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Legacies in Australia

Legacies known to have (PC) members. Click through to the category page for a list of members.

Name Path Order Book and Page Description
Brotherhood of the Demon Wind Mastigos Adamantine Arrow The Adamantine Arrow and Page 157 Descended from a man who is claimed to have spoken with the ghost of a true dragon, the Brotherhood is devoted to mastering the secret that the dragon taught their founder; the power of the onikaze, the demon wind. They are expert at stepping along the boundaries of space and time, and are practically impossible to best in blade-to-blade combat by virtue of their incredible unpredictability.
Blank Badges Acanthus Free Council The Free Council and Page 94 Dedicated idealists and revolutionaries against the whole of the Awakened establishment (including the Free Council), the Blank Badges are direct heirs to the Nameless traditions of the pre-Council era. They’re magical anarchists and rebels, striking the Seers for preference but also any traitor who tries to stay their hand or parlay with the Throne.
Eyes of Ain Soph Obrimos Mysterium The Mysterium and Page 166 Known as 'Seekers' members of this Legacy largely believe the knowledge of magic is inherent in the structure of magic. To this end they examine and experiment with unusual types of magic and other occult phenomena. They have a reputation amongst some of the Awakened as meddlers at best or holding an over-developed death wish at worst. This is due to the risks involved in some of their experiments.
Reality Stalkers Mastigos Mysterium The Mysterium and Page 173 The Reality Stalkers are mages who focus on bending and warping space and perception. A common use for their powers is to acquire lost or heavily protected items of use; however, the Stalkers are also devoted to studying the cracks in reality which their powers exploit, for some believe that within these cracks lie ancient secrets, powerful Artefacts, and even a physical bridge to the Supernal Realms.
Sisterhood of the Blessed Acanthus Silver Ladder The Silver Ladder and Page 164 This Legacy is an up-until-recently exclusive to high-class women group whose networking and attainments are focused on helping members avoid the social prejudice levied against them. They are skilled in subtle Fate and Mind magics to assist their endeavours and keep themselves from accruing too much unwanted attention stemming from their power.
Subtle Ones Mastigos Guardians of the Veil Mage: The Awakening and Page 352 The Subtle Ones attempt to influence society from behind the scenes. They gain the power to influence the minds of people, alter their auras, or travel unnoticed, all while attempting to change society according to a preconceived pattern.
Thread Cutters Moros Any Legacies; The Ancient and Page 100 The Thread Cutters are the self-appointed guardians of destiny. They read the fates of others, and groom or destroy them in accordance with what they find to be their subject's proper role in the tapestry of fate. They serve beings embodying fate, which they call the Three, who weave a person's thread of fate, measure it to the appropriate length, and sever it once it has reached its end.
Uncrowned Kings Moros Free Council Mage: The Awakening and Page 363 The Uncrowned Kings are alchemists, though their studies transcend the vulgar work of other Awakened alchemists. Theirs is alchemy of the soul, designed to refine the purest essence of the soul out of the dross of sorrow and pain.
Votaries of the Ordained Moros Guardians of the Veil Guardians of the Veil and Page 169 The Votaries of the Ordained are mages who devote everything they are to protecting an important item, person or place from supernatural interference, although their stewardship over each item only lasts until that item has fulfilled its worldly significance.
Walker in Mists Acanthus Mysterium Mage: The Awakening and Page 358 The Walkers in Mists are an order of mages who draw their wisdom and power from the natural world around them, rather than the tomes and scrolls so beloved of their fellow Awakened. They’re masters of manipulating the continuum of nature they call the Mists to gaze upon and travel to places far removed from their own selves in the blink of an eye.
Wraith of Epochs Moros Mysterium The Mysterium and Page 180 The Wraiths are mages who reject the modern world and eschew its technologies as distractions from the power and true ways of the Supernal and the Awakened. They have incredible power to look into and draw upon the past but lose their ability to wield the tools of the present to best effect.
The House of Ariadne Acanthus Any Legacies: The Sublime and Page 34 The House of Ariadne is a Legacy devoted to urbanity. They are attracted to everything about city life, good and bad, for it is from the city that they gain the power to see into past and future. They walk the paths of the ley lines and the lesser lines they call Ariadne's threads crisscrossing the city, and use the symbols they see along the way to interpret the future.


