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  • Amara Havana - An Indian bloodline that believes it was created by the gods to protect the world from powerful demons, they are incredibly skilled militants. (AB p43)
  • Amrita Bhaga - Largely female bloodline that serves the Indian god of love and pleasure. (AB p59)
  • Anvari - Drug addicts who view such substances as a path to spiritual awakening, who can experience them only through consuming the blood of high mortals. (Hidden p20)
  • Asnâm, The - Believers in their divinity, this bloodline preaches that they may one day transcend to a higher plane and achieve godhood. (Crone p165)
  • California Xiao - The Xiao steal not only the blood but the emotions of their victims, desperately needing to feel again. The bulk of this bloodline are members of a cult in California, but a few rogues have gotten wise and fled. (Chosen p85)
  • Carnival, The - A band of twisted and mutated Kindred, they spurn life amongst their fellows, instead choosing to parade before and horrify the public with their shows. (Legendary p23)
  • Children of Judas - A sinister clan which greatly enjoys encouraging despair, self-destruction and suicide in Kindred and mortals alike. (Legendary p38)
  • Duchagne - Descendants of fickle and hedonistic nobility, who possess the ability to manipulate the emotions of others. (Chosen p36)
  • En - Obsessed with power, this royally descended bloodline has a natural aptitude for rule and control. (AB p153)
  • Erzsébet - A bloodline which believes age to be a poison and corruptor of the Kindred. They seek to do and see everything under the sun, and to one day, all else in their lives completed, walk under it one final time. (Daeva p114)
  • Eupraxus - Professed leaders at the top of the Invictus, living easy lives while distracting others from the crimes of other elders. (Sinners p55)
  • Gulikan - An odd bloodline which is obsessed with all things olfactory; their sense of smell is beyond compare, and they seek to indulge it all times. (Legendary p64)
  • Kallisti - Destroyers of friendships and delighters in the ending of alliances, this scorned bloodline has spite for all social constructs. (Invictus p162)
  • Kinnaree - Secret demon defenders of Thailand, they see themselves as the bloody guardians of their countrie's spiritual future. (AB p117)
  • Malintzin - A bloodline descended from the Aztecs who have supported the Spanish conquest. (SoM p101)
  • Mortifiers of the Flesh* - Tormented by the belief that the Curse is a divine punishment, each member of this unique bloodline (anyone of BP 4+ may join regardless of clan) inflicts horrific wounds upon themselves in atonement. (Lancea p170)
  • Murales - Aztec-styled communists and Diego Rivera wannabes who mystically coerce mortals through public art. (SoM p79)
  • Naditu - Worshipers of beauty, they can be a great blessing to those they admire, but are dangerous to disappoint. (WW downloads)
  • Nelapsi - Legendary for their heinous appetite, that is none the less equally renowned for their cautious and manipulative feeding methods. (Hidden p88)
  • Platina - A small bloodline of silver-barons, drawn from a single mortal family. (SoM p79)
  • Septimi - Champions who seek to lead humanity away from evil, they are altruistic to a fault. (AB p89)
  • Spina - Sharing membership with a sacred order, this bloodline is famous for its courtesy, politeness, and courage. They frequently take part in inquisitions to destroy any who seriously harm their members. (Invictus p173)
  • Tianpàn Xiao - Manipulators of emotions, this bloodline is wildly passionate, and seeks to use the passions of others against them. (Chosen p95)
  • Toreador - Lovers and creators of art, descended from a legendary and proud Spanish nobleman. (VTR p246)
  • Zelani - A bloodline that aspires to lead the Carthian movement, they have strange powers over fate and destiny. (Carthians p166)


