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Concept: Criminal Psychonaut
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium
Consilium: Adelaide
Legacy -
Cabal: -
Player: Mark Cole
Storyteller: Adelaide VST

Personal Information



Cassian looks to be around 5’9 tall and weighing around 80kg, with dark brown hair, brown eyes and an olive skin tone with a short stubble. He appears to be around 24 years old, give or take. He looks like he needs a haircut and has bags under his eyes from staying up for long periods of time. Furthermore, he prefers to dress in durable, inexpensive clothing with plenty of pockets. He looks like he probably shops at a thrift store, but would never admit it. Sometimes though, he dresses in what can only be described as 'gaudy as hell' and a 'crime to fashion worth trialing at Nuremberg'. Their words, not his.


  • Long Term Nimbus:
  • Immediate Nimbus: Onlookers' bodies will begin to feel numb, their vision gradually being filled with bright, swirling colours and nothing will really look as it should. Their sense of depth perception is warped entirely, but they find themselves experiencing a pleasurable sense of calm.
  • Nimbus Tilt: -1 Wits, +1 Composure
  • Signature Nimbus: A kaleidoscope of colourful effects, imagery reminiscent of an acid trip.


Cassian likes LSD. A lot. He also enjoys the life as Leader of redacted and making money selling drugs. That’s awesome. Besides that, he’s got a pet Ferret, named Loki. He’s awesome. Cassian also really needs a haircut. Apparently. He possesses extraordinarily good social charm and finesse. This probably isn't helped at all by the Mind Arcana.



  • Having a good time
  • Loki
  • Money
  • Exploring the Mysteries of the Supernal Realms
  • Collecting weird and wonderful magical artifacts
  • Getting laid
  • The Free Council
  • Dank memes
  • Dags


  • People that complain a lot
  • Those that look down on him
  • Figures of authority (except Regis, he's cool).
  • Seers of the Throne
  • People who abuse animals


  • Creativity -
  • Social Charm -
  • The Underworld -


Mortal World

Sleeper Alias: Chester Perkins
Sleeper Occupation: Drug Lord, Cartel Kingpin and leader of an illegal organisation based in Port Adelaide that deal primarily in hallucinogenics and other such substances.

Awakened Society

Order Status: Acquisitor/Neokoroi of the Adelaide Mysterium.
Consilium Status: Warlock of the Adelaide Consilium.
Cabal: Former member of Mystery Inc. (2017 - 2018)

Known Information


  • 1994 – Born May 23rd at the Royal Adelaide Hospital early in the morning.
  • 1998 – Started at Klemzig Primary School.
  • 2006 – Graduated from Primary School. To no one’s surprise. (Do people even fail this?)
  • 2007 – Began Secondary schooling at Adelaide High school and studied there for the next two years.
  • 2009 – Got mixed up in drugs and parental issues. Not so fun. Dropped out during Year 10. During this time, the drug known as Super-LSD became popular on the streets and Cassian was swiftly introduced to it. During September, he found himself in a ‘gang’ of thieves and street rats. This is where he met Oz for the first time. He remained in this ‘gang’ for about a year.
  • 2010 – After several arguments and contemplation, he decided to leave the group to forge his own path. Bails one night and never returns.
  • 2011 – One night in April, his addiction to LSD flared up particularly strongly. He was found wandering the suburbs of Parafield by his Uncle, a police officer. Managing to manipulate his way into gaining his sympathy, he was returned to his parents and ended up in a rehab facility. He Awoke as a Mastigos during this time and took the Shadow Name ‘Cassian’.
  • 2012 – 2016 – Spent developing his skills as a Mastigos and exploring the daily life of a Mage. Did not choose an Order, remained an Apostate whilst pursuing his own goals. During this time, he formed a street gang, specializing in the drug trade (particularly hallucinogenics).
  • 2017 – Joined the Mysterium after much debate. Passed initiation, given the role of Acquisitor by Sugar.

