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==1.2.0. Venue Personnel==
==1.2.0. Venue Personnel==
'''Venue Coordinator:''' [mailto:vc.lost.cofd@brisbane.beyondthesunset.org.au James Cargill - 2011120002]<br>
'''Venue Coordinator:''' [mailto:vc.lost.cofd@brisbane.beyondthesunset.org.au None - 2011120002]<br>
'''Venue Storyteller:''' [mailto:vst.lost.cofd@brisbane.beyondthesunset.org.au Hayden Black - 2013080002]<br>
'''Venue Storyteller:''' [mailto:vst.lost.cofd@brisbane.beyondthesunset.org.au None - 2013080002]<br>
'''Domain Coordinator:''' [mailto:dc@brisbane.beyondthesunset.org.au Hayden Black - 2013080002]<br>
'''Domain Coordinator:''' [mailto:dc@brisbane.beyondthesunset.org.au Hayden Black - 2013080002]<br>

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Brisbane Lost CofD VSS


1.1.0. Venue Details

Domain Name: Twilight Alliance (Brisbane)
Domain Code/Number: TA/AUD02
Venue Name: Brisbane the Lost 2.0
Venue Code:BTL
Approval Number: CTL-NST-BNE-181072.01a
As part of the VSS approval Administration Information (1.0) and Downtime Handling Procedure (3.3.0.) may be updated at any time at low approval, mid notification.

1.2.0. Venue Personnel

Venue Coordinator: None - 2011120002
Venue Storyteller: None - 2013080002

Domain Coordinator: Hayden Black - 2013080002
Domain Storyteller: George Lee - 2016020005

1.3.0. Game Location, Time and Fees

Game Location: TBA
Game Time: Sign on at 6pm and game start at 7pm on the 4th Saturday of every month
Game Fees: -

1.4.0. Mailing lists, websites and other online resources used

Information about our games can also be found on our facebook group page.
For out of character mailing lists, please go to ooc.brisbane.
National CofD IC Roleplay Server: https://discord.gg/kUeVWjY
Our Downtime form can be found here.

The official addenda should be referred to for in-game content at Global Addenda, please refer to Chronicles of Darkness (NWoD 2nd Edition), Changeling: the Lost2e for the appropriate content and their approval levels.


2.1.0. Genre

Changeling the Lost 2.0

2.2.0. Setting

Brisbane, Queensland.

The Setting and History
Brisbane Changeling Society, in contrast to the rest of those affected by the Parliament, is a society that has remained isolationist in nature, taking every precaution they could to remain separate from the oppressive nature of the Parliament after the initial push from the Parliament in 2011. In this time the court of Winter has held dominance of the Freehold and has maintained and ingrained the importance of hiding from two sides of their existence; The forces of Arcadia and the cruelty of the Brisbane Parliament.

The Brisbane Freehold, under the effects of the Freehold Pledge, they were ultimately able to remain free and hidden from the Parliament, though many were lost along the way to secure this freedom. Those lost had attempted on many occasions to assist in freeing Brisbane city in their own way in the beginning, but unfortunately the push to free the people of Brisbane through the hedge was thwarted by the presence of a Huntsman Party. What had been terrifying in regards to this was that they had not ever sent out a herald to announce their hunt, they only sat in the reflection of Brisbane, watching, waiting, preparing.

In October 2018 this began to change, an exodus on mass from the hedge occurred in unprecedented numbers, upwards of twenty freshly escaped Changeling came running through the gates of Arcadia. The freehold sprung to action against the Huntsman and his party, the fight brutal, The Summer and Spring Monarchs losing their Freedom along the way. The new changeling captured, a Herald finally appeared, offering a deal to the Freehold. The remaining Monarchs for the newly escaped. The monarchs took this deal and the Freehold was shaken to its core. Its mentors lost and only the young remaining.

The Courts crowned four new monarchs that day, and those very same monarchs took the next day to reveal their existence to the Supernaturals of Brisbane.

The Hedge
The local Hedge of South Eastern Queensland is curious; Out to the Western to north Western reaches it reflects a cold Forest with rivers traversed by Hobgoblins in longboats, some happy to trade, some violent marauders.Old Ruins and Mountains can be seen from the tops of the trees here.

The Eastern and South Eastern Hedge along the coast smells of a salty brine. paths are either submerged beneath a foot and a half of the foul-smelling waters, built-up banks of dirt, or old wooden pathways covered in moss. The sound of the ocean sounds near but the sight of it seemingly never comes. Mosquitoes and other insects buzz about.

