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Awakening Template
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Apostate --
Faction: None
Consilium: Armidale
Legacy ?
Cabal: Endless Aimless
Player: [mailto: NPC]
Storyteller: Armidale VST
Carter and the Shadow reflection of the Metz nuclear reactor

Carter left this universe on the 1st of December 2013, stepping on to an 'impossible' train bound for an unknown destination.

The Warden

Carter was a young prodigy, from a lesser known branch of a proximus family.

Carter was known as the Warden of Armidale prior to 2012. She took it upon herself to ensure threats from the Shadow were dealt with before they became a problem, primarily though the use of warded bans vs spirits and humans. She ran a spirit court out of her home and used it to follow the local vampires about in an attempt to stop the violence they were causing. All she succeeded in doing was angering the local werewolf pack, who demanded the concillium punish/kill her. By all accounts she broke under the pressure, hiding herself in an abyssal sub-reality that manifested in a tunnel below her house. She never emerged from it, and the local concillium were forced to collapse the tunnel.

She wore a silver pendant depicting the Egyptian eye of Horus. She claimed to have seen half of the other mages slowly descend into madness and death inside the labyrinth, and eventually went mad herself. She was seen at the Funeral of Seeker7 and has a small house in the Invergowrie region of Armidale. Afflicted by 'Abyssal terradismorphia', a mental affliction where she believes everything in the world is slightly off, like she has returned to the wrong universe.

Born: 1969

Age: Appears to be in her 20s, except for her eyes.

Rank: Second Degree Master of Spirit and Life

Titles/Memberships: The last member of the Endless Aimless cabal

Physical description: An undernourished lady of pale brown skin but European features. She dresses for cold-weather hiking at all times; a faded flannelette shirt covering a thick white T-shirt, tough cargo pants filled with various tools, an ex-military hiking backpack stained with chalk dust, and a pair of hiking boots that gleam with water-repellent spray.

Her eyes are a vibrant emerald-green, a shade of colour out-of-place in human genetics. Most people assume its contact lenses. Most mages assume its a vanity spell. They're both wrong.

She never has just one shadow, even in sunlight. Even when no shadows could possibly be present.

Nimbus: The cold Autumn breeze and the rustle of fallen leaves. A simple, unpretentious nimbus.

Recent events

1990 Awakened in The Entrance on the outskirts of Gosford, NSW. Began receiving training in magic by a family member at the family home.

1991 Not available for release to the general public.

1993 Recognised as an Adept of Spirit. Invited to visit various concilliums around the country, but the invitations are ignored.

1994 Studied under Harp

1995 Recognised as a Master of Spirit. Once again, invited to visit concilliums around the country. This time Carter accepts a scholarship to study Life under Former Hierarch Andrews of Armidale.

2001 Andrews passes away from natural causes. Carter continues his research and, with the blessing of Hierarch Icarus, takes over some of his duties.

2005 Carter becomes known for researching and releasing a number of useful rotes to the Mysterium for dissemination. Recognised as an Adept in Death.

2008 Not available for release to the general public.

2009 Formally resigned from the Mysterium over a policy dispute, becoming an Apostate. Still keeps rigidly to the Atlantean traditions/Mysterium secrecy.

2012 Imprisoned within the Abyssal mirror in the Armidale concillium, survived only by using mastery of life to sustain herself without food or water.

2013 Released from her imprisonment, but severely traumatised by the experience, Carter manages the best she can.


Quotes by

"You don't know what its like do you? How could you. It's like then little things in the world all changed while I was in there. Black buses are white in this world. Stop signs are red instead of green, that beloved cartoon character is a rabbit instead of a mouse...How can I be expected to live in a world of humans where every cultural cue I've ever learned is wrong? How can I tell if the world is wrong, or I am?" Carter, to Mr Krip

"I'm sorry, I don't want to talk to anyone today."

"I told my spirits that you are not be harmed, for now."

Quotes about

"I'm worried about her. If she snaps there's going to be fallout. Maybe reactor-sized fallout." - Icarus


Overheard from Carter's house:
"Where have you been, what is your scheme. Tell me your secrets and I'll spin you a dream..." - Carter
(Inhuman whispering)
"Good, now find out where they sleep."


  • Has an army of Spirits, whom she allows to feed in Armidale.
  • Parts of Armidale are claimed a spirit territory by her, and woe betide any werewolf that treads on her turf.
  • She is the Lady of A Thousand Shadows, who brings low the mighty and carries off the foolish to their doom

Inspirations and Soundtrack

Fourth iteration, alternative-universe version of a PC first played in the UK in 2003.

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