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“Magic is an invisible kingdom ruled by the Strength of sacred discipline. We grasped the Golden Key of authority and Awakened before principalities and powers, to worship with the Priestess’ song and rule with the Hierophant’s scepter. Fly, angels — we know your names. The world moves as God wills, through a procession of laws and signs. He knows I tried to just watch and listen for them. I followed radio waves, magnified whispers, vortices of power, and failing spells to this unspeakable place. Corruption stains the altar here — it’s a spike in the protective shell of the world. I remember names in ancient books and contemplate the sigils burned on my soul. I borrow His authority, repurpose proclamations and call the name of an invisible servant. And as it gazes upon me with a hundred blazing eyes, I invoke His authority and command it, saying “Burn.”

Supernal or Fallen, the cosmos follows elaborate laws, complex and mighty as the Arcana. They’re sigils and hymns, ritual instructions, and the ephemeral beings that obey. To an Obrimos, magic is the academic discipline that studies these laws or an act of faith that appeals to the God that made them. Call them Thaumaturges, Greek for “wonder workers,” because they follow in the footsteps of Hermes Trismegistus, read the Emerald Tablet, and sing Thoth’s hymn. Label them Theurgists when they call magic the hidden hand of the Creator, and appeal to Heaven’s aristocracy in Her name. If you broke into their sancta you might find the stereotypical marks of wizardry: robes, circles of salt, and the rest. Magic has a structure, and it’s often easier to express it through traditional tools than hold it all in the imago. Others approach magic as a science and engineering feat. They prefer labs and workshops to walls carved with the names of God.

Ruling Arcana: Forces, Prime

Inferior Arcanum: Death

Symbols and Myths: Strength, the High Priestess and the Hierophant. Gods and angels. Thunderers and fire-bringers. Science and secret names.

Obrimos across Australia

Character Order Legacy Group Domain
Character Order Legacy Group Domain
No-One Mysterium - Heathens Southern Cross
Big Panda Adamantine Arrow Perfected Adepts - Southern Cross
Nephilim Guardians of the Veil - - Southern Cross
Hephaestus Mysterium Forge Masters - Adelaide
Aon Adamantine Arrow - - Adelaide
Gambit Silver Ladder - - Adelaide

Obrimos across America

Character Order Legacy Group Domain
Name Order Legacy Group Domain

Deceased, Departed or Missing

The following members have deceased, departed, missing or otherwise not in play.

Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason
Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play
Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play
Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play


The following Legacies are available to Obrimos mages:

  • Perfected Adepts (Life) - One of the Arrow's founding Legacies, the Perfected Adepts enshrine the principle that the self is the supernal. Initiates gain mastery of their own bodies, honing them to perfection without transformation (MtAW2E p203).
  • Daksha (Life) - The infamous Daksha are staunch Mystagogues, wielding social power within the Order to maintain their position despite beliefs that, to younger mages, seem problematic at best. Based on Awakened versions of 19th Century theosophical practices, these Atlantis-seekers transform themselves into "Lemurians"; hermaphroditic humanoids with a third eye in the back of the head (MtAW2E p203).
  • Thrice-Great (Spirit) - The hermetic wizards of the Thrice-Great explore the Shadow's sky, binding planetary spirits with formulae and high ritual and allowing them access to the material world. The Legacy claims to be the servants of an Oracle, which most other mages take to "just" be an ascended archmaster, but that comes as small comfort to those who wonder what the stargazers deal with out there in the dark (MtAW2E p203).
  • Tamers of Fire (Mind) - Perhaps the oldest Legacies in the Fallen World are the interrelated "Tamers", each dedicated to the symbolic magic of an element. The Tamers of Fire are one the most popular, demagogues and rabble-rousers who stoke the flames of others' passions (MtAW2E p203).
  • 'Transhuman Engineers (Matter) - The Libertine Transhuman Engineers seek new techné in the cutting edge of modern technology, chasing their ever-elusive "singularity". Members use their Attainments in Matter and Forces to interact with and analyse as many innovative devices as they can (MtAW2E p203).
  • Echo Walkers (Life) - The Echo Walkers are listed as Left-Handed in Conscillia across the Western world, but are named so for a byproduct of their Obsessions, not their Attainments. Members learn to take on quasi-angelic form for a limited time, seeking Supernal perfection, but do so by tormenting Sleepers with invasive spells that damage their souls (MtAW2E p203). LEFT HANDED

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