There are also known NPCs with the following legacies:

  • Eyes of Ain Soph
  • Forge Masters
  • Imagineers
  • Keepers of the Covenant
  • Mimir's Voice
  • Threnodists

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List of Other Legacies

Name Path Order Left Handed Book and Page Description
Category:Awakening Gambit Acanthus Adamantine Arrow No The Adamantine Arrow and Page 151 The Awakening Gambit are a Legacy who seek to shunt people into situations where they are forced to Awaken in an attempt to create more mages. Their methods are not always successful, and can be quite dangerous (although the Gambit mages do their best to ensure that no lasting harm can befall their target), but the number of successes they do get indicate that their idea is a sound one
Category:The Daoine Acanthus Any No Legacies: The Sublime and Page 34 The Daoine are Acanthus who attempt to emulate Fae justice. They punish those who have violated their obscure codes and reward those who have acted virtuously. These mages are masters of the hex and curse, using their powers to perform their duties against violators of their own codes or the scruples of whoever hires them.
Category:The Pygmalian Society Acanthus Any No Legacies: The Sublime and Page 64 The Pygmalian Society believes that art – true Art, that is – is a link to the Supernal, given its quality to provoke and inspire people, and it is a link that even Sleepers can use. The Society thus seeks to inspire artistic emotions in the Sleepers it interacts with, in the hopes of Awakening them from Sleep via a great induced moment of creative epiphany.
Category:Singers in Silence Acanthus Mysterium No The Mysterium and Page 169 These mages have an almost instinctive understanding of death and its hold on those around them. Theirs is the power to summon and create ghosts, and to read the strands of fate and death to see those who are marked and fated to die soon. This knowledge cannot be suppressed or easily ignored, and as a result of their connection to death the Singers are warped in mind, body and soul.
Category:Skalds Acanthus Any No Legacies: The Ancient and Page 82 The Skalds are the heirs to a truly ancient practice known across the world; that of the singing storyteller and songwriter. They are superlative musicians and writers, and use these skills to move audiences of Sleeper and mage to joy, sorrow, anger, or any other emotion the bard cares to conjure.
Category:Storm Keepers Acanthus Any No Tome Of The Watchtowers and Page 38 The Storm Keepers have guarded humanity against the forces of nature unchecked for many centuries. They have an almost intuitive ability to comprehend the weather systems of the world. Their powers give them control over storms and any collateral effects of storms, as well as the ability to predict the effects their abilities will have once employed, the better to be fully warned of the consequences of their meteorological meddling.
Category:Tamers of Winds Acanthus Any No Legacies: The Ancient and Page 65 This Elemental Legacy specialises in the element of Air. The Tamers of Winds seek and dispense truth and good judgement, serving as judges and counsellors to Sleepers and the Awakened. They can read truths on the wind and delve into the minds of others.
Category:The Carnival Melancholy Acanthus Silver Ladder Yes The Silver Ladder and Page 182 Awakened charlatans and conmen, the mages of the Carnival Melancholy harvest the souls of the Sleepers they dupe and use them to bolster their own chances of success. Their philosophy stems from the Depression and sees the Awakened as a nation of fugitives, doing what they can to survive and attain the Imperium Mysteriorum on the backs of the Sleepers.
Category:Bearers of the Eternal Voice Mastigos Guardians of the Veil No Guardians of the Veil and Page 163 The propagandists of old Atlantis, the Bearers of the Eternal Voice are masters of subtle persuasion and using the power of the spoken word to change people’s minds, thoughts, and memories. Their task is to shore up the ranks of the Awakened against disobedience and heresy, and to manipulate those whose skills or contacts are required by the Awakened world.
Category:Bene Ashmedai Mastigos Silver Ladder No The Silver Ladder and Page 186 Goetic mages who hark back to an apprentice of Solomon the Wise, and his pact with a demon king named Asmodai, the Bene Ashmedai seek enlightenment through excess and to serve the Silver Ladder. Their powers over goetic demons are formidable, though of a different nature to those of the Claviculari.
Category:Clavicularus Mastigos Silver Ladder No Legacies: The Sublime and Page 13 The Claviculari practise goetic magic, the art of dealing with the demons that live within their Oneiroi and govern their sins. They also learn the names and seals required to bind these demons.
Category:Liberatores Mastigos Any No Tome of the Watchtowers and Page 67 The Liberatores, as the name would suggest, are devoted to the abolition of slavery worldwide, though they also serve to resist anything they believe to be economic oppression or the use of mental and emotional abuse to achieve control.
