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Chronicles of Darkness - Mage: the Awakening Second Edition

Philosophy is odious and obscure;

Both law and physic are for petty wits;
Divinity is basest of the three,
Unpleasant, harsh, contemptable, and vile.
'Tis magic, magic that hath ravished me.

- Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus


The world of Mage: The Awakening is a Fallen Lie of hopeless oppression, a prison for human beings cursed to remain ignorant of the myriad occult forces influencing them. Mages are those few individuals who have Awakened to the truth, seeing the Supernal World hidden behind the Lie. Driven by a need to understand the Fallen World’s secrets, empowered with magic by their insight, they face many dangers in their addiction to mystery, but none more than their own human pride.

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Global Genre Storyteller (GGST Awakening): Caleb Prince Brotherton
BtS Genre Storyteller (GST Awakening): Blair Stephens
SNA Genre Storyteller (GST Awakening): James Manning


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AcanthusRune.jpg MastigosRune.jpg MorosRune.jpg ObrimosRune.jpg ThyrsusRune.jpg

Every Mage upon awakening is drawn to a Watchtower, a realm within the Supernal world, where they sign their name and gain the ability to draw magic across Abyss. A watchtower helps define a mage, and the type of magic they can access often affects their personalities, but not always.

  • Acanthus - Known as the Enchanters of the Awakened community. With their powers of Fate and Time they often live in the moment. Seen by some as a breath of fresh air, and others as immature and childish.
  • Mastigos - Called Warlocks by many, the Mastigos tend to see themselves as masters of all. They possess the powers of Mind and Space, and are often ruthless in using them to achieve their goals.
  • Moros - Due to their mastery of Death and Matter the Moros have earned the name Necromancers. They tend to have sombre views of the universe, knowing death treats all equally it's hard to maintain a view of good and evil.
  • Obrimos - All Obrimos have a divine inspired Awakening, leading to them being called the Theurgists by other mages. With Forces and Prime at their sides they are often devoted to higher causes with neigh-unshakable wills.
  • Thyrsus - With their deep connection to Life and Spirit the Thyrsus are known as Shamans to other Awakened. They are often known for following their primal natures, instinct and passion leading them over reason.


AdamantineArrow.png FreeCouncil.png GuardiansoftheVeil.png Mysterium.png SilverLadder.png SeersoftheThrone.png SkullMTA.jpg

For as long as the Awakened can remember there have always been the Diamond orders, recently they have become the pentacle with the inclusion of the Free Council.

  • Adamantine Arrow - These Claws of the Dragon seek to protect the Pentacle through force. Their philosophy is the Adamant Way, a lifestyle that encourages strength and adaptability. It's members seek to prove their resolve and uphold their honour in the face of any conflict.
  • Free Council - The youngest of the orders, the free council seeks to bring magic into the modern era. Often disbelieving of the old Atlantean tales, the Free Council members often believe that change is for the best and push the boundaries of both Science and Magic.
  • Guardians of the Veil - Descended from the Eye of the Dragon the Guardians see themselves as the police of all Awakened. Believing that Reached Magic and Paradoxes strengthen the Abyss they do whatever it takes to keep magic a secret, and punish those who abuse it.
  • Mysterium - Often known as the Lore Masters of the Pentacle, these Wings of the Dragon are both old fashioned researches and Indiana Style Archaeologists. They seek to learn all they can from the past, both it's knowledge, and the lessons that lead to the fall Atlantis.
  • Silver Ladder - Descended from the priests and viziers of Atlantis, collectively known as the Vox Draconis, The Silver Ladder believes that its place is to lead the rest of the Pentacle mages. Their main goal is to reunite the Fallen World with the Supernal Realm, so that all humans can access the magic that is their right. Maintain the Cryptopoly CofD, a network of secret societies, with influence throughout the mortal world.
  • Seers of the Throne - These Slaves of the Exarchs seek to Serve their masters and Gain power in order to cement their comfort, to live like Kings and hold as much power as they can. Any who serve faithfully shall receive rewards, any Seer knows this
  • Apostate - Apostates are mages that have not joined any Order of awakened and instead make do on their own. Often they do not even join a Cabal, which leads to much distrust from other members of the Awakened community.

Nameless Orders

  • Nameless - Several factions and cabals of apostates that refused the authority of the Diamond Orders, and rebelled against them, culminating in the Nameless War.

Left Handed Mages

  • Banishers - Mages who turn on their own kind.
  • The Mad - Mages who have lost the last of their Wisdom.
  • Scelesti - Mages who pervert Supernal magic by invoking the Abyss.


A precious few humans exist who, although not Awakened, possesses enough awareness of the Supernal World to escape many of the effects of the Lie. They do not suffer from Quiescence, generate Dissonance, or worsen the risk of Paradox, and as such these Sleepwalkers are when found often included at least at the periphery of Awakened society.


  • Legacies - Most mages, once able, join a Legacy.
  • Cabals - Small groups, primarily local.
  • Factions - Large groups within each order.

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