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Each Kindred is a member of a clan. A clan is a group of vampires who all share common characteristics. Popular Kindred mythology suggests that all vampires are assumed to have descended from one common Kindred, the founder of that clan, though no one knows who those founders might be. When a vampire Embraces a new Kindred, the progeny is of the same clan as the progenitor. Certain “sub-clans” of vampires also exist, known as bloodlines, but a vampire can never change her clan.

A character’s clan serves as a sort of extended family of the night, bound by lineage and responsible for certain similarities among its members. If a Kindred's time in society is their Requiem, than their clan can be considered their instrument: a consistent note that remains constant, no matter how their Danse Macarbe proceeds. Little wonder that those of similar Blood band together so strongly.


LogoDaeva 70x70.png “ What a silly thing to say, my love. Of course you can’t live without me.”

The Daeva are emotional, sensual and desirable. Sexual predators and sensual hedonists alike populate the ranks of these succubi-seducers. Other Kindred envy their beauty and grace, their ability to incite passion in mortals, the ease with which they glide through the masses — and that envy is almost as potent a draught to the Daeva as blood itself. These Kindred are consummate predators, and they would seem to be the perfect vampires.
Alas, most are too dead inside to enjoy it.


LogoGangrel 70x70.png “ Go tell this Prince of yours that this is my domain - if you've got the guts.”

The Gangrel are primal, hardy and savage. They embody the myths of vampires turning into animals or otherwise changing form. While vampires give mortals a reason to be afraid of the dark, they are the things that give even vampires reason to fear — the predators among the predators, the most savage of beasts. Perhaps the only clan whose mere mention almost always elicits a chilled shudder or a reverent nod, the Gangrel are, in many ways, the “noble savages” of the vampiric race.


LogoMekhet 70x70.png “ Sure, I can find that out for you, but you better make it worth my while.”

The Mekhet are quick, discreet and wise. Legends of vampires hiding in shadows, preying secretly on victims, and even learning secrets no one else but the keeper is supposed to know probably refer to this clan. While vampires have always been creatures of the night by design, but none more so than the dwellers in darkness who compose Clan Mekhet. Darkness is the hallmark of this lineage, and its members surround themselves with it like a corpse wears a shroud. The hallmarks of the clan are stealth and wisdom, so it is entirely fitting that they are associated with darkness — the better to hide them and the source of the knowledge they exhume.


LogoNosferatu 70x70.png “ Wow, you haven't flinched for almost two minutes. I must get prettier when you want something.”

Stealthy, strong and terrifying, the very presence of the Nosferatu unnerves people, whether by physical ugliness, foul stench or nebulous personal malignance. Not all curses are created equal, the Nosferatu are outcast as the most overtly disturbing of the undead. Only sometimes able to pass as human, the Haunts are horribly warped by the Embrace, either physically or... otherwise. They dwell in shadows that other vampires would not dare. Even other undead fear the Nosferatu, for their unsettling seemings are constant reminders that those Kindred who look mortal are not.
But they grudgingly respect the Nosferatu as well.


LogoVentrue 70x70.png “ Let me be clear. You will accept my offer now or later. You will like it much less later.”

The Ventrue offer a very simple boast: They win. They always win.
Other Kindred often despise the Lords, but they seldom dispute the clan’s boast. All too often, a Kindred works and schemes to win some prize, only to find that a Ventrue owned it all along. The officers who lead a city’s Kindred almost always include several highly placed Ventrue. The Lords acknowledge no defeats, only setbacks. The clan shares a ruthless will to power and the power to enforce its will.


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