  • Annunaku - This bloodline espouses supreme authority over their territory, often as benevolent dictators. (Invictus p159)
  • Barjot - A band of wandering hippies, for all intents and purposes. (Carthians p156)
  • Bohagande - Infamous harbingers of bad luck and misfortune, the Bohagande are unwelcome wherever they go. (Hidden p38)
  • Bruja - Bikers, gangers, and other thuggish and impulsive troublemakers (VTR p235)
  • Carnon - A modern bloodline, heralding from a deviant punk artist, was created as a mistake when he confused Wicca teachings with real occult knowledge. They are ill reputed, for as their humanity grows distant they take more and more the form of a beast. (Crone p168)
  • Childer of the Morrigan - Fierce warriors who historically have served as the military arm of the Circle of the Crone, but have in modern times fallen out of favor and respect. (Crone p172)
  • Dead Wolves - A bloodline born from a werewolf Embraced before the first change, it symbolizes the conflict between Uratha and the Kindred. (SoM p102)
  • Empusae - Daughters and zealots of an infamous and murderous sorceress of the Circle. (Sinners p127)
  • Hounds of Actaeon, The - A bloodline which ritually hunts human prey, using all the modern tools of the trade. (Gangrel p111)
  • Larvae - Criminal family that operates at the fringes of Rome, providing illegal services to those willing to pay for them. (RfRome p228)
  • Gens Libres, Les - Anarchists and rebels, each Embraced as a form of salvation from some form of bondage. (AB p69)
  • Mabry - A bloodline which prefers its prey come to them, they are establishers of bars and inns in remote places, preying on travelers who happen in to the wrong place. (Gangrel p110)
  • Mara, The - Dwellers in water and wet places, this bloodline is deeply pious and worships a spirit of water. (Crone p180)
  • Moroi* - Legendary night stalkers and murderers that are fierce servants of the Ordo Dracul. (Ordo p159)
  • Mystikoi - Mystics who seek to reunify all of Creation with the divine, they modify their own forms in an attempt to mirror that of god... by succumbing to frenzy and the inner Beast. (AB p130)
  • Nepheshim - Wanderers and pilgrims, this bloodline reflects a subset of the Neepheshim faction of the Lancea Sanctum, and seeks to share their beliefs with all Kindred who will hear it. (Lancea p160)
  • Oberlochs - Masters of rural areas, descendants of a mortal family cruelly embraced by a Gangrel long ago. (Hidden p96)
  • Shepherds - Protectors of mankind from the Kindred, whom believe that most of their kind have grown gluttonous and drink too much too often, risking the Masquerade. (AB p36)
  • Taifa - Refined and sophisticated Gangrel from Islamic North Africa, whom prize art, scholarship, and culture. (Chosen p75)
  • Vedma - Sorcerous and reclusive witches whose lineage dates back beyond memory. (Ordo p169)


  • Agonistes - Scholars and historians, all experts on the lore of torpor and how to resist it's muddling of memory and dreams. (Chosen p16)
  • Alucinor - A curious discipline which possesses the ability to dreamwalk, they are vulnerable to the twisted nightmares of other, but possess potentially prophetic wisdom. (Hidden p12)
  • Angustri - A bloodline founded by a former ghoul who is now Embraced, they maintain close ties with his ghoul family which shares the name. (Ghouls p96)
  • Bak-Ra - Worshippers of the Egyptian god of the sun who fled the Roman conquest by entering into millenia-spanning torpor, those few members of this bloodline who have been reawakened have set to re-establishing their fanatical cult. (AB p167)
  • Brothers of Ypres - A line of poisoners and masters of toxins, descended from world war combatants. (AB p22)
  • Család - A bloodline confined to a scant few members in Hungary, they possess magical control over their dominions. (Sinners p118)
  • Iltani - Powered by anger, spite, and resentment, the wrathful and sorcererous Iltani bloodline distills these emotions into lethal poisons. (AB p145)
  • Khaibit - Originally skilled spies and assassins for a Cult of Set in ancient Egypt, with the demise of that civilization this bloodline has struggled for meaning, uncertain of who to serve. (Hidden p58)
  • Kuufukuji - Monastic hermits who seek mastery over the Beast and the need for blood. (Legendary p78)
  • Libitinarius - Born out of an mortal death cult experimenting with dark magic, this bloodline possess significant power over their torpid fellows. (Ordo p155)
  • Lynx - Obsessed with 'networks' of all sorts, be they social connections or digital, this bloodline is renowned amongst the Invictus as purveyors of information. (Invictus p165)
  • Mnemosyne - A bloodline with power over memory, they possess knowledge that is the envy of all Kindred -- knowledge which drives many Mnemosyne elders mad. (Mekhet p82)
  • Morbus - An ancient and infamous bloodline which can only feed on the sick and dying, a condition which they themselves may inflict with impunity. (VTR p244; RfRome p233)
  • Norvegi - A scorned bloodline that lacks fangs, they none the less have the power to manipulate flesh, bone, and Vitae, warping it to their command. (Mekhet p84)
  • Osites - A small and nearly extinct bloodline, they are fascinated by death, thinking it holds the key to enlightenment. (Lancea p173)
  • Players - Vampires who seek to be beautiful and untroubled like those in popular media, they are amongst the most reviled beings in the World of Darkness. (Legendary p116)
  • Qedeshah - An all-female bloodline, which views itself as sacred mothers of the Damned, whom often seek to reproduce even against the will of the Prince. (Hidden p106)
  • Sangiovanni - Members of the Sangiovanni family, which practices the reviled art of necromancy. (Chosen p65)
  • Tismanu - Pious and contemplative, this bloodline is older than Dracula but faithful to the Ordo, offering its Eastern Orthodox beliefs and courtesy to their fellows. (Ordo p164)


