. In these cases, Story Tellers should be more open to negotiation in the creation of the NPC.

If the player in consistent in their portrayal of the NPC then the character it likely to be considered for Custodial Player Character status or transferral to PC status if the player’s current PC is retired or destroyed.

This process is to assist the Storytellers in creating a stronger universe of Non Player Characters and to ensure that Player Characters are developed and interesting rather than one dimensional cardboard cut-outs.

4: Location of Domain history information

Domain History will be available on the Beyond the Sunset Wiki at -


1: Experience Awards


See the Chronicles of Darkness VSS for specifics on their XP system.


See the Vampire the Masquerade: Camarilla VSS for specifics on their XP system.

2: Custom Rules


No Write-Up? No Power!
White-Wolf has published literally hundreds of books, each with its own set of powers and unique rules. In lieu of this fact, if a player utilises a rule or power that does not come from a core book, that player must bring a legible copy of rules. If the player does not bring copies of an obscure rule and it is brought into question then the power simply will not work or the rule will not apply. Story Tellers are the final arbitrators on what constitutes as an obscure rule.

Actions Have Consequences
Players are by no means restricted from attacking and trying to kill other PCs, but it is pertinent for players to remember that this kind of action has wide-spread consequences. In the heat of the moment players make mistakes - both the “killers” and their “victims”. It is recommended that those intending to kill a character talk to the VST beforehand where possible.
The VST has authority to kill players in PvE encounters.

If the ST doesn’t know, it didn’t happen
It is the player’s responsibility to keep their ST informed. Our STs were selected because they are friendly folk and they will try to be accommodating, but sometimes events are contradictory and the ST has to make a call on what events actually happened. If the ST doesn’t know what you are doing, they can’t factor it into current events and they will get the final say on what happens.


See the Vampire the Masquerade: Camarilla VSS for specifics

3: Downtime Handling Procedure

Downtimes are the VST’s window into the psyche of characters. Players are encouraged to submit detailed downtimes to their VST so that the game can be better tailored to match player interests and direction.

For details regarding each venue’s downtime system, please see the corresponding VSS.


1: Information for New Players

New Players are encouraged to contact the relevant Story Teller at least three days before game.

For contact information please see Section 4: Contacts and Information.

2: Information for Visitors from other Domains

Character Sheets for character outside of Brisbane should be sent through the relevant Story Teller channels at least three days before a game. Character sheets for character outside Australia should be sent through the relevant Story Teller Channels at least one week before game in case any conversions need to be made.