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Brisbane Forsaken CofD VSS


1.1.0. Venue Details

Domain Name: Twilight Alliance (Brisbane)
Domain Code/Number: TA/AUD02
Venue Name: Punishment Under the Scorn of Helios
Venue Code:PUSH
Approval Number:

1.2.0. Venue Personnel

Venue Coordinator: Cameron Stewart - 2014070013
Venue Storyteller: Beau Grace - 2010050001

Domain Coordinator: Hayden Black - 2013080002
Domain Storyteller: George Lee - 2016020005

1.3.0. Game Location, Time and Fees

Game Location: Junction Hotel Annerley
Game Time: Sign on at 1pm and game start at 5pm on the 4th Saturday of every month
Game Fees: -

Venue Data Date of VSS: 29/08/2018. Genre: Werewolf: the Forsaken CofD. Venue Name: Punishment Under the Scorn of Helios Venue Code: PUSH Domain Name: Brisbane Domain Number: AUD002.

1.4.0. Mailing lists, websites and other online resources used

Information about our games can also be found on our facebook group page.
For out of character mailing lists, please go to ooc.brisbane.
National CofD IC Roleplay Server:

The official addenda should be referred to for in-game content at Global Addenda, please refer to Chronicles of Darkness (NWoD 2nd Edition), Changeling: the Lost2e for the appropriate content and their approval levels.


2.1.0. Genre

Werewolf the Forsaken 2.0

2.2.0. Setting

Brisbane, Queensland.

The Setting and History
Brisbane has been through some major upheaval in the last 12 months, New factions of supernaturals have made themselves known and the established Parliment, who once hunted Uratha kind, has been mostly outed. This brings its own problems and challenges to those who walk two worlds, and the Hissil has been greatly affected. The call has been put out by one of the local packs, The Mothers Vengeance, “Come, assist, there is more work here to maintain the balance than one pack can shoulder. There is much in the way of Renown to be earnt, and Legacies to be made”

2.3.0. Themes & Mood

Renown: The brands that mark the deeds and stories cement Uratha lives. This city and game will provide new and younger characters the chance to make stories they can tell for the rest of their lives. Older and more experience characters will have the chance to pass along lesson earnt blood and tears, and perhaps, craft a lasting legacy for others to follow and live up too.

A Fresh Start: There is very little in the way of Uratha presence in the region. That will soon change. But who will make this place theirs first, the Forsaken, or the Pure.

Fear, Mystery and Paranoia: The Hissil has undergone massive changes, nothing is the same, and things are still in flux. The world holds many secrets, on both sides of the gauntlets and they are ripe to be found, for those who go looking.

The Wolf Must Hunt and The People Do Not Murder The People: To the Uratha, all things are a hunt and the hunt is all things. Pacifism is frowned upon and those who do not hunt, will become hunted. PvE will be a large part of the game. Politics can often end in fighting, but killing another of the blood is frowned upon.

The Low Honor The High; The High Respect The Low: Power is to be obeyed. Power to is to be respected. You aren’t the biggest thing out there and biting off more than you can chew is just another day on the hunt. Pack is required to take on most threats and sometimes you will lose and there will be consequences. The World of Darkness is a dark place.

Respect Your Prey, Do Not Eat The Flesh Of Man Or Wolf: The Uratha hunt, but moderation is required. Sometimes you go too far, sometimes you lose yourself and the world goes hazy and the rage of Father Wolf overtakes you. Sometimes your best laid plans go astray.

� The Herd Must Not Know, The Uratha Shall Cleave To The Human: On the other side of the Spirit is the Flesh. For every moonlit hunt you go on, there is a friend of family member that needs help. Werewolf is a game of Balance, Harmony will be kept a close eye on and expect your characters harmony to fluctuate.

Territory covered

Brisbane Domain

The World We Live In: Please see the Brisbane DSS for current city state and history

Since the 1990’s, there has been no Protectorate, there has been no need and the packs fell apart, some moving on, others dying out. In 1960 the Protectorate formed around fighting and containing a Maeljinn caused by the massacre of the second vampire court to Brisbane. The spirit was unable to be destroyed but it’s influence was curbed for decades. But with time, comes complacency and over the decades, packs came and went (mostly went), and the patterns fell by the wayside, not wanting to immediately re-incur the wrath of the Protectorate the Maeljinn waited in hiding… until recently.

Custom VSS Rules

Spirit Retainers - Not sanctioned, spirits will be represented on sheets by Contacts, Allies, Mentors or Staff

Embodiment of the Firstborn - You may only be an embodiment of the tribe you belong too, leaving that tribe runs the risk of losing this merit. Attributes available below Storm Lords (Winter Wolf) - Composure or Stamina Iron Masters (Red Wolf) - Wits or Manipulation Bone Shadows (Death Wolf) - Intelligence or Presence Hunter in Darkness (Black Wolf) - Dexterity or Wits Blood Talon (Destroyer Wolf) - Strength or Presence Predator Kings (Dire Wolf) - Strength or Stamina Ivory Claws (Silver Wolf) - Presence or Manipulation Fire Touched (Rabid Wolf) - Wits or Presence

Fetish Rite - This will be limited to a low number of PCs subject to VST approval and merit of character application, not first in first served.

