Canberra Apocalypse

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Canberra Apocalypse VSS

Position Holders

Sept Members

Character Deed Name Tribe Auspice Breed Rank Position Pack Glory Honour Wisdom Player
Macca Watches the Inbetween Bone Gnawer Theurge Homid Adren Alpha 2 3 8 Ren Leahy
Kaarina Romanova Storm-of-Spirits Silverfang Ahroun Lupus Adren Magpie 9 4 2 Ali
Ilse Long-Story-Short Fianna Galliard Homid Adren Beta Magpie 6 2 7 Emma Leahy
Quantuum of Serenity Child of Gaia Ragabash Homid Fostern - Magpie 1 5 6 Luke Markham
Jason Barbecues the Wyrm Bonegnawer Theurge Homid Cliath - Crashing Boom Boom 0 0 0 Stefan Szubert
Col Loses His Shit Bonegnawer Ahroun Homid Cliath - - 2 2 0 Andrew White
Sam White Speaks-For-Justice Child of Gaia Ragabash Homid Cliath - Crashing Boom Boom 0 2 2 Jason Cebalo
Charlie Nickle Spreads-The-Spirits Fianna Theurge Homid Cliath - - 0 0 0 Stephen Justice
Binding Contract Glasswalker Theurge Homid Fostern Rite Master Crashing Boom Boom 0 0 0 Jayde Cassells
Jade Double Vision Fianna Ahroun Homid Cliath - 2 1 0 Caitlin Davis
Jackson Wyrm-Bait - Ahroun Homid Cub - - 0 0 0 Lachlan G
Duncan Steals Faces Glasswalker Ragabash Homid Cliath Den Parent Cuckoo 1 0 2 Ashley Veigel
Calamity Chaser [Callum] Calamity Chaser Silent Strider Philidox Lupus Cliath - Cuckoo - - - Dan Q


Name: Speaks-For-Justice
Tribe Child of Gaia
Concept Gender Fluid Political Activist
Player Jason Cebalo

Name: Quantum of Serenity
Tribe Child of Gaia
Concept Peaceful "Gardener"
Player Luke Markham

Name: Steals Faces
Tribe Glasswalker
Concept Wayward child/Urban Hacktivist
Player Ashley Veigel


Name: Many Faces of Gaia
Player Daniel Ryan

Name: Binding Contract
Tribe Glasswalker
Concept Corporate Wolf
Player Jayde Cassels

Name: Barbecues the Wyrm
Tribe Bonegnawer
Concept Junkyard Enthusiast and Tinkerer
Player Stefan Szubert

Name: Watches the Inbetween
Tribe Bonegnawer
Concept Bogan Theurge
Player Ren Leahy


Name: Ilse Long Story Short
Tribe Fianna
Concept Drink, sing, drink some more and be "merry" or Mary whoever you want ;)
Player Emma Leahy


Name: Calamity Chaser
Tribe Silent Strider
Concept Judge in the Umbra
Player Dan Q


Name: Lone Survivor
Tribe Bonegnawer
Concept Short Tempered Fighter/Teacher
Player Andrew White

Name: Double Vision
Tribe Fianna
Player Caitlin Davis

Name: Jackson Cub
Tribe Unknown
Player Lachlan G

Canberra Territories Map

Canberra Garou Timeline

Canberra Apoc History

Canberra Mortal Timeline


Established NPCs

Character Deed Name Tribe Auspice Breed Rank Position Pack Glory Honour Wisdom
Song Song of Peace Child of Gaia Galiard Lupus Cliath Warder - 0 0 0

The Dead and the Missing

Character Deed Name Tribe Auspice Breed Rank Position Pack Glory Honour Wisdom Player Dead/Mising
Aaron Child Slayer Get of Fenris Ahroun Metis Fostern Warder Magpie 6 2 3 Evan Griffiths Dead
Street-Justice Shadowlord Phillidox Homid Cliath - Cuckoo 3 5 1 Luke Cox Dead
Hugo Reads-in-the-Storm Shadowlord Theurge Homid Cliath Rite Master / Den Parent Cuckoo 1 1 8 Steven Doyle Dead
Artamis Fury Black Fury Philodox Homid Cliath - Fenris 0 3 0 Jayde Cassells Dead
Vinnie Hits First Shadowlord Ahroun Homid Cliath - Cuckoo 7 2 1 Jamie Reid Missing
Phoebe Takes-Wyrm-in-mouth Fianna Ragabash Homid Cliath - - 0 1 2 Kylie Griffiths Missing
Jason Barbecues the Wyrm Bone Gnawer Ragabash Homid Cliath - - 1 1 1 Stefan Szubert Missing
Sammie Sights the Truth Shadowlord Philidox Metis Cliath - - 0 0 0 Elliot