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Playstyle Guide

What is commonly known

1. Knowledge of your clan and covenant.

2. Rumors and myths regarding other clan and covenant, bloodlines, secrets etc.

3. Mythology regarding other supernaturals. 'Eg Magicians exist... like Merlin or werewolves like middle ages mythology'

4. VAMPIRES DRINK BLOOD: Feeding is a rush like nothing else — for us and our paramours. Without blood you loose control.

5. Normal things wont kill you, but your Requiem is still at risk.

6. Vampires are nasty, however there are nastier things out there. Tread carefully.

Common Behaviour

1. Vampires are predatory monsters. Monsters who cant control themselves die or get put down.

2. Vampires are secretive regarding their clan/covenant/bloodline cheese.

3. Vampires are their domain, and their domain is them. Travel is complicated, if not deadly.