The closer you come toward the center of Brisbane in the hedge the more it begins to feel like the real world, if a bit reclaimed by nature.

Due to the wibbley-wobbley nature of the hedge what the Brisbane Hedge looks like in Brisbane might not be the case for other cities in Queensland.

Over the last two centuries after Australia’s colonization every freehold before the current has fallen to the way of chinese whispers, the message of it’s beginning slowly being buried time and time again by every bit of both fact and misinformation.

2.3.0. Themes & Mood

Trauma: You were once kidnapped by a being of nigh incomprehensible power, you were taken and kept captive in a world that your mind and it's linear nature was never meant to know or understand, occasionally you might catch a glimpse of yourself in a reflection only to notice that you have a single tear slowly pouring down your cheeks. This is what it is to be a Changeling.
Community: Upon your escape, the frantic running from the hunt coming to collect you to take you back, you will have run into a somebody who ran past you toward those behind you, fighting them off so you could be free. They might have succeeded in fighting back, their friends might have taken your hand and taken you back to the world you once knew while your hero valiantly sacrificed their lives for the stranger you are, you were inducted into the Freehold; counseled, fed and clothed. These people have proven themselves to be your friend, and you can't help but want to do the same; live up to the example of the community, where else is there?
Fear: The Huntsmen are coming, the Loyalists are coming, they serve their cruel masters unquestioningly. You face unimaginable cruelty upon your return. The Parliament in Brisbane had also wished to subjugate and enslave you. The Denizens of Arcadia, and the other Supernaturals of Brisbane, represent your greatest threats. “Sir, you are being hunted.”
Hope: Through unity we persevere. Exploration: There is a vast wilderness to explore in hedge, many lost sites to find. Artifacts of the Freehold to Aid in the resistance of the forces of Fae.

2.4.0. Character Creation

Preferred character types, and restrictions:

  • New characters will not be approved on the spot.
  • The VST reserves a minimum of one week to study the character prior to approval. Characters must be submitted by the Friday one week before the first session you would LIKE to play it at the latest.
  • The VST may approve character concepts, allowing play without a character sheet. In this case, any challenges in scenes will be narrated and negotiated for outcomes without an approved mechanical sheet.
  • The VST may deny character concepts or sheets. This is their prerogative. If your character does not suit the venue then it is up to the VST whether you are allowed in.
  • Players are required to submit characters as an electronic version (Excel format preferred) no less than one week before the game; preferably accompanying the character concept.
  • Players are expected to submit a brief character history, in dot point form, within a month of the character starting play. This is to allow time for the player to build ties and generate a solid background for the character.
  • Players creating a Secondary Character in this game are not permitted have the same court, or belong to the same motley, as their Primary Character.


3.1.0. Experience Awards

3.1.1. Creation

All primary characters receive their MC x 1 + 30 in experience points as per the Universal Addenda. In addition, characters may also receive experience points at creation for the following, at the discretion of the VST:

  • 4XP (20 beats) for completion and submission of the relevant Character Development Document
  • 1xp (5 beats) for completion of wiki page
  • 1 beat for each character tie (Max 5 beats)
  • Variable beats/XP for assisting the VST in world building
  • Other tasks for the VST as approved and only with final say by the VST

These XP bonuses are considered Creation XP, and are not subject to the Incremental Maximum.

3.1.2. Monthly Experience

The conversion rate is 5 beats = 1 exp.
Speciality Beats will be awarded as per referenced in appropriate genre book

All following awards are to be approved by VST or VC responsible for the claim.

Game related awards do not currently have a cap.

Venue related awards via the VC have a monthly cap of 5 beats/month that may be used over any character within CofD. Players are required to add all VSTs that they have characters under into one email that is sent within one month of the VC awarding the beats to claim said beats, which may then be spread over any of their characters to the maximum they have earned that month in total over all characters in the character log.

3.1.3. Game Attendance

  • 3 beats - for attending the game as PC, as recorded on sign on sheet.
  • 2 beats - for playing an NPC for the VST or aVSTs for a portion of the game.
  • 4 beats - for playing an NPC (s) for the VST or aVSTs for a full game.
  • 3 beats - VST discretionary award
  • 3 beats - for Proxy play
  • 1 beat - for exceptional costuming, as per VSTs discretion.
  • 1 beat - for exceptional roleplaying, awarded by VST according to Circle of Love.

3.1.4. Venue and Game Assistance Awards

All to be awarded or approved by appropriate assistant or full position holder.