  • Adroanzi - Caretakers and gardeners of native Africa, this bloodline resents its condition, and holds deep spite for humanity and divinity alike for tasking them outside of heaven. (AB p106)
  • Azerkatil - Militant vampires created by blood sorcery, originally for the purpose of destroying Dracula, which has since gone astray. (Ordo p145)
  • Baddacelli - Blind predators who chiefly live underground, this bloodline has incredible control over their other senses, and their ability to manipulate sound. (Chosen p26)
  • Burakumin - A bloodline of Japanese origin, the Burakumin consist largely of former laborers and other traditionally oppressed folk, who have found power in the distant West. (VTR p238)
  • Calacas - An unusual bloodline whose face is transmuted to bear skeletal features, and possess an unusual affinity with death, ghosts, and the underworld. (SoM p99)
  • Caporetti - Predators who stalked icy trenches during the great wars, vanishing prey as they pleased. (AB pg18)
  • Cimitière - Unusual religious zealots of Nosferatu descent. (CoTD: N. Orleans p59)
  • Cockscomb Society, The - Started in the late 1800's, these Nosferatu refuse to allow their vampirism to kill their humanity, humanity being things they equate with high society rather than spiritual qualities. (Nosferatu p106)
  • Galloi - Bathers in their own blood who have overcome the inherent ugliness of their parent clan, they may remain beautiful so long as they continue the practice. (Legendary p51)
  • Gethsemani - This bloodline possesses numerous powers which seem to be truly divine in origin, but in modern times is finding increasing numbers of its members doubting their faith. (Hidden p48)
  • Licinii* - A primarily Julii bloodline, known for its infirmity and weakness, who are outcasts from that clan due to their sordid and pathetic reputation. (RfRome 231)
  • Lygos - Obsessed with the darkness that hides their features, the Lygos worship the absence of light as if it were a divinity. (Nosferatu p107)
  • Mayarap - Buddhists who seek to earn karma for themselves and all of the Kindred. (AB p122)
  • Moroi* - Legendary night stalkers and murderers that are fierce servants of the Ordo Dracul. (Ordo p159)
  • Morotrophians - Haunters of closed facilities such as asylums or prisoners, this cruel bloodline preys on the trapped, weak, and helpless. (Hidden p68)
  • Noctuku - Cannibals and devourers of Kindred flesh, feared as urban legends throughout Kindred society. (Chosen p46)
  • Order of Sir Martin - A diseased order of chivalrous and law-abiding Kindred, whom have sworn fealty to the Invictus and serve as their secret police. (AB p137)
  • Rakshasa - An ancient Indian bloodline of warrior merchants, they are well reputed for their furious temper and vast connections. (Hidden p116)
  • Telamones - Builders of tunnels and underground labyrinths, this bloodline is believed to be the descendants of Roman Camarilla slaves. (Sinners p94)
  • Usiri - Once servants of Osiris, this lineage has adapted well to modern times and they serve as purveyors of secrets. (AB p162)
  • Yagnatia - Proud and powerful Nosferatu, with great knowledge of social graces, who are descended of Russian nobility. (Chosen p105)


