Brother Scratch

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Brother Scratch
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Gangrel ••
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum ••
City: Brisbane ••
Title: Brother of the Lancea Sanctum
Sire: Bishop Graves
Bloodline: not known by kindred society
Group: None
Embraced: Unknown
Player: Matt Martin
Storyteller: Brisbane VST

Personal Information


Though Brother Scratch has very harsh beliefs in regards to Sin, he is actually quite friendly and helpful to others. He will only talk to Kindred about Religion if it comes up, feeling that they are already damned, so he can be himself, there is no need to judge the damned.

Surprisingly, he gets along very well with crone! He acknowledges that the basis of the Christian Church is based around egyptian sun worship and pagan rituals, so sees no fault in the acolytes. He knows they are damned, but he doesn't think that should be held against them. Thats not their fault.



Brother Scratch wears a priests vestments and a plague doctors mask, in order to insulate himself from the airs and aromas of the sinners around him.


Brother Scratch was born in the gutter, to a very young prostitute named Emma Smith in 1868. Emma was unprepared for life on the hard streets of London in those days. She was a devout Catholic and was constantly at odds between her need to whore herself to eat, and the guilt that her desperate means put upon her soul. As Scratch got older, he started to ask difficult questions about her late night visitors to the hovel that acted as both home and place of work to the young prostitute. To hide her shame from her son, she became abusive, so as to stave off future probing inquiries. She also claimed to feel his judgmental eyes on her when her ‘Johns' would leave her bedroom.

Eventually, Scratch found sanctuary at the local church. The Bishop there was a strange, brooding man named Bishop Woodrow T Graves. Whilst he frightened young Scratch, he was always welcoming, and Scratch knew he would rather spend time with a scary Bishop, who said very little, than an abusive mother with constant 'visitors'. Scratch loved his time at the church, spending as much time there as his mother would allow. He learned about literature, history, theology and medicine from Bishop Graves, taking to his studies with wild enthusiasm. However, as kind as the Bishop was, he also had a wild temper when it came to sin and matters regarding religion. Taking a very literal reading of the Bible and what he called the Book of Longinus, he condoned the stoning of whores and adulterers. This niggled a part of Scratch’s mind and he knew it was to do with his mother.

As Scratch grew older and became a man, he eventually became a brother of the Bishop's church at the age of 19. This involved cutting contact with his now older, alcohol fueled and sinful mother. As time went on he studied theology and philosophy more and more, and he began to recall and reflect on his childhood. He struggled to deal with the anger and disgust he felt toward his mother. The Bishop counselled Scratch on many a dark night, encouraging his outrage at his mother’s sin. He was pleased with the impression his radical lectures on sin had on the boy.

Scratch felt happy with his new life. He had escaped following his mother into a vile world and eventually began to write his own teachings, which he shared with anyone who would listen long enough. He had found his calling. His rage and disgust fueled his preaching and Bishop Graves nurtured him every step of the way…

One day in April 1888, while walking out amongst the ladies of the night, preaching the word of God and telling them of their eternal damnation for their sin, he turned down a dark alley saw his mother. She was pox ridden and hiding from the rain under a small sill. A fat dirt covered man lay between her legs gifting her with his patronage. Scratch had never felt such rage, such indignation at the sin that his mother had brought into her life, and allowed into his. He hit the man from behind and he fell unconscious. Scratch ran to his mother, grabbing her around her throat and squeezing. It was if cutting off her breathing would stop the sin, stop the pain.

Suddenly, he was grabbed from behind and flung against the alley wall by Bishop Graves! He watched his mother's body fall to the ground dead and the Bishop walk up to him and kneel down to look him in the eye. The Bishop told him that he had made the final step into becoming a true monster. He had killed his own mother and was damned, but there may still be worth to his life…

The Bishop offered to turn him into a demon, a 'kindred' he called it. He would then be entrusted to scare the mortals back to God. He would never see the light himself, but he could help lead others to it. Brother Scratch agreed to his un-life as one of the damned…

Mortal World

He lives a humble life of service in the Cathedral of Spring Hill, running church services and confessions as much as he can to maintain his own service and purification. Hoping that even though he is damned, that maybe there may be salvation someday for the undead like him if they follow the way of light.

Information Known by Kindred Society

  • He is known outside of the Lancea Sanctum as "Old Scratch"
  • He has a fondness of ravens and crows and keeps one that he calls "Johann"
  • He has an intense hatred for the Strix


  • 1868 - Born in Whitechapel, London
  • 1888 - Embraced by Bishop Graves
  • 2017 - Comes to Brisbane

Recent History


  • January 2017 - He has been sent to Brisbane by the Lancea Sanctum to find out what happened to its previous court and if possible bring salvation to the inhabitants of Brisbane. He sets himself up in the Black Cathedral in Spring Hill and, after some of the priests there sadly pass away, is given the run of it by the Church.


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Member Information
Player: Matt Martin
Number: 2011100009
Domain: Brisbane