Category:Reality Makers Mastigos Silver Ladder No The Silver Ladder and Page 171 These mages are masters of making phantasmal items and hiding the true nature of mundane ones to suit their needs. Their powers are commonly put to use in their philosophy helping themselves and others of lower wealth and class to make their way in the world, creating money and documentation to give themselves the advantages they otherwise lack.
Category:Sphinxes Mastigos Mysterium No Legacies: The Ancient and Page 91 The Sphinxes find Supernal truths and Oracular messages in the patterns they observe in all facets of life, by solving riddles in the mundane facets of existence. They specialise in finding and solving puzzles and ciphers, or finding hidden paths out of places. They are capable of learning truths without needing to know any facts.
Category:Tamer of Caves Mastigos Any No Legacies: The Ancient and Page 28 This Elemental Legacy specialises in the element of Ether. The Tamers of the Cave seek death so that others might Awaken. They create a strange substance called an etheric mirror, which allows them to freely walk in and out of Twilight.
Category:The Threnodists Mastigos Free Council No Legacies: The Sublime and Page 107 The Threnodists are a curious techgnostic Legacy who believe that magic has a scientific basis made evident through quantum mechanics. They perceive themselves as scientists, and attempt to give off an aura of learning; however, most other mages see them as simply insane.
Category:Dreamers of the Black Sun Mastigos Any Yes Shadows of Mexico and Page 107 The Dreamers of the Black Sun are a Mexico-based cult of destruction that seeks to destroy life in the service of their god, Tamoanchan. Their magic directly manipulates fear, even to the point where they can damage and blind people through the power of fear alone.
Category:The Fangs of Mara Mastigos Any Yes Legacies: The Sublime and Page 138 The Fangs are a Legacy known for practising Abyssal magic, especially when it relates to fear. Most mages stop there and assume they're like the Scelesti. But the Fangs of Mara don't worship the acamoth; indeed, they plan to destroy them, and believe the best way to do this is to turn their own weapons against them.
Category:Bokor Moros Any No Tome of the Watchtowers and Page 95 These mages are unusual amongst the Moros in that, unlike most members of their path, they see death not a serene, calm experience, but as a violent and painful process. The see the bodies of the dead as being mere shells, and so have no qualms about using them as servants or soldiers. Interesting to note is that their ethics are tightened when it comes to dabbling in souls; the Bokor philosophy does not allow that to imprison or sever souls, though they can be used to create revenants.
Category:Forge Masters Moros Any No Legacies: The Ancient and Page 72 Awakened artisans and craftsmen beyond parallel, the Forge Masters are the supreme alchemists, item crafters and Imbuers of the Awakened world. Even the mundane items they make are of exceptional quality and the greatest among them can use their own souls as forges to conjure items from thin air.
Category:The Stone Scribes Moros Mysterium No Legacies: The Sublime and Page 95 The Stone Scribes are a Legacy devoted to finding and recording the Final Names of the dead and the dying, in the hope that someday they will be able to work backwards from all the names of power they have collected to reconstruct the names of dead Atlantean archmages and conjure up their shades, seeking genuine Atlantean magic from these ghosts.
Category:Tamers of Stone Moros Any No Legacies: The Ancient and Page 57 This Elemental Legacy specialises in the element of Earth. The Tamers of Stone are builders, masons, and architects, who lay out Supernal symmetry in their designs and who remain steadfastly on the ground with the common people, despite their Awakened condition.
Category:The Cult of the Doomsday Clock Moros Any Yes Legacies: The Sublime and Page 128
Category:Tremere Liches Moros Any Yes Mage: The Awakening and Page 363 The Tremere Liches are mages who have been infected with the power of a presumed-extinct bloodline of vampires called the Tremere. They are gifted with immortality, but only as long as they consume the souls of mortals to sustain it.
Category:Secret Order of the Gate Any Seers of the Throne Kind of Seers of the Throne and Page 178
Category:Echo Walkers Obrimos Any Yes Legacies: the Ancient and Page 121
Category:Devourers of the Flesh Thyrsus Adamantine Arrow Yes The Adamantine Arrow and Page 160
Category:The Austere Any Guardians of the Veil Yes Guardians of the Veil and Page 172
Category:Gaolers of Ialdabaoth Any Any  ? Grimoire of Grimoires and Page 83
Category:Path of the Book Any Any  ? Grimoire of Grimoires and Page 123
Category:The Quiescent Any Any  ? Mage Noir and Page 176
Category:Name Path Order No Book and Page Description