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Free Council

Free Council

Humanity is Magical
Another video of a riot. The media treats it like it’s a new occurrence, yeah? But if you live long enough, you see the same image every few decades. Fists raised in rebellion. Flaming chunks of something hurled against anonymous soldiers, ones with no face but authority. It’s not enough to throw the Molotov cocktail, it’s gotta be seen. The act of viewing rebellion changes the rebel and the viewer. The medium is the message, and fire carries one hell of an argument. Just because it’s cyclical doesn’t mean there isn’t meaning. That kind of fire runs deep in societies and culture. That’s where the Supernal is closest to the Fallen World, when passion and power circle a symbol. It’s like a photo of a mountain and a lake, yeah? One reflects the other so clearly you can’t always be sure what’s real. Throw a rock in, you start seeing the ripples and the currents. You learn more about what you’re looking at by the whole picture than just one side or the other. That’s how you separate the two — throw a rock. Not literally, y’know? Not always, at least. The Hierarch is advocating against doing anything about what’s going on in the industrial district, but lots of people still live and work there. Not just the working class — tech-savvy start-ups buy out old buildings cheap, revitalize neighborhoods. Old and new bringing life is what we’re all about; so is throwing fire when necessary. Let’s raise a fist and make some noise, shall we?

Magic exists in the Fallen World, like a tree stunted by the Abyss, growing ever upward to touch the Supernal. The Awakened have always been sensitive to the spirit of an age, and the modern age is one of power and promise. All of humanity’s knowledge can be held in a pocket, while revolutions are given wings by invisible birds. Mathematicians and theoretical scientists grasp the fundamental nature of reality, straining against the impossible. The Fallen World is a chain on human souls, but any chain can be reforged into a key…or a sword. Upheaval and innovation lead to occult Wisdom: This is the basis of the Council of Free Assemblies, an Order comprised of modern idealists and ancient rebels united by a shared love of humanity and the belief that the traditions of the Fallen World hold a place equal to the Supernal. Geniuses, rebels, malcontents — all have places within Assemblies, fostering a flourishing idealism tempered by practical iconoclasm. Larger and more varied than all other Orders, Libertine sancta ring with competing voices of anarchists, free-market capitalists, and doctrinaire demagogues. Ancient Legacies and formerly-Nameless societies that predate the Diamond share a table with cutting-edge technomancers, bound by the Libertine Creed and a vision of the future. Mages join the Libertines when they want to fight for Sleepers and democracy, when they find more value in the works of modern-day humanity than those of ancient mages, when they’re deeply invested in a Sleeper magical culture.

Key Teachings

  • Libertine Creed
  • Humanity is Magical - The Order does not guide Sleeper Societies but instead Invest in them, They Strive to make All sleepers worthy of Magic. They see Mages as terrible examples of the Above and Below instead working to bridge the Gap between Awakened and Sleepers by destroying pernicious lies that crush the Human Soul. They hope that by doing so they can remove the Abyssal shard inside every Human soul to have every human Simultaneously Awaken rather than one at a time.
  • Destroy the Followers of the Lie - The Free Council see the Lie as a crushing force and refuse to look through it as it forces Humanity into a heirarchy of Awakened and Sleepers mearly by existing. Radical Free Council advocate for open War against the Seers and sometimes Silver Ladder but the Council as a whole cannot agree on the best way to reform awakened society away from the authoritarian origins they have. Most have simply settled on the idea that peaceful cooperation within the pentacle will gradually grow the Awakened community away from its old governance and into something greater.
  • Democracy seeks the Truth - Democracy is the Best, Anything else is Tyranny. The Free Council believes in making group decisions. They Believe that anything else is being just as bad as the Seers. They believe an idea made by a group is more likely to be right than one made alone.

Free Council across Australia

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Invar - Moros - Team Thrillseeker Southern Cross -
Thrills - Thyrsus - Team Thrillseeker Southern Cross -

Free Council across America

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Deceased, Departed or Missing

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Cabals and Groups

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