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Adamantine Arrow

Adamantine Arrow

Challenge is Magical
See that convenience store? No, I already know what you do. It’ll be robbed in about a half hour, and it doesn’t turn out pretty for the clerk or that poor kid pressed into being the trigger man. Your Awakening wasn’t pleasant, I know. Neither was your Sleeper life. I’m sympathetic, but I’m not sorry for you. Some might call you scarred by the experience, and they might pity you for it. The pride in your eyes tells me you already know what I’m going to say: Scars aren’t something to be ashamed of. Life is a battle. Scars mark you as a survivor. Look around you — others don’t wear their scars half as well as we do. Not everyone can brave the Mysteries, and maybe not everyone should. Look beyond the Consilium, beyond the Awakened — almost everyone tries to avoid being scarred. Not us. We take on the ordeals and keep the vigils — because we’re strong enough, so others don’t have to be. Having magic and power doesn’t matter, just what you do with it. That’s why we step into harm’s way. It’s a challenge, and challenges are the only thing that matters. I’ll save you a question down the line — the lady depressing property values in this entire neighborhood is backed by the Throne. When you get to brass tacks, both clerk and kid’s death will be her fault. They can’t rise above the challenges forced upon them, but we can, and we can do it for them. Fixing everything is a long war, but I’m going to win this battle here and now without killing anyone, and I’m happy to have you along if you’re willing. We’ve survived worse, haven’t we?

Virtue untested is worthless. This truth is hidden by a Fallen World designed to aggressively and insidiously destroy enlightenment. The Lie oppresses souls, crushing them under somnolent burdens. Beyond the Abyss lies the ideal perfected self, a concept that can only be embodied by struggling against the Lies. Everyone is involved in this struggle, leaving the Awakened as the only ones aware they’re embroiled in a universal conflict. Every Order practices offensive and defensive occult techniques, but the Adamantine Arrow internalizes the metaphor of eternal war as principle. More than that, they seek to serve as soldiers and generals in this war, fighting to maintain their magic. Arrows are the guardians and wardens of the Pentacle, warriors of the Diamond, fighting against stagnation and complacency. They typically hold a majority of non-leadership roles in Consilia and Convocations (and no few Assemblies), as community-oriented duties find fulfillment within their philosophy. Above all else, their magic calls for dedication: striving for a chosen goal against meaningful opposition. Mages join the Arrow when they want to define themselves by supporting others, learn self-discipline and control over their magic, come from a martial or regimented background and want to keep that ethos, or believe magic should be wielded with honor and responsibility.

Key Teachings

  • Existance is War - Arrow believe everything is a battle, All awakened souls struggle against the Abyss to Bridge the Supernal and Fallen, all are Vying for self expression and all grow stronger by conquering the desires of others souls. Arrow often seek Challenge and conflict though not always in a negative way, friendly challenges are often the way. The Arrow regard true Pacifists with disgust but not because they’re Aggressive or hostile rather because it goes against the belief that Existance is war. Arrow will still strive for peace as it can be a far greater challenge to achieve than bloodshed
  • Adaptability is Strength - Arrows believe that anything achieved easily isn’t worth doing. Predictability is a dangerous thing in a world filled with Sympathy. An Arrow rises beyond these weaknesses to bring forth a balanced and perfect self.
  • Service is Mastery - Control only extends as far as the self. An Arrow strives not in what they can do for themselves but what they can do for others. An Arrow is not truly an arrow until he casts aside his own Ideals and Desires in favour of anothers as a selfless act. This helps him understanding his place in the Universe, The Supernal and himself.
  • The Supernal is The Self - The Mind and Soul are small parts of the Universe and Magic, Every Trial an arrow faces reinforces his Honor and Self integrity. The Mage is his Magic. Arrows often seek to shed their flaws through Oaths to tie themselves to something bigger, They Declare intent on the Universe and sharpens focus on a task. These can be Promising to defend a friend, Promising to murder a Rival or Promising to Be something else. A Sworn arrow is placing his judgement in Action rather than formal words.
  • Enlightenment is Honor - An Arrow swears by his Ideals, Picks a path and walks it. An Arrow doesn’t stray from what he has decided and restricts himself greatly. With this an arrow can reach true harmony within their perfect self.

Adamantine Arrow across Australia

Character Faction Path Legacy Group Domain Status Position
Character Faction Path Legacy Group Domain - ••••• Position
Circe - Mastigos - Directive Alpha Southern Cross ••• Thunderbolt Guardian
Medea - Acanthus - Heathens Southern Cross Initiate
Astraeus - Acanthus - Directive Alpha Southern Cross Talon
Big Panda - Obrimos Perfected Adepts - Southern Cross Talon
Aon - Obrimos - - Adelaide
Guy Incognito - Mastigos - - Adelaide
Tipu - Thyrsus - Generations Adelaide NPC

Adamantine Arrow across America

Character Faction Path Legacy Group Domain Status Position
Character Faction Path Legacy Group Domain - ••••• Position
Bee El - Thyrsus - None Ames Initiate

Deceased, Departed or Missing

The following members have deceased, departed, missing or otherwise not in play.

Character Path Legacy Group Domain Reason
Character Path Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play
Character Path Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play
Character Path Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play

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