  • 1-2 beats - for providing assistance to (a)VC or (a)VST during game + month, at appropriate position holder's discretion.
  • 2 beats - for introducing new players to venue, must stay for at least 3 months to be awarded on the 4th month of attendance.

All to be awarded or approved by VC only.

  • 1 beat - for Venue maintenance (set up/pack up), at VCs discretion.
  • 1 beat - for providing resources to venue (e.g. props, food and drink, etc), at VCs discretion.

All to be awarded or approved by VST only.

  • 1-2 beats - for providing a simple plotkit to VST for other players/characters.
  • 3-4 beats - for providing a well thought-out/in depth plotkit to VST for other players/characters.
  • 1-2 beats - for maintaining game resources, such as updating maps, venue wiki information for court members, venue wiki information for city locations or services.

3.1.5. Downtime Period Awards

All to be awarded or approved by VST unless marked otherwise.

  • 1 beat - for report/diary included in downtime.
  • 3 beats - for on-time downtime submission using provided template or 1 beat when using a different template or submitting a late downtime.
  • 1 beat - per meaningful IC interaction between games including RTRs (must include date, summary or log, VST or aVST where appropriate, be listed in email separate to downtime form at the time the downtime is sent in) or Forum interaction, with a max of 3 per month.

3.1.6. Game Mechanic Awards

All to be awarded or approved by VST only.

  • 2 beats - for fulfilling a mid-term aspiration.
  • 4 beats - for fulfilling a long term aspiration.
  • 1 beat - for buying a new dot using experience in any asset skill when character possesses Professional Training ●●●● and up.
  • Group Beats - The following actions award beats into a communal pool which is awarded equally to all attending players: Opting to dramatically fail (1), Taking Lethal damage in one of your last 3 health boxes (1), becoming beaten down and surrendering (1), fulfilling a short term aspiration (1), Resolving a condition (1), having a persistent condition interfere with resolving an aspiration (1). This is only used at games, in all other situations beats are awarded to be individual.
  • Specialty Beats - Specialty beats are awarded as per http://jessilaurn.com/Global-Addenda/Specialty_Beats.pdf

Chronicle Cap is increased by 4xp per month until the Chronicle's end in 2022. The current beat rewards listed above are in place to average approximately 1xp-2xp per month.

3.2.0. Expendable Renewable Resource

Monthly Starting Expendable Resource and Willpower Starting blood/mana/glamour/whatever is based on the state of the city, herd, haven location, and downtime feeding actions. The VST will have these on your sheet ready for game.

Every game a characters Willpower is refreshed.

3.3.0. Downtime Handling Procedure

There will be a Downtime Form available for submitting downtimes. These are due on the 2nd Friday after the 4th Saturday's games and downtimes submitted after this date will be responded to at the ST’s discretion. Responses should be sent out on the Wednesday before game. Downtimes are for interaction with the world at large in between games, as well as for spending XP. Generally each xp spend requires a separate action. Understand that some XP expenditures will require significant character development before being approved.
Our Downtime form can be found here.

    • A.    LARP is not a “shoot-em-up”. You don't get notches in your belt for killing other PCs. You don't win by making the game miserable for everyone else. This is a storytelling game, and you win by telling a good story with others.  If you do insist on making the game miserable for everyone else, the presiding storyteller has every right to tell you, in plain and simple terms, “No. Not here, not today.”

3.4.0. Crossover limitations

Crossover will be limited to a case-by-case basis, it will be easier for Changeling characters to venture out than others in due to the Hedge being a major story element in game. A diplomatic envoy sent with a letter of Sanction by the leader of another supernatural type would be an acceptable justification.


4.1.0. Information for New Players

New Players are encouraged to either contact the ST at least a week in advance of the scheduled game (see above) or send a post to our facebook group (also see above). We can then organize a time to go through your character concept so that it is ready for game.
Draw Mechanics: New World of Dice App is the preferred method of rolling. Other dice-rolling applications need to be approved by the Storyteller

4.2.0. Information for External Players

Please have your ST send your sheet to the VST email (see above) no later than three days prior to the scheduled game date so that printing can be arranged.
Playstyle: Changeling is very light on PvP as the local environment and NPC’s provide more than enough excitement at the moment. However, player-driven plotlines are most welcome.
Draw Mechanics: New World of Dice App is the preferred method of rolling. Other dice-rolling applications need to be approved by the Storyteller.

4.3.0. Proxies

All proxy requests are to be submitted to the VST by least Wednesday Midnight before the game and must include travel instructions, rest locations and Vitae acquisition. Proxy rules are as per the BTS Addenda.