Fetishes - Due to fetishes being free, there will be a fetish economy encouraged, with PCs encouraged and expected to trade fetishes or favours for their use.

Starting Essence - 1D10 will be rolled for each character, 2D20 if an appropriate action was taken in downtime, plus appropriate merits.


3.1.0. Experience Awards


All AVST’s Receive all game beats per game they assist with in lieu of playing their PC.

3.1.1. Creation

All primary characters receive 150 + their MC x 5 in beats as per the universal addenda.

In addition, characters may also receive experience points at creation for the following at the discretion of the VST– • Character Creation Document: 20 beats for the completion of a Character Creation Document (can only be claimed once per character). • Character Ties: 1 beat per character tie at Character creation (Max 5) • Wiki Pages: 5 beats for creation of a detailed Wiki page for your character (can only be claimed once per character.) • Game Materials: 1 beat for creating game materials that benefit the majority of characters: (Creating maps, NPC’s, plots, places of interest, world building items etc.) at discretion of VST. • Blowing Your Own Trumpet: An extra 5 beats for writing and submitting the stories of your renown at creation. Note: These XP bonuses are considered creation XP and are not subject to the Incremental Maximum

3.1.2. Monthly Experience

• Game attendance: 3 beats at conclusion of the game, plus a share of the pooled completed aspirations and conditions. • Downtime Submission: 2 beats for submission when received on or before cut-off time. • Aspiration: 1 beat when performing actions that are dedicated to resolving aspirations, at discretion of VST. • RTR’s: 1 beat for participating in with a supervising storyteller present, or when submitting a report to the VST, at discretion of the VST (max 3 per month). • Major progress towards Aspirations: 1 beat when making major strides towards fulfilling long term Aspirations at discretion of VST. • Dramatic Mundane Failure: 1 beat when potential for dice roll and you elect to take a dramatic failure to further the narrative. At discretion of VST. • Blood and Bones: 1 beat when players gain all WP back from indulging their Blood or Bone completely. • Pack Beats: As per the Addenda. • All Other sanctioned methods from the Books

3.3.0. Downtime Handling Procedure

A player receives downtime actions equal to their unmodified Resolve + 1. Downtimes will be processed once per month, due 2 weeks after game. Also, as packs are an intrinsic, integral part of Werewolf, each pack will also receive an action for each PC it contains. Everything takes an action, that is to say there is no free "recover essence" action and no free "patrol" action. On that, Patrol Actions need to be separate for the Hisil and the Flesh. That is, to patrol an area on both sides will take 2 actions. If a pack decides to use its action to patrol, both sides will be covered. The online downtime form may be accessed here.

3.4.0. Crossover limitations

This will be a cross-genre VSS, however only Werewolf: the Forsaken genre characters will be considered for native approval, except for the following amendments

Mortal PC’s will be allowed, but remain a High Approval for Permanent Genre Changing Characters from other Venues/Genres with pack ties to Werewolves will be allowed, within the scope of the Cross-Genre appendix. All other visiting Cross-genre will remain under the scope of the addenda. Proxies from other venues of the Brisbane Domain are accepted, with one weeks notice.


New characters will not be approved on the spot. The VST reserves a minimum of one week to study the character prior to approval. Characters must be submitted by the Friday one week before the first session you would LIKE to play it at the latest. The VST may approve character concepts, allowing play without a character sheet. In this case, any challenges in scenes will be narrated and negotiated for outcomes without an approved mechanical sheet.

The VST may deny character concepts or sheets. This is their prerogative. If your character does not suit the venue then it is up to the VST whether you are allowed in. Players are required to submit characters as an electronic Excel format version no less than one week before the game; preferably accompanying the character concept. Players are expected to submit a brief character history, in dot point form, within a month of the character starting play. This is to allow time for the player to build ties and generate a solid background for the character.


4.1.0. Information for New Players

New Players Talk to the VC, or VST New players to the Brisbane Domain are required to speak to the Storyteller regarding character creation should they be interested in this game. New players are given a ‘white lanyard’ status which effectively means that the need not worry about tests being performed on them. They will also start with an additional 3 XP after the first game to help get them started.

Transferring Players

For characters transferring VSS, please forward character sheets, CDD, and any Approvals to the DST and VST for clarification and integration into the local domain and venue. Please also submit the last three months of downtimes and responses from your previous domain where possible to understand more about the character and how they act in their between periods. Also, note that transferring characters may be subject to some alterations to their sheets to account for the change in VSS or to make them more consistent with the new VSS, all alterations will be done after consultations with the player.


All proxy requests are to be submitted to the VST at least one week before the game and must include travel instructions and rest locations. Proxy rules are as per the BTS Addenda. It is highly recommended that any proxy form includes where the character is staying, how they get into the state, what they bring, who they bring with them and where they will be staying. All external players must contact both the VST and the VC to confirm their attendance to the game prior to arrival as per the Australian Addenda.