Recent Events


  • March - Cassian begins moving more of his assets into Port Adelaide in preparation of the Demon Monkey's eventual expansion into the surrounding areas. Word of a mystical and ancient trident supposedly from the long lost city of Atlantis reaches his ears. After some initial investigation into the Adelaide Museum, he hits a brick wall after discovering that a previously-unknown section of the Museum hidden behind powerful Space magic. Unable to progress further, he determines that bringing it to the attention of the Consillium is probably a good idea.

  • April - It turned out to not be that great of an idea. Several other members of the Consillium mentioned their own interest in the supposedly magical trident, so the Consillium agreed to all go on a joint mission where they would investigate it together and hopefully get to the bottom of things. As most plans do... it fell to pieces once the Mages learned that the Seers of the Throne were forcefully controlling and manipulating innocent members of the public to do their bidding. Following the deaths of two Sleepwalkers, the third, Linda Moore escaped death and became a prisoner of the Consillium. After a long night of puzzle solving, murder and mayhem, it was revealed that the trident was actually a fake. As the spell disguising the object wore off, the Mages discovered it to be a red, plastic devil's trident that you could get from Cheap as Chips. Later that night, Mystery Inc. traveled to the home of one of the deceased Sleepwalkers and found a puppy, only a few weeks old. As it turns out, the puppy was wearing some kind of collar that boosted it's intelligence far beyond what a dog would normally possess. The Cabal agreed to rehome the dog, who was later renamed Scooby and ended up in the care of Oz. Later that month, he encountered a chilling rendition of Thousand-Eyes Restrict and also summoned Mushu, who he made a pact with.

  • May - After a series of kidnappings targeting children, the Mages decide to be good people and try and get to the bottom of the mystery, as the police failed to get anywhere. While discussing how to best deal with the situation, the Mages were all 'conveniently' transported to Torrens Island via a helpful teleportation spell cast by Guy Incognito. Finding themselves in the middle of a thick patch of mangroves, the Mages toughed it out and began their investigation of the island. Not long after, they encountered a tribe of animal-human hybrids, who informed them that several other Mages were present on the island and were responsible for changing people into these hybrids. One venture into the furry subculture later, the Mages came face to face with a cannibalistic Mad Thyrsus going by the name of 'Mother'. A short, but intense, magical confrontation broke out and ultimately ended with the capture of Mother and rescuing of the hybrids. Aon and several other Mages decided that it was best to contain her in a magical prison until she could be properly put on trial for her crimes and maybe even rehabilitated. Mystery Inc. comes to terms with a stalker targeting one of their own, Sugar. They then kidnap him and Cassian messes with his mind, leading the man to later confess to his crimes and Cassian to receive a scolding on behalf of Regis and most of the Consillium for his non-consensual use of Magic on a Sleeper and subsequent Megalomania.

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Quotes By

"hey guys. so last night I had a great idea. we should rob a bank. think about it! Acanthus to make us lucky, Mastigos to get us through security and map the layout, Moros to get us through doors, locks and get rid of forensics, and an Obrimos to help with the camera and shit. you know, when we arent looking for missing babies or anything."
- Cassian to Aon, Oz and Johnny Whisper. Sadly, they didn't share his enthusiasm.
"The Guardians are quoting Shrek, ladies and gentlemen. I'm gonna sleep much safer tonight knowing that my career as an All-Star is protected from the dangers of hubris and paradox, allowing me to Get My Game On."
- Cassian in response to Anthea laying down the law in regards to the protection of the Veil.

Quotes About

"Honour among thieves. As a child, for me that phrase means support each other to the bitter end. We started rocky when we saw each other again after he left, now he is someone I could call a brother. He reminds me there were some good things while in the Liberi." - Oz


"Quote" - reference


  • Top 50 on SA's Most Wanted list
  • Once dated Sweet Alyssum. She chose the plants over him.
  • Deliberately dresses awfully in order to annoy Regis
  • Actually a lot smarter than he lets on
  • Has a ferret fursona
  • loaded af

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Jesse Pinkman
  • The Devil on your shoulder
  • The Steamed Hams meme
  • Youtube Playlist

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Mark Cole
Number: 2016030008
Domain: Adelaide