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“Magic is a secret transformation. Death is not still, and gold flowers from the World’s corruption. We Awaken to this secret: Within adamantine permanence lies change, and within change, permanence. For the price of the Leaden Coin, we see that nothing ends. This is not your husband. He’s dead. He’s changing. His body rots in the grave. They’re going to shut down his social media. One day, you’ll see a face he never had, changed by the flavors of memory. This ghost was part of your husband, once. He thinks he’s the essential part, but he’s a component. He’s a fragment that loves you too much and doesn’t care enough. He’s the frustration that smashes glasses and screams in the night. He’s the only part that isn’t changing, nourishing the future, or making space for new life. I mean to reunite this ghost with the rest of his soul, leaving you with the man as you’re meant to remember him, softening with time. Only memories live forever, if you pass them on — and they’ll change, as they were meant to.”

She’s an Alchemist: a scientist of change who sees atoms hum, ready to transform at her urging. She can command the slain to rise again by harnessing a body’s remaining mystic potential. She can even adjust the motion of a soul, luring it away from the cycle of life and death. People believe the dead must cross into some great below or heaven above when their bodies fall, the puppet’s strings cut; but Moros reach across the gulf and speak to the dead, or correct a malfunctioning demise where part of the soul stays behind. Moros who concentrate on misplaced souls, ghosts, and corpses are better known as Necromancers

Ruling Arcana: Death, Matter

Inferior Arcanum: Spirit

Symbols and Myths: Death and the World. The gods of death, prosperity, and craft. The signs and symbols of alchemy and descendants, such as chemistry and engineering.

Moros across Australia

Character Order Legacy Group Domain
Character Order Legacy Group Domain
Crucible Silver Ladder - Scions of Prometheus Southern Cross
Rifling Mysterium Forge Masters - Southern Cross
Invar Free Council - Team Thrillseeker Adelaide
Johnny Whisper Guardians of the Veil The Eleventh Question Mystery Inc. Adelaide
Susan Nameless - - Adelaide
Umbra Regis Guardians of the Veil The Eleventh Question Generations Adelaide (NPC)

Moros across America

Character Order Legacy Group Domain
Name Order Legacy Group Domain

Deceased, Departed or Missing

The following members have deceased, departed, missing or otherwise not in play.

Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason
Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play
Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play
Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play


The following Legacies are available to Moros mages:

  • The Eleventh Question (Time) - The Eleventh Question credits a 19th century Mystagogue named Lucy Caspian with the core of its philosophy. She said that every Arcanum answered an eternal question so that, for example, Mind revealed the nature of identity and thought, and Matter showed Awakened the truths of tangible, inert phenomena. Yet these were always incomplete answers, and the full Mystery of sorcery, even Ascension, required an Eleventh Question, beyond the domain of the Arcana (MtAW2E p200).
  • Uncrowned Kings (Mind) - Alchemists who know that true gold is a transformed self, the Uncrowned Kings use alchemy, craft, sculpture, and skilled labor as a focus for the mind. Initiates gain iron-clad willpower and sharp perception, as long as they continue their labours (MtAW2E p202).
  • Stone Scribes (Time) - Based on occult principles that a person's life can be summed up at the mlment of death, the Stone Scribes record the essence of the dead and dying. The Legacy's advanced members then use these "final names" in ritual mantling, sympathetically becoming the dead (MtAW2E p202).
  • Bokor (Death) - Often suspected of being Left-Handed but too influential in the Free Council to ban, the Bokor specialise in harnessing the dead as a means of power. Members raise zombies as servants and mark the souls of petitioners (MtAW2E p203).
  • Forge Masters (Prime) - Taking inspiration from the myriad crafter-gods, the Forge Masters are experts in enchanting and imbuing items, reknown for their mastery of Supernal "Perfected" metals (MtAW2E p203).
  • Votaries of the Ordained (Fate) - Guardians of magical treaaures ans those destined for greatness, the Votaries of the Ordained keep a watch over Artifacts, Proximii, Sleepwalkers, and other persons of interest to the Guardians of the Veil and the Adamantine Arrow. So-called "Rooks" sense whenever their charges are in danger, and curse any threat (MtAW2E p203).
  • Logophages (Prime) - Magic is knowledge, and even knowledge can die. That's the lesson of the hated Logophages, decried as Banishers by Pentacle and Seer alike. Members ensure they are the only ones who know a dangerous secret before using their Attainments to erase it, and gain power from magic's destruction (MtAW2E p203). LEFT HANDED

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