  • Adrestoi - A young bloodline (1980) obsessed with conquest and rule, even more so than other Kindred, they feel compelled to do so as the only way they feel alive. (Ventrue p104)
  • Apollinaire - Favored of the Haitian god of death, they possess the inherit ability to see ghosts, as well as a discipline that grants them great power over doors and passageways. (AB p63)
  • Architects of the Monolith - Sorcerers who see the path to power is through controlling cityscapes, this bloodline has a unique bloodline capable of manipulating the landscape. (Hidden p30)
  • Bron - A fallen bloodline, who feels destined to rule but are cursed to be unable to do so, they continually seek out new territories in the hope of one day finding that will accept them. (Legendary p10)
  • Canda Bhanu - Indian bloodline that seeks to redeem mortals and Kindred alike for their sins. (AB p53)
  • Corajoso - Portuguese discipline, originally composed largely of a once-mortal family, that developed gifts of telepathy to facilitate their shared endeavors when the voyages of their country spread them far apart. (AB p99)
  • Deucalion - Arrogant to the extreme, the Deucalion believe they are perfect beings who can do no wrong, and they look down with contempt at Kindred and mortals alike for their failings -- an area they possess great power over. (Carthians p160)
  • Dragolescu - A pariah bloodline with a particular interest in spirits and the soul. (Ordo 150)
  • Geheim - Hedonistic German aristocracy, with a penchant for pushing the limits of the Blood for all its worth. (AB p81)
  • Gorgons - This bloodline traces its lineage back to Medusa (or so they say), an entity which they claim possessed divine blood. They possess a deep affinity for snakes and serpents. (Crone p176)
  • Icarians - Followers of a legendary murdered archbishop, the Icarians see themselves as pious and noble lords who believe they are natural rulers over all. (Lancea p167)
  • Macellarius - An ill-reputed bloodline, known chiefly for its morbid obesity, they are believed to consume blood in great quantities, sometimes even devouring bodies to get their fill. They are none the less often as socially charming as their Ventrue brethren. (Legendary p90)
  • Malkovians - A Russian-descended bloodline that inflicts insightful madness on its bearers, feared and reviled by other Ventrue. (VTR p241)
  • Malocusians - Spiders are a bloodline intimately bound to their havens, gaining significant power inside of them via their Domus discipline. (Invictus p168)
  • Melissidae - A bloodline which is largely quiet, after a late 19th century massacre. They are leaders over mortals who seek to create utopian societies, with themselves at the top. (Legendary p103)
  • Nahualli - A relatively modern bloodline which believes in synergy with the Beast, infamous for committing ritual murders (even on fellow Kindred) for this cause. (Hidden p78)
  • Rötgrafen - Descendants of Nordic pirate raiders, who have not completely forgotten their roots. (Chosen p56)
  • Sons of Cade - Descendants of an infamous and bloodthirsty Ventrue, who follow his might-makes-right philosophy. (Sinners p49)
  • Sotoha - A bloodline dedicated to the principles of the Samuri, chiefly loyalty. They swear allegiance to a master whom they serve faithfully and dutifully. (Invictus p170)

Bloodlines in Play in Australia

The following Bloodlines are available across Australia, please contact the VST of a relevant Domain if you are interested in ties for a Bloodline they have available already. The following lists for each Domain contain both Player Characters and Non-Player Characters.

Clan Bloodline Type Domain
Daeva Anvari PC Adelaide
Daeva Nelapsi PC Southern Cross
Nosferatu Azerkatil PC Adelaide
Gangrel Bruja PC Adelaide
Gangrel Carnon PC Adelaide
Daeva Eupraxis NPC Adelaide
Mekhet Khaibit PC Adelaide
Mekhet Agonistes PC Adelaide
Nosferatu Lygos PC Adelaide
Ventrue Melissidae PC Adelaide
Mekhet Morbus PC Adelaide
Mekhet Norvegi PC Adelaide
Nosferatu Telamones PC + NPC Adelaide
Nosferatu Yagnatia PC Adelaide
Nosferatu Noktuku NPC Adelaide
Daeva Anvari PC Canberra
Gangrel Bruja PC Canberra
Makhet Khaibit PC Canberra
Ventrue Architects of the Monolith PC Canberra
Ventrue Apollinaire PC Perth
Ventrue Architects of the Monolith NPC Perth
Gangrel Childer of the Morrigan PC Perth
Ventrue Gorgons PC Perth
Daeva Kallisti NPC Perth
Mekhet Khaibit PC Perth
Gangrel Moroi* PC Perth
Nosferatu Moroi* PC Perth
Mekhet Norvegi NPC Perth
Gangrel Shepherds PC Perth
Gangrel Taifa PC Perth
Daeva Toreador PC Perth
Ventrue Architects of the Monolith NPC Southern Cross
Nosferatu Burakumin PC Southern Cross
Nosferatu Caporetti PC Southern Cross
Gangrel Carnon PC Southern Cross
Daeva Duchagne PC Southern Cross
Gangrel Hounds of Actaeon, The NPC Southern Cross
Gangrel Gens Libres, Les PC Southern Cross
Nosferatu Lygos PC Southern Cross
Ventrue Malkovian PC Southern Cross
Ventrue Malkovian NPC Adelaide
Mekhet Norvegi PC + NPC Southern Cross
Mekhet Tismanu NPC Southern Cross
Mekhet Tismanu PC Brisbane
Daeva Toreador PC + NPC Southern Cross
Gangrel Vedma PC Southern Cross
Daeva Toreador PC Brisbane
Daeva Septimi PC Brisbane
Daeva Spina PC Brisbane
Daeva Zelani PC Brisbane
Gangrel Hounds of Actaeon, The PC Brisbane
Gangrel Annunaku NPC Brisbane
Mekhet Khaibit PC Brisbane
Mekhet Alucinor PC Brisbane
Nosferatu Galloi PC Brisbane
Nosferatu Burkamin PC Brisbane
Nosferatu Yagnatia NPC Brisbane
Ventrue Gorgon PC Brisbane
Ventrue Malkovian PC Brisbane
Ventrue Adrestoi PC Brisbane


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