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“Magic is a twisting tale where Fools walk Fortune’s Wheel. We Awakened to the power of choices, jewels of possible fates — and beheld in every jewel its flaw, its consequence, its doom. We climbed the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn and beheld Arcadia. We screamed iron words to the Fae and mutilated our destinies. It’s never just once upon a time. You wanted revenge, like the oldest man with his sharpened stone, like your ancestor with the bronze knife, and your unborn daughter with a ceramic pistol, someday. Cut on the same thorns, their footsteps join yours along a common trail of blood: the path heroes walk. But I’m not a hero. I’ve stepped off the path. I leave no bloody footprints but those I choose, or paint new, twisted ways for others to follow. Take my hand and I’ll drag you into mists unseen by Fate — or like witches in the stories, end your red journey with the old curses. That’s freedom’s danger.”

Acanthus wield Time and Fate to tell the stories of other lives. In great and monstrous myths they appear as mist-shrouded figures, the tricksters and foreshadowing poets who guide events with subtle gestures. When we witness benign influence we might call them Enchanters, and thank them for overcoming obstacles with strange ease, but we more often call them Witches: cunning ones who step outside the laws that bind everyone else to spin new rules from the Wheel of Fortune

Ruling Arcana: Fate, Time

Inferior Arcanum: Forces

Symbols and Myths: The Fool and the Wheel of Fortune. Tricksters, fairies, and witches. Stories of curses, blessings, and great destinies. Wishes and bargains.

Acanthus across Australia

Character Order Legacy Group Domain
Name Order Legacy Group Domain
Clothon Mysterium - Team Thrillseeker Southern Cross
Andromeda unchosen - - Southern Cross
Medea Adamantine Arrow - Directive Alpha Southern Cross
DeWitt Apostate - - Southern Cross
Astraeus Adamantine Arrow - Heathens Southern Cross
Sybella Silver Ladder - Team Thrillseeker Southern Cross
Oz Mysterium - Mystery Inc. Adelaide
GeeGee Free Council - Generations Adelaide (NPC)

Acanthus across America

Character Order Legacy Group Domain
Name Order Legacy Group Domain

Deceased, Departed or Missing

The following members have deceased, departed, missing or otherwise not in play.

Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason
Name Order Legacy Group Domain



The following Legacies are available to Acanthus mages:

  • Walkers in Mists (Space) - Druids and pathfinders, the Walkers in the Mists explore a "nature beyond nature", which they describe as a guiding destiny for the natural world. Experienced Walkers enter an Emanation Realm called the Mists, using it as a shortcut to arrive wherever needed (MtAW2E p202).
  • House of Ariadne (Time) - Thoroughly metropolitan, but actually one of the oldest Diamond Legacies, the House of Ariadne apply the principle of using random travel through a maze as a divination tool modern-day cities. Members read the past - and future - of a city by seeing its secret signs and walking its hidden paths (MtAW2E p202).
  • Sisterhood of the Blessed (Fate) - The Silver Ladder's Sisterhood of the Blessed began as a Legacy for Awakened noblewomen in the Middle Ages, and now accepts society wives, assistants, and any other roles offering quiet, unseen influence on the powerful. Members become adept at applying Fate to social situations, and some chapters even accept male members - as long as they are appropriately discreet (MtAW2E p202).
  • Pygmalion Society (Mind) - Vicarious artists, each with some talent but not enough, the Pygmalion Society seek out, sponsor, and nurture artistic genius. Through the art they cultivate, they guide all who witness it to their own inspiration (MtAW2E p202).
  • Blank Badge (Mind) - Strictly Libertine, the Blank Badge make magic from collective, anonymous action. Members apply the techne of group responsibility to their own magical natures by accepting the destiny of shared consequence, initiates learn to take on a collective nimbus, become occluded, and - with greater mastery - even share Paradox (MtAW2E p202).
  • Carnival Melancholy (Death) - Born in the Great Depression,the showmen and charlatans of the Carnival Melancholy sought a way to escape the sickness of the dustbowl, and learned the greatest con of all. Their descendants are Reapers, tricking marks out of their souls, which initiates harvest for all their fated good fortune (MtAW2E p202). LEFT HANDED

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